Round Norfolk Relay

After weeks of hard work, punctuated at times with anguish, the Jaguars were 14th from a field of  51 finishers in the 2014 RNR.

For many it was new territory. We had runners who ran the race for the first time, we had helpers who provided support for the first time, we had time keepers who had never used our watches before. Remaining awake for over 24 hours whilst recording accurate times is daunting enough for the experienced time keeper. However, our new recruits, Adele Bushell and Sarah Letzer were magnificent, remaining patient and good tempered whilst recording each runner’s time accurately. They were even praised by the Chief Time Keeper from the main RNR Committee.

Everyone enjoyed the weekend and we were blessed with good weather. It is impossible to mention everyone in the race but there were many heroes who deserve praise. Andy Mulligan provided assistance on his bike for the first few legs before travelling home for a couple of hours sleep then returning at night to run from Horsey to Fritton, in the dark. Mel Porter drove the mini-bus to the headquarters, collected our relay items and then supported our runners all the way to Cromer. He then went home had a couple of hours sleep before returning to Scole to run nearly 20 miles to Thetford, again in the dark. If this wasn’t enough he then cycled the last two stages! Jon Foot wins the creative thinking award by finding a way back to his car after his run, courtesy of the Coasthopper Bus. Sue Allen, disappointed and side-lined due to an injury that prevented her from competing nevertheless ferried Andy Mulligan around Norfolk whilst finding time to make him flapjacks and hot chocolate.

We are eternally grateful to Alex Bland. At the last minute she was asked to run the penultimate stage due to Sue’s injury. She ran a brilliant stage preparing the way for Sze-Ming Cheung. He produced an incredible run at 6min 46 sec pace helping the Jags towards their excellent result.

 The race was a success because of the combined effort of the Jags before and during the race. Peter Keane-Cockburn remained with the team from the start to the finish providing calm and re-assuring encouragement during the whole weekend. Thank you Peter and well done Jags.

However, it is with great sadness that I mention the tragedy that occurred during the race. Darryl Davis a member of CONAC and Tri-Anglia collapsed and died at Cley. The Coltishall Jaguars wish to express our deepest sympathy to his family and friends at this sad time.

Becky Durant – Chair

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