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Andy Mulligan29.42GOLD
Anthony Alborough30.40DIAMOND
Melvyn Porter31.11YESDIAMOND
Jack Stuttle31.15YESGOLD
James Lambert31.24YESSILVER
Neil Button31.40YESGOLD
Graham Johnson31.47YESGOLD
Radley Fenn32.35YESSILVER
Elly Young33.52YES 1st Place in age Group New age Group RecordDIAMOND
Stephen Neal33.55YESGOLD
Nicola Lambert-John34.30 New Age Group RecordGOLD
Emma Blake34.38YES & New Age Group RecordGOLD
Phil Henry34.42YESGOLD
Ken Bowman34.48New Age Group Record & 1st In Age GroupPLATINUM
Keith Brighty34.47FTGOLD
Rebecca Pountain35.12YESGOLD
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp35.25SILVER
Nick Richards35.39FTSILVER
Paul Taylor35.55YESSILVER
Shane Bidle35.37BRONZE
Joanna Cottrell38.10YESSILVER
Katie Fenn38.10FTBRONZE
Sonya Wragg39.22YESSILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.18SILVER
John Windham39.56YESGOLD
Paul Emery40.40GOLD
Ruth Gainsford40.40YESGOLD
Dee Neal41.04YES & 1st In Age GroupGOLD
Adele Bushall41.21SILVER
Tamara Mills41.16YESSILVER
Barbara Button44.25SILVER
Hattie swain44.30YES
Neil Laughton44.59YES
Sue Emmett47.15YES
Annette Yeomanson49.40YES
Jennifer Norris1.00.45YES

CHASE THE TRAIN 20/05/2018


Great finish line photos from Total Race Timing!! After missing the 1st water station as I couldn’t quite reach a cup, I had to hang in till Coltishall… which was tough especially in the heat, knowing my dad would be there…! When I arrived I saw my dad from a distance…. and my mum as well!! 😍 that was a huge boost, refocused, refreshed and energised I carried on with a spring back in my step looking forward to Coltishall Wroxham stage (which is my favourite bit) and the finish where in the photo below you can just see my mum in pink and my dad in striped shirt great race for them to see and made my day seeing them both there!!
Also had 9 other members there too, all doing very good times in the heat.







SUE EMMETT160TH1:34:48


The Rock & Roll series of musical bias running weekends are managed by an American company. All centres are chosen for their musical heritage. Liverpool has been the UK city for the past 5 years. Having a marathon. Half marathon, 10 mile, 10k, 1 mile and various fun runs, there were over 70000 runners in the Liverpool One area. 22000 were running the half marathon with me. A fabulous course taking in all the sights of Liverpool, cavern, liver building, Sefton Park, cathedrals etc. All the hills are in the first six miles and the last three are on the shore of the great Mersey. I have ever attended a run that has such good music all around the expo arena and running course. All rock and roll, many beatles including the bootleg guys and all top notch. Today was bathed in sunshine with an ambiant finish temperature of 24 degrees, so pretty hot. No PB for me as still suffering from this chesty cold that is doing the rounds, so lost 8 minutes at the 6 mile point with a coughing fit and came in five minutes over two hours. Not happy but will take it in the circumstances. I would recommend this running weekend next year to you all. Hotels are close, all have car parks, you don’t need a car, lots to do and if you like music, especially rock and roll….. Book it for next year!

