Norwich Half Marathon

One good thing about the weather for this years Half Marathon was that the sun came out just in time for the start, however the wind made this an extremely tough race with a few runners being blown off their feet or to a standstill in some of the more exposed sections of the course and just finishing the race was a major achievement. Clearly  the wind was no deterrent to 5 of the 15 Jaguars who took part with personal bests being run by Wayne Gibbs, Ellie Bye, Richard Collyer, Jackie Bye and Fiona Baldwin. Jackie Harrop ran the distance for the first time as a Jaguar. Performance of the day came from Colin Robilliard who once again was first Jaguar to cross the line, in the process taking first prize in his age category.

Full Results

Colin Robilliard1.28.37Diamond
Wayne Gibbs1.31.54 (pb)Silver
Stewart Marden1.38.43Silver
Ben Dennington1.39.45Bronze
Ellie Bye1.40.23 (pb)Silver
Richard Collyer1.41.27 (pb)Silver
Deb Jones1.43.55Silver
Martin Bagnall1.44.04Silver
Grant Randell1.45.16Silver
Jackie Bye1.52.18 (pb)Gold
Jackie Harrop1.59.36 (1st)Bronze
Claire Owen2.08.37
Fiona Baldwin2.08.47 (pb)
Emma Blake2.17.08
Clare Hicks2.17.08