Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Races 1, 2 and 3

Race 1     22 April 2015

There was a good turn out for the first of the 3 races in the Great Yarmouth 5 mile series, with 237 finishers.  We had six Jaguars running on this still spring evening along the Promenade enjoying the sea air. Ben Dennington was the first Jag home storming in at 32:32, a great start well done.
Ben Dennington32.32Silver
David Brailey37.21Bronze
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.00Silver
Adele Bushell41.43Silver
Jackie Gooch44.10YesSilver
Becky Durant46.33Gold
Race 2     6 May 2015
A very Gusty, dry, mild evening greeted the six Jaguars ready to run the Promenade. They had the wind in there favour for the first half of the loop, but soon were running into the wind which was testing to say the least. This showed in the times of the Jags who had run previously, but first home was Ken Bowman who a week and a half earlier smashed it in the VMLM Ran a platinum standard. Becky Durant also dug her heels in and improved on her previous time buy 1 sec once again achieving a gold standard. Well done all in the difficult conditions.
Ken Bowman34.33Platinum
Scott Shrubsall36.20Bronze
Peter Kean-Cockburn40.10Silver
Adele Bushell43.02Bronze
Jackie Gooch44.58Silver
Becky Durant46.32Gold
Race 3      20 May 2015
Once again the conditions were mild and dry, ideal for the last race of the series with 270 finishers. Five Jaguars attended determined to get their best times of the 3 Races which they all achieved, happy faces all round.
First home was David Brailey who came in smiling with a Pb 36:30 a Silver standard. Jackie Gooch also achieved her second Pb of the series. Becky Durant was on fire knocking 2 mins from her best previous time coming in at 44:30. A brilliant finish to a well attended and organised series.
David Brailey36.30YesSilver
Peter Kean-Cockburn38.59Silver
Adele Bushell41.37Silver
Jackie Gooch43.24YesSilver
Becky Durant44.33Gold