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Roland Talbot2.02.34SILVER

WROXHAM 5K RACE 1 16/05/18



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Jack Stuttle18.57YES SILVER
Jamie Bell19.04FT
Clive Cartner19.05YESSILVER
Neil Button19.07YESGOLD
Dean Blake19.08YESGOLD
Graham Johnson 19.12YES & 3rd in Age GroupDIAMOND
Radley Fenn19.22YESSILVER
Lee Emmett19.49FTSILVER
Nicholas Hudson19.56SILVER
Phil Henry20.20DIAMOND
Thomas Lincoln-kemp20.23FTGOLD
Peter Nelson20.25SILVER
Ken Bowman20.302nd in Age Group & New Age Group RecordPLATINUM
Stephen Pointer20.33SILVER
Emma Wilcock20.43YESSILVER
Keith Brighty21.02FTGOLD
Rebecca Pountain21.05YESGOLD
Nick Eley21.36FTDIAMOND
Shane Bidle21.44BRONZE
Vikki Harper22.13YESGOLD
Julian Smith22.15YESSILVER
Matthew Cole22.37FTBRONZE
Paul Rogers22.44BRONZE
Georgina Blake23.02YES
Charlotte Reed23.02BRONZE
Sonja White23.08SILVER
Joanna Cottrell23.26YESSILVER
Graham Fryer24.00YESBRONZE
Emma Jordan24.21SILVER
Amy Edwards24.23BRONZE
Tamara Mills24.15YESSILVER
Ruth Gainsford24.45SILVER
John Windham24.58SILVER
Dee Neal25.083rd In Age GroupGOLD
Claire Owen25.06BRONZE
Adele Bushall25.18SILVER
David Simpson25.59SILVER
Finlay Harper26.16FT
Barbara Button26.39BRONZE
Sharon Jones26.34SILVER
Jackie Gooch27.07SILVER
Georgia Corner27.15FT
Dawn Chapman29.19BRONZE
Lynn Lambert27.51FTBRONZE
Marion Bensley28.41FT
Olivia Newstead28.41FT
Paul Bloomfield29.38FT
Maisie Harper29.56FT
Rosie Murray30.09FT
Angela Hudson30.48FT
Laura Hick30.52FT
Jenny Barrett30.57

SILVERSTONE 10K 09/05/18

Organised by Silson AC, I believe I was the sole Jag representative to take on the Silverstone Grand Prix 10k amongst a field of more than 1600.  As an F1 fan, it was great to run this great circuit, while reminiscing about some of the great moments I have witnessed while running the old configuration.  After a awful winter of training, matching the speeds of Ayrton Senna, Micheal Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton was always going to be impossible, but a time of 45:22 was a great way to kick off my summer and return to running.  Really looking forward to returning next year, hopefully with a team mate or two.

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Shane Biddle45.22BRONZE


Stradbrook sprint triathlon 20th may

This was advertised as a great tri for first timers ! And it certainly was ! The organisers put on training in the months before on all aspects of the 3 disciplines and both transitions.
Sunday morning was an early start from Norwich and a little chilly. Registration was straight forward and the race briefing was light humoured ensuring everybody was aware that the local council had laid on extra pot holes on this years cycle route.
Start time of the swim was 8;30am women first followed by the men at 30 second intervals. The bike ride was 17k though local countryside, a little undulating but very pretty scenery. The run was a 2 mile was around a field, a bit rutted under foot because of the dry weather.
Crowds were small as this was a local and fairly small event with 119 finishers. The marshals were friendly and helpful, there were changing facilities available and as entrants were small, readily available. In an effort to be greener, at the finish was my own bottle of water and a medal.
This event was just as advertised small, friendly and great for the first time triathlon. I would definitely recommend it and will be entering next year.

Debbie hall







SATURDAY 19th TRIATHLONJILL COLE63 FIRST FEMALE IN 60-64 AGE CATEGORY04:0301:2339:140:2517:561:03:04
DEBORAH HALL1134:262:0547:300:3723:511:18:31

DEREHAM 10 MILE 13/05/2018





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Anthony Alborough1.03.37YESDIAMOND
Neil Button1.07.12YESGOLD
Graham Johnson1.07.36YESGOLD
Melvyn Porter1.08.17GOLD
Rod Bye1.09.303rd In Age GroupDIAMOND
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp1.11.15GOLD
Stephen Neal1.11.36YESGOLD
Ken Bowman1.12.043rd In Age Group & New Age Group RecordPLATINUM
Elly Young1.12.52FT 2nd In Age Group & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Darren Tubby1.13.16FTSILVER
Vicky Tovell1.14.00YESGOLD
Keith Brightly1.14.50FTSILVER
Julian Smith1.16.27YESSILVER
Dean Blake1.17.09BRONZE
Emma Blake1.17.10GOLD
Nick Richards1.17.47FTBRONZE
Nouha Tate1.19.15FT SILVER
Jackie Bye1.24.133rd In Age GroupDIAMOND
John Windham1.28.20SILVER
Ruth Gainsford1.28.31YESSILVER
Adele Bushell1.28.53SILVER
Dee Neal1.30.23GOLD
Sharon Jones1.32.16YESSILVER
Barbara Button1.37.40


