Round Norfolk Relay 2013

Becky’s Report on RNR

On the 15th September 2013, after running 197.2 miles, the Jaguars roared home in 23 hours 23 minutes and 26 seconds. This was the fastest time we have ever run this prestigious race. Well done Jags!

The club can be proud of its 8th position overall, 2nd in the Club Class Category and 3rd in the ARC Long Distance Relay category. Superb results for a relatively small club.

It was an absolute joy to watch as each runner prepared for the start. Whether it was Sue Allen’s attempt at world record shingle assisted Press-Ups or Mark Harmer’s efforts for a prize in the Ministry of Funny Jumps competition, each person’s idiosyncratic style produced excellent results. Everyone ran magnificently and judging by the smiles and laughter afterwards all enjoyed the experience. Our average minute mile pace was 7 minutes and 7 seconds, four seconds quicker than our previous best in 2011 and a huge 12 second improvement on last year.

The day began cold, wet and windy. Ben Letzer had to contend with a strong head wind, rain and shingle all the way to Hunstanton. The following hours continued in a similar vein and although it was dry during the night, the clear, star-filled sky meant it was only 4 degrees for our brave night time runners.

Congratulations to Jackie Bye for getting up early to go to work, then coming to help at the RNR, then returning home for only a few hours rest before her epic early morning Sunday run from Feltwell to Wissington. Her efforts produced an excellent time and a very high  72.02 age grading. This is just one example of the dedication and commitment needed to succeed and is indicative of the enthusiasm, training and generous spirit our runners show in their willingness to compete in this very tough event.

Of course without the helpers there wouldn’t be a race. Special mention must go to Martin Bagnall for serenading and providing musical as well as motorised horse- power support for some of our lucky runners. Janet Neale offered 60 Freddo Frogs for our 17 athletes. I am not sure what happened to 43 of these and I do apologise to Sze-Ming Cheung, as I don’t think he received one.

Next year?  Our tradition of enthusiasm, good will and dedication will secure good results I am sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Thank you Coltishall Jaguars.

***The following is a copy of an e-mail I have just received from the Chair of CONAC:-***


Congratulations to you and all your club members for a fantastic result in this year’s Round Norfolk Relay.

That’s no mean achievement, I should know and I’m delighted for you.

Best wishes

Granville Courtnell
City of Norwich AC

RNR Website here for full results

Names in stage orderDistanceTime & pos in stageMin mile paceAge Graded
Ben Letzer16.81 1.55.50 (5th)6.5367.36
Alan Bushel14.06 1.43.27 (18th)7.2164.65
Sue Allen5.76 0.46.21 (24th)8.0270.49
Mark Haynes11.14 1.18.11 (11th)7.0164.16
Lawrence Wade10.811.14.55 (6th)6.5566.16
Ellie Bye7.900.57.00 (13th)7.1267.87
Mel Porter9.241.01.33 (12th)6.3971.75
Debbie Jones7.52 0.56.40 (22nd)7.3266.68
Scott Chadwick11.301.20.00 (21st)7.0464.03
Andy Mulligan20.062.29.19 (27th)7.2663.87
Mark Harmer14.601.42.06 (16th)6.5966.75
Colin Robilliard19.672.17.38 (10th)6.5980.63
Sze-Ming Cheung13.251.29.36 (8th)6.4568.57
Jackie Bye7.27 0.58.28 (29th)8.0172.02
Jeremy Lawrence10.591.16.29 (18th)7.1371.72
Sarah Jay5.49 0.40.57 (22nd)7.2771.11
Matt Stone11.731.15.01 (9th)6.2373.58