Chase The Train – Sunday 22 May 2016

Chase The Train – a very accurate title as the train was indeed ahead of me for all but the first 2km.  However I believe the idea is to beat the train, as you run the 8.9 mile soft track alongside “Norfolk’s longest narrow gauge railway” from Aylsham to Wroxham, with the train setting off 10 minutes after the race start.  It’s a pretty route, with lots to look at, and plenty of people to talk to (or get in your way on the narrow track – depending on your perspective). I’ve since been told that I’d like it less if I’d repeatedly trained there like the rest of the Jags.

The day was warmer than expected – the forecast cloud burning away to leave blue skies.  The North Norfolk Beach Runners did well with supplying water though, with two well marshalled water stations on route. Plus bridges and overhanging trees supplied occasional shade and the ground was cooler than when racing on a road. There were many supporters on route to cheers us on (thanks for the shout out, Emma Jorden!) including our Alan, plus some slightly confused looking dog walkers.

Tony Alborough had better success in the beating the train, speeding off at the sound of the gun.  The disappearing act was probably because he was embarrassed at wearing GREEN rather than Jag orange!!! Nothing embarrassing about the time though, coming in at an impressive 1.03.05 and 15th place out of 169 finishers.

The more appropriately attired Julian Smith, clearly knew what he was doing, predicting a time of “about 1.10” and coming in at 1.09.25 and 40th place.

I took it cautiously at the start due to the warmth, further slowed by the congestion (chatting). However, having got to halfway and feeling good, I put my foot on the gas and was delighted to come in at 1.13.19, 56th position, 5th women and first in 35-44 age category.

The extra treat with this race is the free train journey back to Aylsham, which I really enjoyed with Julian, coffee in hand.  (Tony got picked up from Wroxham – I expect still feeling shy about the green.) There were an interesting range of walks from those alighting at Aylsham station, sitting down for an hour not being the best race cool down.

One thing that could improve the day would be to have some sort of welcome back at Aylsham – there was little post-race atmosphere.  I overheard one other club in the Aylsham station cafe commenting that the car park had nearly emptied and wondering where everyone was. I still enjoyed my post-race fish pie and cuppa – food tastes so good after a good race.

One I’d be keen to do again. (Unless you Jags train the enthusiasm out of me.)

Lucy Anderson

chase the train 2016

Wroxham 5 K Series – Race One – Wednesday 18 May 2016

It wa‎s a cloudy and rain threatened the evening for the Norwich Road Runners Wroxham 5k series race 1 held at Broadland High School. 26 Jag runners turned out, some knowing the course from Mel’s handicap a few weeks previous. With everyone kitted out in their orange vest and numbers on we gathered for a photo call and then headed out on the road for the start which was to be chip timed from the start line.  With near to 500 starters it was a very crowded start but the rain was holding off and the cool weather made for ideal conditions and with the course being flat the chance of some good times were up for grabs.
With great support on the route from marshals and the supporting Jags not running we were soon round and heading for the finish. Many notable finishers‎ and some great times too.  Twelve pbs were set, 3 diamond standards, 8 gold standards, 9 silver standards and 4 bronze standards acheived. First Jag home was Andy Mulligan, young Billy Life got a first gold standard with a great 18.56, Rod Bye and Jeremy Lawrence did quick times and both gained diamond standard (Rods 1st), Peter Kean-Cockburn took a massive 1.13 of his PB which was set 8 years ago to gain a 1st gold standard so very well done for that. So many people set first time standards and PBS so very well done to all the runners. There will be some hard work to be done if records from this race will be beaten but team Jags work hard and run faster. Here’s to the next race!!
wroxham 5k1 2016
Andy Mulligan17.19YESDiamond
Sam Nicolls18.14FTGold
Billy Life18.58FTGold
James Lambert19.07YESSilver
Peter Nelson19.16YESGold
Tony Albourgh19.28FTGold
Rod Bye19.55Diamond
Jeremy Lawrence20.05Diamond
Stephan Pointer20.15FTSilver
James Fuller20.20YESSilver
Graham Johnson20.40YESGold
Alisia Lacey21.40YESSilver
Vicky Tovell21.53YESGold
Nicola John22.01YESSilver
Lucy Anderson22.17YESSilver
Peter Kean-Cockburn22.19YESGold
Nicola Holden22.38YESGold
Paul Emery24.52FTSilver
Emma Blake24.52Bronze
Sharn Ponsford25.18Bronze
Claire Owen25.36Bronze
Ruth Gainsford25.46FTSilver
Jackie Gooch26.08Silver
Carolyn Gerber27.39Bronze
Dawn Chapman27.59
Annette Yeoman29.28

Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Race 2 – Wednesday 11 May 2016

It was a pleasant evening in Great Yarmouth for race two of the 2016 five mile series of which a total of 290 runners were taking part. It was also a Leathes Prior Grand Prix race, just three days after the Dereham ten miler.

