Wymondham Midsummer 10 Miler

By contrast to the days before and after, the weather for this race was surprisingly hot, but 12 Jaguars were undaunted by the heat and finished with some excellent results. Steve Bates with a great run came third overall, at the same time taking a silver medal in the county championship. Colin Robilliard with his run took a silver medal in his county championship age category. Denver Slowther, Mark Harmer and Scott Chadwick in battling with each other managed first prize in the senior mens team category. Whilst Steve Bates, Colin Robilliard and  Stewart Marden took the second place in the mens vet team category. Grant Randall, Gemma Francis and Dee Neal all ran the distance for the first time in club colours.
Full Results

NameTime Standard
Steve Bates1.02.11Diamond
Colin Robilliard1.04.35Platinum
Denver Slowther1.11.34Silver
Mark Harmer1.11.46 (pb)Silver
Scott Chadwick1.12.09 (pb)Silver
Stewart Marden1.12.16 (pb)Gold
Richard Collyer1.16.20Silver
Grant Randall1.17.12 (1st)Silver
Martin Bagnall1.18.23Silver
Gemma Francis1.30.38 (1st)Bronze
Dee Neal1.40.15 (1st)Bronze
Becky Durant1.45.34Silver