Reedham 10

Yet another fantastic set of results with Ken Bowman and Melanie Burch both taking second place prizes in their various categories, but 5 personal bests and another strong turnout are further evidence of how strong our club has become. Special mention must go to Ben Letzer, who, on one of the coldest days of the year not only raced a fantastic ten mile time but ran all the way to Reedham from his home before the race (mad or superhuman? you decide!)
Full Results Prize List

Andrew Mulligan1.05.33Gold
Wayne Gibbs1.06.07 (1st)Gold
Ben Letzer1.07.29 (1st)Silver
Denver Slowther1.07.31 (pb)Silver
Ken Bowman1.10.13Diamond
Chris Goodson1.11.56 (1st)Silver
Martin Bagnall1.14.18Silver
Stewart Marden1.14.51 (pb)Silver
Melanie Burch1.17.12 (pb)Silver
Christine Cooke1.29.08 (=pb)Silver
Emma Blake1.29.18 (1st)Bronze
Becky Durant1.35.21 (pb)Silver