As with the first race of the series it was a well organised event with plenty of encouragement from the marshals as well as our fellow Jags Paul Emery, Ruth Gainsford and the Gerbers!

First Jag back was Andy Mulligan with a gold standard time of 29:15 and in 17th position. Next home was Tom Johnson with a PB at 31:00 (silver standard), followed by James Fuller at 34:53 (FT).  Silver standards were also achieved by Vicky Tovell, Graham Johnson, Nicola John, Peter Kean-Cockburn and Jackie Gooch.  Paul Gerber finished in a respectable time of 41.54, spurring Jackie on to get her PB.

A special mention needs to be mentioned to Vicky who at her first time at 5 miles achieved a new age group record for this distance, smashing the previous record by taking off just under 2 minutes!

GYRR race 2

Andy Mulligan29.15Gold
Tom Johnson31.00YESSilver
James Fuller34.53FTBronze
Vicky Tovell36.17FTGold
Nicola John36.31YESSilver
Graham Johnson36.32Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn37.45Silver
Paul Gerber41.54
Jackie Gooch42.03YESSilver

Dereham 10 – Sunday 8 May 2016

Apparently not remembering all of your own race, never mind anyone else’s, is not a good enough excuse to get out of doing the race report. (Jackie G cracked her whip.) So here it is…

Ahead of the race there were hopes by many for good conditions. E.g. It was Ellie’s first race since London, Sophie’s first race with the Jags and her longest distance yet, and Paul E coming back from injury. I, earlier in the year, had targeted it for a good time. Nicola was similarly hopeful of silver. But despite the disappointment of the heatwave, and trepidation at what lay ahead, 18 Jags turned out to make the best of it. Acclimatised we were not – 2 weeks ago it was snowing.  Still the usual Jag camaraderie took hold and we were in good spirits.   Peter KC manned our private check-in desk and distribution of race numbers was slick.  Sun-creamed up (pink simply does not work with orange), photos taken, whoops of joy at spotting a cloud in the sky, and we were lined up and ready to go.

For the first time, this race was chip timed at the start as well as the finish which avoided the battle for a good positon off the start. The course was described as a lollipop – out and in on the same main road, with a loop along small country lanes.  This would have made for a pleasant run if it was not for the baking heat. It was undulating flat – slightly down for first half, slightly up for second. The course was well marshalled (presumably in case any numpties overexert themselves…), enthusiastically clapping and encouraging us on. There were 3 water stops including sponges at the last one.  Ken, Jackie B, Rod and Nick had come to support and were particularly appreciated on the final stretch getting everyone over the line.

  • First Jag home honours go to Zac (1.08.13 gold), closely followed by Jeremy (1.09.45 diamond and a PB). Guys, didn’t you notice it was hot?
  • James PB-ed (1.14.20 bronze) with Tom (1.15.51) not far behind.
  • Ellie perfectly showed us how to get a silver (1.20.00 required) without exerting any more energy than necessary, coming in at 1.19.59 with Ben at her side.
  • Stephen at his first time came in at 1.20.07 with Vicky hot on his heals with a silver 1.21.17
  • Nicola sprinted the last half mile or so to get 1.22.56 and a bronze.
  • Next in was Graham in 1.24.32 also picking up a bronze.
  • I came in next (1.25.12 bronze FT) being steered by a marshal having lost the ability to walk in a straight line somewhere in the final mile of the race (no sniggering please).
  • Paul E’s comeback continued, coming in at 1.28.10.
  • A prowl of jaguars came in around the 1.37 mark: Clare H (1.37.08) proved that her hot weather performance in Barcelona was not a one off with a PB and a sprint finish. Sadly the sprint was accompanied by a “pop” in her foot and later found she had torn a ligament. (Best wishes for speedy recovery, Clare.) Close behind was Peter KC (1.37.19) and Jackie G (1.37.54 bronze).
  • Paul Gerber was not far behind at 1.41.33
  • Ruth and Sophie completed the Jags home, in 1.46.36 and 1.49.21 FT respectively.
  • The Jags put supporting others ahead of their own achievements.  Presentations missed, holding me up for an hour despite being injured (Clare), offering to give up own race to walk me in (Nicola) and thanks to Jackie G for playing mum!

Special congratulations must go to Jeremy and Vicky who each won the Silver Championship Medal for their age category. Super achievement!  Well done both.  Unfortunately the race presentation was missed due to all the Jags supporting a collapsed member (that’d be me).

