Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5 Mile Promenade Series – Race 3





Eighteen Jaguars congregated at the final race of the GYRR 2014 5 mile series. In particular our Chair, Becky Durant, put on a sterling show to run her inaugural diamond standard time, attaining a new PB and taking the age group record for the distance in the process as well. May the standard long be your best friend, Becky! Furthermore, Becky and Dee Neal both sliced off 82 and 66 seconds from their Race 2 times – Can you share your secret of blitzing performances, ladies?

Name TimeClub Standard
Andy Mulligan 29:15 (PB)Gold
Mark Harmer31:20 (PB)Gold
Ben Dennington 32:45Silver
Scott Chadwick 33:03Silver
Adrian Jay36:11Silver
Paul Jarvey36:19 (PB)Silver
Martin Colley36:39 (PB)Bronze
Owen Barber39:12Bronze
Lisa Symon39:57 (1st)Bronze
Sarah Jay39:57 Silver
Paul Gerber41:45
Becky Durant42:10 (PB) (AR) Diamond
Dee Neal42:41 (PB)Gold
Clare Owen43:54Bronze
Roy Owen43:55Silver
Mary Owen47:28Silver
Julie Jarvey 50:25 (1st)
Brenda Hutcheon 50:25Silver