1st Wroxham 5k

The success of the Jags continues with p.b’s and prizes at the Wroxham 5k. Ellie Bye ran a p.b in 20.26 and also won the 1st senior ladies prize. Ken Bowman improved on his age club record running 19.56 which gave him the 1st 60+ prize. Sue Allen, running her first 5k for the club, was 2nd 50+ in a time of 22.16 also taking the age club record. Becky Durant won the  60+ ladies award in 27.16. Charlotte Harmer overcame her nerves to take a minute off her previous best time to run 25.50.    Full Results

NameTime Standard
Andrew Mulligan18.08Gold
Ken Bowman19.56 (ar)Platinum
Ellie Bye20.26 (pb)Gold
Dean Blake20.30Silver
Bryn Williams22.16 (1st)Age not known
Sue Allen22.16 (1st) (ar)Diamond
Ian Cleminson22.18Silver
Sarah Stubbs23.23Silver
Dave Simpson24.27Silver
Jackie Harrop25.40Silver
Charlotte Harmer25.50 (pb)Bronze
Becky Durant27.16Gold
Henry Neal31.13
Dee Neal31.26