Felbrigg Trail Run – Sunday 9th October 2016

This was a truly beautiful spot for a Sunday morning race and the sun came out for the majority of it!

We had a hand full of Jags attending, so Felbrigg saw a little blast of orange!

North Norfolk Surf Life Saving Club treated us to very well organised event with super friendly and supportive marshals. A yoga warm up was provided for all those who wanted to be totally race ready and Up & Running treatments providing some massage and T.L.C. if needed.

The trail was open to 200 runners and was suitable for novice and experienced runners from aged 7 years and up. The run circulated Felbrigg hall and offered staggered start times for novice to more experienced runners.

A big thank you to the North Norfolk Surf Life Saving Club for such a well organised event, keeping us well hydrated and fuelled with bananas!



Billy Life5K21.15
James Lambert10K46.03
Nicola Lambert-John10K49.04
Emma Mortimer10K55.59
Ruth Gainsford10K100.11

Lowestoft Half Marathon – Sunday 2 October 2016

It was a windy day on the coast for the inaugural Lowestoft Half Marathon. The race jointly organised by Break charity and Lowestoft Road Runners started on the sea wall with a strong head wind. The waves were splashing up the side of the wall to emphasise how strong the winds were coming off the sea. After about a mile run down the sea wall, runners were greeted with Links Hill. Those who have run the Scores Race will know this one; it’s the first hill of that race and a steep one too! The race continued along Gunton cliff top before heading back towards Corton including a little lap of a playing field. Runners then headed back to the start to complete the first lap of this out and back course.
It was a surprisingly nice route and definitely one to do as it does have some decent long flat stretches. There was a laid back atmosphere and all runners received a medal, race t-shirt and goody bag.

First Jag home for this one was Stewart Marden with an impressive gold standard time of 1:40:55. Next up was Neil Button with a PB and silver standard time of 1:44:23. Seconds behind was Nicola Lambert-John in a time of 1:44:26, narrowly missing out on a PB by 10 seconds but still winning the senior female category prize and free entry into next years race! James Lambert was one second behind, having run the distance with his wife. A great run by Paul Gerber too, finishing in a chip time of 1:59:26.

Great effort everyone!


Jolly Jaguars 10K – Sunday 25th September 2016

A fantastic end to the 2016 Jaguars 10K series with the Jolly Jaguars race on 25 September. We were lucky as the weather held out, we had over 350 runners, the support from club members was as good as ever and the same can be said of the amazing cakes.
Being one of the lucky ones able to run I can confirm it is a great course to race on; although flat it still has its challenges when in parts you find yourself fighting against the wind.

All the home runners this time were Jaguar ladies, with the lovely Hilda Mears (first timer) making a return visit from Leicester (we all hope to see her again soon).

It was a great performance all round, with three PBs, for Nicola Lambert John, Julie Glasel and me, with Nicola Lambert John putting in a sterling effort of achieving a silver standard and romping over the finish line with a fantastic time of 45.31 and being second lady in – amazing! Well done Nicola! Rosemary Jackson (first timer) achieved a gold standard with a brilliant time of 54.48 and both Julie and I were over the moon with us both achieving bronze standards.

The support all around the course was great and thanks to all the marshalls, riders and the ladies at the water stations – fighting against the wind makes you thirsty!
To be cheered in so loudly at the end of a race is pretty uplifting and am sure this helped in boosting us all to do so well. I would also like to say thanks to our leader for his sound advice to look up and run to the clock – it certainly worked!!
All in all an extremely successful day – well done ladies, well done Jaguars.


Nicola Lambert-John45.31YESSilver
Rosemary Jackson54.48FTGold
Dawn Chapman57.40YESBronze
Hilda Mears1.5.33FT
Julie Glasel1.6.44PBBronze

Round Norfolk Relay Race – 17/18 September 2016

The most amazingly organised race of the year was upon us.  Fantastic planning by our RNR Committee of Sarah Letzer, Adele Bushell, Jackie Gooch, Sonya Wragg and Scott Shrubsall made this day all come together.

