Dereham 10 – 10 May 2015

Pounding the streets and lanes of Dereham today for the annual ten miler, were four Jags, Tom Johnson, Graham Johnson, Vicky Tovell and Ken Bowman.

This race is part of the Norfolk Road Running Grand Prix and also a County Championship Race.

First in for the Jags was Tom Johnson in a time of 71.12 achieving him a silver club standard award.  Ken Bowman followed with a time of 73.06, this gives Ken a diamond club standard award.

Vicky stormed in with a time of 79.54 achieving a silver club standard award, followed by Graham Johnson who achieved a time of 82.28 and also a silver club standard award.

Extra congratulations go to Vicky Tovell and Ken Bowman who also won their age category in the Norfolk County Championships!!

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