Worstead 5

Not quite the record turnout of last year but still 42 Jaguars turned out for the annual orange procession round the Worstead 5. Richard Bateson with an excellent time of 27.27 was second overall, whilst Colin Robilliard, Ken Bowman, Sarah Jay  took 1st place in their respective age categories with Heather Hollister 2nd in hers. William Robinson had the honour of being the first Worstead resident to finish. There were also 7 personal bests and 6 running their first 5 mile race for the club. Colin Robilliard and Jackie Bye ran well to take club age record times.
Full Results

Richard Bateson27.27 (pb) (cr)Diamond
Steven Cannell27.42 (1st)Diamond
Lawrence Wade29.23Gold
Colin Robilliard31.56 (ar)Platinum
Mark Harmer32.11silver
Rod Bye32.44Gold
Dean Blake33.14 (pb)Silver
Mel Porter33.25Silver
Ken Bowman33.36Platinum
Adrian Jay34.26Silver
Alan Bushell34.27Silver
Scott Chadwick34.37Silver
Stewart Marden35.20Silver
Jeremy Lawrence35.41Gold
Anthony Norris36.36 (1st)Silver
Joe West37.23 (1st)
Sarah Jay37.55Gold
Gavin Lee38.45
Jackie Bye38.57 (ar)Diamond
Sarah Stubbs39.00Silver
William Robinson41.15 (1st)
Sonya Wragg41.36 (pb)Bronze
Mel Burch41.36Bronze
Paul Gerber41.45 (1st)
Michael Fairchild42.03Bronze
Jill Cole42.04 (pb)Gold
Adele Bushell42.06Bronze
Dawn Collyer42.22
Richard Collyer42.22
Heather Hollister42.36Diamond
Owen Barber42.47 (1st)
Simon Snell43.19 (1st)
Jonathan Edwards43.41
Krysia Smith43.41Bronze
Claire Owen43.50
Dee Neal45.11Bronze
Emma Blake46.12 (pb)
Rebecca Durant46.56Gold
Rosemary Jackson47.00Silver
Jackie Gooch48.47Bronze
Pauline Robinson50.16 (pb)
Katherine Garwood50.22
Annette Yeomanson52.20 (pb)