Grand East Anglia Run 10k

On a perfect day for running, this course once again proved a gold mine for fast times with 7 Jaguars running personal bests and 6 achieving gold standards. Lawrence Wade was first over the line for the Jags with an excellent gold standard pb of 36.52, Steve Niblett continued his year on year improvement in this race with a 38.27 gold standard pb. Alan Bushell, Richard Collyer, Jackie Harrop, Dawn Collyer and Adele Bushell also all ran their best ever times at this distance. Richard achieved his first gold standard, whilst Dawn and Adele both took over 2 minutes from their previous bests. Grant Randell completed his first race at this distance for the club.
Full Results

Lawrence Wade36.52 (pb)Gold
Steve Niblett38.27 (pb)Gold
Alan Bushell41.45 (pb)Gold
Richard Collyer42.16 (pb)Gold
Grant Randell42.50 (first)Gold
Jackie Harrop49.36 (pb)Gold
Dawn Collyer49.44 (pb)Bronze
Adele Bushell52.34 (pb)Silver
Katherine Garwood61.20