Wymondham 20

Eight Jaguars got their long distance shoes on for the Wymondham 20 miler, some just for fun and others using it as training for forthcoming marathons. Andy Mulligan was first to finish for the club in a gold standard personal best time of 2.11.40, followed by Richard Bateson in 2.11.46 (gold). The only club ladies to enter were Lisa Symon and Emma Blake and they ran together to finish in 3.35.12. Stewart Marden also ran a p.b. whilst 5 others were running the distance for the first time.

Full Results

Andy Mulligan2.11.40 (pb)Gold
Richard Bateson2.11.46 (1st)Gold
Stewart Marden2.42.21 (pb)Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn3.09.17 (1st)Bronze
Martin Colley3.10.37 (1st)
Paul Gerber3.12.17 (1st)Bronze
Lisa Symon3.35.12 (1st)
Emma Blake3.35.12