Freethorpe 10 – 25 January 2015

A beautiful clear sky with only a light wispy wind and 12 Jaguars went out to Freethorpe for ten countryside miles with a cheeky hill half way!!

There were a lot of first timers for the distance but all did superbly well!!

Full Results

NameTimeFirst Time PBStandard
Zac Mace1.06.17First Time PBGold
Melvyn Porter1.07.43Gold
Ken Bowman1.08.50PBPlatinum
Scott Shrubsall1.13.52First Time PBBronze
Ben Letzer1.15.00Bronze
Emily Hannant1.17.32Silver
Owie Barber1.23.02PBBronze
Stewart Marden1.23.40Bronze
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.25.53Silver
Paul Gerber1.29.41
Emma Jordan1.31.39First Time PBBronze
Jackie Gooch1.37.38First Time PBBronze