Holt 10k

The fast, flat rural course for the Holt 10k especially suited Grant Randall and Jackie Bye who both set new personal bests and despite the cold the other 8 Jaguars all recorded very good times. Steve Bates was the fastest Jaguar with a superb time of 37.37 and 6 runners recorded gold standard times or better. Ken Bowman in finishing with a time of 43.35 took the club 65 – 70 age category record.
Full Results

Name TimeStandard
Steve Bates37.37Diamond
Colin Robilliard39.08Platinum
Wayne Gibbs42.24Silver
Grant Randall42.27 (pb)Gold
Ken Bowman43.35Diamond
Ellie Bye44.15Silver
Rod Bye44.15Gold
Vicky Tovell49.25 (1st)Silver
Jackie Bye49.31 (pb)Gold
Jackie Harrop51.42Gold