A few months ago I did my first race – Freethorpe 10 – as an unattached runner. I saw the Jags enjoying being a group and thought that I’d love to be part of that.  A few weeks later I joined up.  I did not realise how important that decision was and how much I’d need the club at my next 10 miler.  I’ve learnt a number of things:

  • Heat cannot be underestimated. Even if feeling fine for most of it, when you tire, if you haven’t taken on enough water / food, the meltdown is rapid
  • The Jags are terrific runners at all levels – a small club producing 2 county winners, both new and experienced runners committing to completing the race despite the conditions
  • The Jags put supporting others ahead of their own achievements. Presentations missed, holding me up for an hour despite being injured (Clare), offering to give up own race to walk me in (Nicola)
  • The Jags’ have a keen sense of humour. Being extremely unwell does not exempt you from their mickey-taking.
  • There are ways to make yourself known at the club other than going to training or winning races

A heartfelt thanks you to all. Here’s to the Jaguars!
Lucy Anderson

dereham 10 2016

Zac Mace1.08.13Gold
Jeremy Lawrence1.09.45 YESDiamond
James Lambert1.14.20YESBronze
Tom Johnson1.15.51Bronze
Ellie Bye1.19.59Silver
Ben Gaskin1.19.59
Stephen Pointer1.20.35
Vicky Tovell1.21.17Silver
Nicola John1.22.56Bronze
Graham Johnson1.24.32Bronze
Lucy Anderson1.25.12FTBronze
Paul Emery1.28.10FT
Clare Hicks1.37.08YES
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.37.19
Jackie Gooch1.37.45Bronze
Paul Gerber1.41.33
Ruth Pilch1.46.36
Sophie Overall1.49.21

Breckland 10K – Monday 2 May 2016

May day bank holiday saw six Jags take part in an alternative to those heading for Milton Keynes and instead head for the delightful village of Croxton for the Breckland 10k.

First Jag home was Scott Chadwick in a time of 44:15 and a Bronze Standard. Next home was Peter Kean-Cockburn being chased all the way by Lucy Anderson with times of 49:11 and 49:12 respectively. Both Peter and Lucy gained PBs and Silver Standards.

Claire Owen with her longest run for some time recorded an excellent 54:18 and a Bronze Standard. The two Pauls (Gerber and Taylor) completed the Jag six with times of 54:46 and 58:39.

The Breckland 10k is a well organised race with supportive marshals and anyone looking for a different race next year would find this rewarding.


Milton Keynes Marathon and Half Marathon – Sunday 1 May 2016

Four Jags travelled to the MK Dons stadium on what started as a dreary bank holiday monday.

This didn’t last and as the races got under way the sun came out, and it slowly warmed up through the race.

Andy entered the far shorter mere 13.1 mile jog, leaving the full marathon for the experienced more mature runners.

In his own words he went out to quickly ( not like him at all then ) but did achieve a creditable Gold standard 1.26.15. Well done Andy.

The marathon course was a mix of roads, roundabouts, and cycle paths meandering around the town and countryside of Milton Keynes, and the dreaded underpasses providing an added challenge.

All Jags gave their best, Mel obviously didn’t want to buy the beer at the finish so kept back finishing with a silver standard 3.43.34. Rod also achieved a silver standard 3.35.56. Jeremy was very pleased to buy the beers in a diamond standard time of 3.22.24.

Well done all.

( I probably would not have got this time if Mel and Rod had not been there )


mk 2016

GEAR 10K – Sunday 1 May 2016

It was a sunny day and great conditions in Kings Lynn for this years GEAR 10k race in which there were a total of 2092 runners taking part

The course starts in the Tuesday Market Place and takes in some of the town centre before heading alongside the River Ouse, heading back into town, completing a lap of “The Walks” park and then some more of Kings Lynn town centre with a finish back in the Market Place. It’s a great place for a PB as the course is very flat and therefore some impressive times were achieved.

First Jag back was Sam Nicholls in his first race for the club in a gold standard time of 38:37 and overall race position of 79th. The next two Jags home were James Lambert (40:54 – PB – 145th) and Tony Alborough (40:58 – first time for club – 139th gun position) both achieving silver standards. Next in was Alan Bushell with a gold standard time of 41:23 (159th) who I believe has competed in all 11 GEAR’s and this was also just one week after running the London Marathon! For the ladies, Nicola John achieved her second silver standard within a week and a PB at 10k with a time of 47:13 and 451st position. Georgina Sutton also completed her first 10k race for the club with an excellent time of 53:25.

It was a great atmosphere with plenty of support and encouragement from the crowds along the route.

Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Race 1 – Wednesday 27 April 2016

13 Jags turned out for the first race in the series and the previous days’ cold winds very kindly eased off just in time! It was a 2 lap, very flat course along the sea front, and this provided us with some great times for everyone. It was well marshalled, with various obstacles on the course to watch out for including lamp posts, benches, ramps and a low ceiling under a bridge for the taller runners!

First Jag home was Tom Johnson (31:54) who achieved a FT silver standard, closely followed by Tony Alborough running his first race for the club (32:36) and Graham Johnson (35:00) with his first Gold. Silver standards also went to Nicola John (FT 36:47), Lucy Anderson (FT 37:24), Stewart Marden (38:01), Ruth Gainsford (FT 42:15), Jackie Gooch (PB 42:40) and Peter Kean-Cockburn (PB 37:23) who narrowly missed out on a gold by 3 seconds – next time Peter!  Paul Emery, returning following a nasty dose of man flu, finished with a creditable 40:07, with Paul Gerber hot on his heels at 42:10. Georgina Sutton (42:39),running her first race as a Jaguar, was paced round by Andy Mulligan who did a fantastic job motivating all those around him, thanks Andy!

yarmouth race 1 2016

Tom Johnson31:54FTSilver
Anthony Alborough32.36FTGold
Graham Johnson35:00FTGold
Nicola John36:47FT Silver
Peter Kean Cockburn 37:23 YESSilver
Lucy Anderson37:24FTSilver
Stewart Marden38:01Silver
Paul Emery40:07FT
Paul Gerber42:10
Ruth Gainford42:15FTSilver
Georgina Sutton42:39FT
Jackie Gooch42:40YesSilver
Andy Mulligan42:40

Virgin London Marathon – Sunday 24 April 2016

The much awaiting event of the year…. the Virgin London Marathon!

Six Jags made their way to the capital for this year’s race.  The weather started off slightly chilly but the sun broke through and made it quite a pleasant day!

Zac Mace came in first for the club in a PB time of 3.05.24 and qualifying for Good for Age entry.  Shortly followed by Ben Letzer in 3.09.20 and Alan Bushell in 3.16.56.

Ellie Bye finished in 3.28.40 and also qualified for Good for Age entry!  Stephen Pointer running his first marathon in aid of the Benjamin Foundation finished in 3.57.41.  Heather Hollister came in with a time of 4.14.37 and also qualified for Good for Age entry.  Well done everyone for all their hard work and training.

Thanks also to the support crowd, consisting of Mel, Paul Emery, Peter KC, Jackie, Jerry, Sonya, Emma, Clare and Sarah who followed the runners down to London with banners and flags, Emma and Dean and of course, Rod and Jackie who got THAT flag on the TV!!

An amazing day, amazing crowds and of course an amazing achievement for all those who took part!!!


vlm 2016 2 vlm 2016







Bungay Festival of Running – Sunday 17 April 2016

Well what a birthday! When faced with the option of spending it alone whilst Pete did the marathon I duly signed up for the half.  With so much going on that weekend and marathons booked elsewhere there was only one Jag for the marathon, Pete Nelson who smashed his PB goal and got silver standard for his 3:28:53.

Another lone jag in the 10k race was Ruth Gainsford who also clocked a PB and silver with a fabulous time of 54:56.
Seven Jags hit the hills of Bungay half. First time half for Lucy Anderson showed very promising things to come (I’d better watch out!) with a great time of 1:54:39 and bronze. Andy Mulligan whose race preparation meant dead batteries in his watch but this didn’t stop him; powering in to a gold standard PB at 1:24:04. I (Nic Holden) had a great birthday present of a PB, a gold standard, achieving what I thought was an unachievable time of under 1:45 (by 2 seconds) and lots of cake to refuel.
Paul Groves (1:59:38) Emma Blake (2:06:39) Dean Blake achieved bronze for his 1:43:10 and Jackie Gooch having decided the day wasn’t for PBs achieved silver for her 2:06:14.
Thank you to the support crew: Berenice Groves at the top of the toughest hill, Ben Gaskins, Jackie and Ellie Bye for the poster entertainment and getting us over the finish line and well done to all who completed the challenging hilly courses, you are all awesome!
Nic Holden
bungay 2016
Peter Nelson3.28.53YesSilver
Andy Mulligan1.24.04YesGold
Dean Blake1.43.10Bronze
Nicola Holden1.44.58YesGold
Lucy Anderson1.54.39FTBronze
Paul Groves1.59.38
Jackie Gooch2.06.14Silver
Emma Blake2.06.39
10 K
Ruth Gainsford54.56YesSilver
1 7 8 9 10 11 39