Gear 10k

On the hottest day of the year so far the spectators at The Gear 10k had a wonderful time basking in the sunshine but it proved difficult  for some of the runners and there were a few casualties along the way and at the finish line. Having said that the 7 Jags taking part turned in some good performances with  Sze-Ming Cheung, Mark Harmer, Alan Bushell and Lisa Symon all achieving p.b’s. Sze-Ming  just missed the magic sub 40mins  by only 1 second. You’ll need to sprint harder next ime Sze.  Full Results

Lawrence Wade38.30Gold
Sze-Ming Cheung40.01 (pb)Silver
Mark Harmer40.32 (pb)Silver
Alan Bushell41.09 (pb)Gold
Scott Chadwick41.14Silver
Adelle Bushell53.11Bronze
Lisa Symon53.30 (pb)