Mad March Hare Race 29 March 2015

On the Sunday before , the long range forecast suggested that it would be fine and dry and then on the Friday before the event this was changed to possible showers from 10 oclock onwards !

As it turned out it started to drizzle about 9.30 in the morning at Frettenham on the 29th March for the start of  this years’ Mad March Hare, this would have been reasonably acceptable but that drizzle soon became full scale rain and coupled to a rather chilly wind, made conditions uncomfortable.

299 runners had entered and 255 started and finished. The fastest time recorded was by Dominic Blake from our friends at Reepham with a chip time of just 32.49 and the fastest lady was a Rose Watermen from TriAnglia with a chip time of 39.40.

There were 11 Jaguars running, their results are as follows:

NameTimePBClub Standard
Sze-Ming Cheung38.42YesGold
Alexandra Bland42.41YesGold
Scott Shrubsall44.46Bronze
Nick Hudson45.57Bronze
Graham Johnson47.17Silver
Nicola John49.54Bronze
Justin Biddle50.32
Sonya Wragg54.27Bronze
Claire Owen55.01YesBronze
Jillie Cole56.02Silver
Deborah Golden58.48
Joanne Carter59.46

All very good performances considering the conditions and despite being wet and cold many went back to the hall for some very welcome refreshments . Once again the amount given in donations for the cakes, in many cases homemade, was very good .

The race results were produced within a few minutes and the awards were presented by Paul Evans,  some winners had gone straight home and their awards have been posted on after.

There were a surprising number of non club runners, about a third,  this is probably due to the targeting of Parkruns by Paul, Becky and some others in the weeks prior.

Now the next race scheduled is the Mike Groves Run on the 21st June , it is 10 miler with an out and back course so as such obviously requires more marshals and helpers .

We have had to change the timing company used so we will also require helpers to take entries on the day as we used to do in the past . This all means that it is unlikely that many Jaguars will be able to enter except maybe on the day.

Anyway , well done to you all for maintaining  our reputation for a well run and presented race and see you soon!