Ben Letzer started the day off at 8.30 am from Kings Lynn, with Clare Hicks following part of the way on the bike.  Weather was dry to start but the heavens opened after a few minutes of setting off! Some of Ben’s leg was off road, so the cyclist wasn’t needed, loading up in the minibus with Mel and Paul Emery, the support team including Sarah and Adele, the timekeepers, in the car headed up to the beach to cheer Ben along and supply with water and sponges!  The route was very windy along the coast, a tough terrain too.

Ben passed the baton over to Mel Porter at Hunstanton, he took off at good speed, in fact by the time we had got Ben the well deserved cuppa he needed the support team had to leg it to catch Mel up!  Meeting up again further down the road, Clare caught up with Mel on cycle for another part of the leg on the road.  Mel then turned back off road and along a coastal path all the way to Burnham Overy where Clare met up again with him just before the finish.  Cramp started to kick in for Mel but he managed to continue to the end where he passed the baton on to Paul Taylor for the third leg to Wells.  Great Support at Burnham Overy where Mark, Martin, Lou, Neil and Barbara were marshalling and cheering and great support from Jackie Gooch and that banner!

Paul took the baton from Burnham Overy through to Wells, leg 4, 5.76 miles.  Support team now consisting of Adele, Mel and Paul Emery in the mini bus, Sarah and Ben Letzer in the car, Clare and Jackie in a very small car with a bike!  We all stopped at the access point to cheer Paul along the way, then legged it to Wells to catch up with him and his handover to Ben Gaskins on the promenade.

Emma Blake followed as support cyclist, Ben’s support crew of Ellie and Jackie Bye were there to cheer him on.  Following down to the access point, Ben was absolutely flying round, so fast he managed to slip in the mud and get a little bit of mud on his leg!!  Unfortunately as he turned up so fast, the support crew were not ready and were queueing up for coffee when he came around the corner.  Mel ran after him with a bottle of water!!

Ben ran a fabulous leg of 11.14 miles, we caught up with him again at Cley where he handed the baton over to Alan Bushell on a very blustery sea front, off for leg 5 of 10.81 miles.

Paul, Jackie and Clare headed home, still in a tiny car with a bike!!

Emma continued to cycle round the coast and catch up with Alan on the road sections.  Mel, Paul Emery and Adele carried on following in the minibus, with Ben and Sarah in the car.  A difficult terrain this leg, Alan came through into Cromer to pass the baton on to Dean Blake and Emma Blake still continued on her bike!!

All change here as Mel and Ben Letzer headed home and Jeremy took the reins of the minibus with Adele and Sarah.  A 7.9 leg for Dean Blake through Cromer and along the coast road to Mundesley Village Hall where James Lambert was waiting to take over with Nicola Lambert-John as his cyclist, finally Emma Blake could finish, I think she biked around 60 miles in total!  A 9.24 mile leg for James taking the relay race on through Walcott (past the chippie) to Lessingham!

Paul Gerber took over in Lessingham, heading off with Heather Hollister as cyclist, on leg 8 completing 8.3 miles before handing over to Peter Nelson.  Jackie Gooch returning in her car, as she hadn’t done enough driving about already!! Nic Holden continued with Pete as his cyclist support with Jackie as car support with radio at full blast to keep them amused.  Pete had to race his leg through a residential part of Great Yarmouth at night!

This year saw a change to stage 10, now starting at Belton and covering 18 miles before finishing at Earsham. This is where Pete Nelson handed over to Scott Shrubsall. Darkness had already descended on the race as the night shift got into full swing. Following a pacey start Scott managed to hang in to claw back a few minutes against his predicted time, some wobbly legs after that! On to Stage 11 and Stewart Marden was on his way to Scole, the minibus got a brief glimpse of him a few miles in before heading to pick him up at the finish. Entry to the field at Scole was slightly chaotic but those who needed to get in or out were able to do so in good time. Stewart also managed to knock some time off his predicted finish and was in his ever cheerful mood, if slightly out of breath, at the changover.