The temperature in Yarmouth was about 8 degrees cooler than when I had left home in Lingwood and with a cool sea breeze it promised to be more challenging conditions to race in than for race 1 two weeks before.
I was running this race with a young lad by the name of Rory Fairfoot, who has learning difficulties and attended the same school as my son Chris.
Rory started running with his Dad Monty a few years ago before Monty tragically lost his life at far too young an age. Since then he has really taken to running with support from his Mum Jenny and sister Ellie, who recently completed the London Marathon raising over £7,000 and I’m sure his Dad would be very proud. Mum Jenny can no longer keep up with him, so she was pleased when I offered to run this race with him. Based on what Jenny said I had anticipated that Rory may be able to complete the race in about 40 minutes and set up my watch accordingly. Rory has no speech, but can understand instructions and after making sure he was ok and understood who he was running with Jenny left us to watch the race.
It was cold waiting for the race to start, but at last we were off and Rory set off quicker than I was expecting and I ran alongside him encouraging him not to go too quickly. The first mile was easy with a tailwind, but as soon as we turned at the Waterways we faced a stiff breeze that was unrelenting all the way down to the Marina Centre. Rory slowed down significantly and I offered him some words of encouragement that we would soon be out of the wind and pointed out the mile markers so he understood how far we had run and how far we still had to go.
We turned at the Marina Centre to head back up to the Waterways on lap 2 and the pace picked up until without any warning Rory slowed and started to walk as we passed the 3 mile marker. Running into a headwind must have taken more out of him than I had anticipated and after walking for half a minute I encouraged him to start running again. We did, but then we faced the headwind all the way to the finish and Rory slowed to walk again as we reached 4 miles. After another half a minute recovery we started to run again, but I could tell he was finding it hard as many other runners started to catch and pass us as we neared the Marina Centre again. Finally the finish line appeared and when I pointed this out it definitely spurred Rory on as he made a strong finish.
We finished with a time of 43:17 and after collecting our medals and some water we soon saw Mum Jenny with a big beaming smile. Like me she was a little surprised that Rory elected to walk a couple of times, but when I explained how hard the conditions were it was put down to that. It was great running with Rory and is something I will definitely do again. Now if only I could get Chris to do the same…….
There were some great performances by the other 27 Jags who ran the race, with 10 PBs, age group records for Emma Blake and Nicola Lambert-John and second in age group for Elly Young. Well done everyone and here’s looking forward to race 3!

Phil Henry

Me & Rory running

Me & Rory after the race

Image may contain: 19 people, including James Lambert, Andy Runner Mulligan and Neil Button, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: 19 people, including Phil Henry, Peter Kean-Cockburn, Neil Button, Nicola Lambert-John, Sonya Wragg, James Lambert and Andy Runner Mulligan, people smiling

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, shorts, outdoor and nature

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Image may contain: 11 people, including James Lambert, people smiling, outdoor


Andy Mulligan30.08GOLD
Anthony Alborough30.57DIAMONND
Neil Button32.14GOLD
James Lambert32.17SILVER
Jack Stuttle32.28YESSILVER
Graham Johnson32.35GOLD
Radley Fenn33.05YESSILVER
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp34.33FTGOLD
Elly Young34.412nd Lady In Age GroupGOLD
Nicola Lambert-John35.15New Age Group RecordGOLD
Emma Blake35.36YES & New age Group Record
Paul Taylor36.34YESSILVER
Stephen Neal36.37SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.40SILVER
Sonya Wragg40.13YESSILVER
John Windham41.33YESSILVER
Joanna Cottrell40.41YESBRONZE
Tamara Mills42.30SILVER
Stephanie Hall 42.27
Claire Owen42.45BRONZE
Phil Henry43.17
Dee Neal43.28GOLD
Jackie Gooch45.13SILVER
Sharon Jones45.22YESBRONZE
Barbara Button45.26BRONZE
Neil Laughton47.02
Sue Emmett48.01
Jennifer Norris1.02.17
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