Worstead 5

On a lovely evening for running, over half the club turned out for the Worstead 5 mile road race. 51 orange vests were on show in what must be a club record for a single race. On a course which has most of the last mile uphill, ten runners finished with personal best times, most notably Lawrence Wade who finished first Jaguar and Ellie Bye who led the ladies home. Other notable runs came from Ken Bowman who on his 65th birthday ran a Platinum standard time and Deb Jones who in her first race at this distance for the club finished with a very good silver standard time. A further 12 Jaguars ran the distance for the first time. Hopefully the experience of running with so many fellow club members will have them all coming back for more.

Full Results

Lawrence Wade29.21 (pb)Gold
Mark Haynes30.23Gold
Ben Letzer30.34Gold
Wayne Gibbs31.52Silver
Darren Edridge32.25Gold
Mel Porter32.45 (pb)Gold
Alan Bushell33.22Silver
Ben Dennington33.27 (pb)Silver
Richard Collyer33.41 (pb)Silver
Ken Bowman33.58Platinum
Dean Blake34.06Silver
Grant Randall34.15Silver
Ellie Bye34.39 (pb)Silver
Scott Chadwick34.40Silver
Ady Jay35.59Silver
Jon Reader36.01Bronze
Emily Hannant36.18Silver
Stewart Marden36.23Silver
Deb Jones36.47 (1st)Silver
William Robinson 36.48 (1st)Bronze
Martin Bagnall37.14Silver
Melanie Burch37.14Silver
Gavin McKee37.18 (1st)Bronze
Gavin Lee38.04 (pb)
Steve Neal38.20Bronze
Jon Edwards38.23 Bronze
Jackie Bye38.48 (pb)Gold
Debbie Moore39.25 (1st)Silver
Danni Lee40.45 (Eq pb)Bronze
Joe West41.29
Sonya Turner41.44 (1st)Bronze
Christine Cooke41.45 (pb)Silver
Jill Cole42.31 (1st)Gold
Dave Simpson42.37Bronze
Adele Bushell42.39Bronze
Heather Holister42.54 (1st)Gold
Clare Hicks44.15 (pb)
Dee Neal44.23Silver
Rosemary Jackson44.29Silver
Claire Owen44.33
Sarah Letzer45.49 (1st)
Colin Jeckel46.11
Becky Durrant46.42Gold
Emma Blake46.58
Katherine Garwood49.06
Pauline Robinson52.45 (1st)
Annette Yeomanson54.59 (1st)
Dave Hutcheon55.41
Vanessa Clements55.52 (1st)
Jenny Welsh56.29 (1st)
Sarah Jay1.03.46