The relay is non-stop though and it wasn’t long before the minibus was on the lookout for Nick Hudson who was running the longest stage of the event at 19.67 miles. As usual Nick was flying and put in a great run which he was obviously happy about. In Thetford both Tom and Graham Johnson were waiting to run their legs, Tom would be running first then handing over to the senior Johnson at Feltwell. Tom had one of the more difficult legs to navigate in the dark and was clearly distraught at missing one of his turnings, it didn’t make much difference to his time though and the effort he’d put in was evident.

Graham had a slightly shorter leg to complete and this meant a bit of a dash for the minibus to ensure it arrived before he got to the finish. There was a lot of overtaking to be done and Paul Taylor breathed an audible sigh of relief when he finally managed to overtake our runner. Graham arrived in Wissington ahead of schedule, unfortunately he had to wait until Downham Market to receive his medal as a late decision to provide a support vehicle for the next leg meant the minibus had to be deployed. Graham took it all in good humour though and seemed very happy with his medal.

Also receiving his medal at Downham was the ever impressive Jeremy Lawrence. ‘Jezza’ stormed his leg in 73 minutes, his time was good enough to take 41st position in the individual ratings as highest placed Jag. Hard earned it was too as we found him leaning over a fence trying to recover. Pete KC picked up the baton for the penultimate leg which at 5.49 miles is the shortest, so it was another dash to the changeover! Pete’s face told the story. He, like every runner, had given everything he could on his stage and was very close to his predicted time.

That left one runner to bring it home… Andy Mulligan was his usual energetic self when the now quite substantial Jaguars support party met up with him (queue obligatory selfies!). He beat the minibus to the offroad section but he was spotted along with a rapidly pedalling Vicky Tovell doing her best to keep up on the tricky single track. At the Lynnsport finish the gathering crowds were high in bith numbers and volumes as one by one each team came in. Andy had managed to overtake about 7 runners on his way to the finish and I’m sure got the biggest cheer of all!

A great team effort not only by the runners of course, as without the numerous helpers throughout the day and night we would not have a team in the relay. Thanks go out to everyone who took time out of their weekends to either cycle, drive or just come out and cheer on runners.

Stage and Distance
Cumulative Time
Ben Letzer1 16.81mile2:08:592:08:5907:54
Mel Porter2 14.06 mile1:47:433:56:427:40
Paul Taylor3 5.76 mile44:454:41:276:46
Ben Gaskin4 11.14 mile1:27:596:09:267:54
Alan Bushell5 10.81 mile1:28:067:37:328:09
Dean Blake6 7.90 mile53:008:30:326:43
James Lambert7 9.24 mile1:02:049:32:366:43
Paul Gerber8 8.30 mile1:05:0610:37:428:39
Peter Nelson9 16.60 mile 2:01:1912:39:017:18
Scott Shrubsell10 18.13 mile2:25:5415:04:558:03
Stewart Marden11 12.45 mile1:37:0416:41:597:48
Nick Hudson12 19.67 mile2:36:1719:18:167:57
Tom Johnson13 13.25 mile1:41:2620:59:427:39
Graham Johnson14 7.27 mile52:3621:52:427:14
Jeremy Lawrence15 10.59 mile 1:13:2823:05:466:56
Peter Kean-Cockburn16 5.49 mile42:4723:48:337:48
Andy Mulligan17 11.73 mile1:15:2125:03:546:25


Lowestoft Scores Race – Sunday 11 September 2016

Four Jaguars took part in this years Lowestoft Scores Race on a very warm and sunny day. The race comprises of a total distance of about 4.6 miles starting in Lowestoft High Street and running downhill towards the sea front. Then it’s a steady run along the sea wall to get nicely warmed up before you’re greeted with the first steep hill. Then it’s another flat run along Gunton cliff top before venturing down into Sparrow’s Nest park. This is were the series of “scores” kick in and these are basically steps up and down the cliff face. All told, there are 401 steps!

