Broadland Half Marathon – 8 March 2015

The ​countryside around South Walsham radiated a host of golden oranges as sixteen Coltishall Jaguars made an impression in the first Half Marathon of the year.

It was a perfect day, quite mild with a light breeze. The hills made the course quite testing especially towards the end when everyone was getting tired and hoping to see the finish line.

However, our jolly jamboree wouldn’t let a few inclines spoil their fun. Instead the Jaguars roared home and collected at least five trophies between them. As for the PB’s, well this was truly a bumper day and we must congratulate: Ellie Bye, Sue Allen, Heather Hollister, Alex Bland, Emily Hannant, Jackie Gooch, Rosemary Jackson, Emma Jordan, Nicola John, Fiona Baldwin, Martin Bagnall, Alan Bushell, Peter Kean-Cockburn, James Lambert, Stewart Marden, Sze-Ming Cheung, for making it splendid weekend.

NameTimePBClub Standard
Alan Bushell1.30.26Gold
Ellie Bye133.02YesGold
Alexandra Bland1.38.22Silver
Sze-Ming Cheung1.38.22Silver
James Lambert1.43.05YesBronze
Martin Bagnall1.46.11YesSilver
Sue Allen1.46.40Diamond
Emily Hannant1.49.36Bronze
Heather Hollister1.56.15Diamond
Peter Kean-Cockburn2.03.40Bronze
Stewart Marden2.03.54Bronze
Rosemary Jackson2.04.17Gold
Fiona Baldwin2.05.00Bronze
Jackie Gooch2.13.53Bronze