There was a good atmosphere as always with plenty of locals out to cheer on the runners. The event hosted by Waveney Valley AC has two races – one for the seniors (233 runners) and one for the juniors (59 runners). The winning time for the senior race was a very fast 26:25 and won by Michael Eccles from the Gazelles.

Bringing home the silverware for the Jags was Nicola Lambert-John who slashed four minutes off her time from the previous year, finishing with a time of 35:42 (57th position overall) and picking up the award for third senior female!! James Lambert knocked off 52 seconds from his time from the previous year finishing in 32:41 (30th position overall). First timers to this years event were Stephen Pointer crossing the line in a time of 38:45 (96th position) and Josh Neale 41:38 (139th position). Great effort everyone!

All finishers were awarded with a rather nice white tech shirt, however there are no medals (except for the juniors).

Wissey Half Marathon – Sunday 3 September 2016

On the first weekend in September, four Jags tackled the Wissey half marathon from the picturesque if somewhat blustery West Norfolk village of Oxborough. On arrival no chip timing was a surprise but we all set out on the undulating course with great purpose. First Jag home was Tony Alborough 1:29:43 Gold, closely followed by Neil Button 1:45:30 FT Silver (good warmup for Peterborough). Then came the two ladies, Lucy Anderson in a very competitive 1:47:41 Bronze and finally Ruth Gainsford who for me produced the performance of the day in her first proper half marathon, storming up the finishing straight in 2:00:19 FT Silver.

Report by Tony Alborough

Dereham Town 5k – Sunday 28th August 2016

A small contingent of Jags hit the mean streets of Dereham on a dry Sunday morning, which was thankfully relatively cooler than the preceding days. Parking was easy to find and the race route was clearly sign-posted.

We arrived to hear the Announcer confirming that on the day entries had closed and that a record number of entrants (375) had registered this year. A group of Ipswich Jaffas spotted at the warm-up area nearly prompted a chant of “There’s only one team in orange!”, but good manners prevailed and it was on with the stretches and loosener.

The race was chip start and finish for the first time this year and this certainly helped at the start, where a couple of strategically placed keep-left signs caused a little bit of bottle-necking, but the race commenced on time, with an audible buzz in the air. The 5k course comprised 2 laps around the Town centre and was, as promised, flat and fast (barring a couple of tight turns). Definitely a course to consider for PB hunters!

The race was well marshalled and a good turn-out of spectators provided encouragement all around the course. The only slight negative was witnessing car drivers berating Marshalls for briefly holding-up traffic to allow runners past, which was also echoed by a number of Facebook posters after the race. It’s such a shame that a few people haven’t got the patience, or courtesy, to wait for 5 minutes and it’s not as if this event happens every week.

The Race was fittingly won by a Dereham Runners AC Junior, Logan Smith, in a brilliant time of 15:59, with Callum Stanforth of Ryston Runners and Jack Gillick of Wymondham AC filling the podium places. First lady home was Conac’s Dani Nimmock in a new course record time of 17:14. Emma Patel (now of Winchester AC) and Dereham representative, Carol Devlin, completed the ladies’ top three.

First Jag home on the day was Neil Button, with a chip time of 20:59 – first time out over 5k on the road. Barbara Button followed in 28:22, hampered by a calf injury picked-up half way round (she was flying over the first mile): Any mention of running/racing/half marathon entries/PBs in the Button household on Sunday afternoon was subject to a serious health warning (Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned with a calf strain!). Annette Yeomanson and Ruth Gainsford were both thankfully smiling and almost inseparable in a cluster finish, with respective chip times of 29:09946 and 29:10112 (I take it the records will show both as 29.10?).

However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the 1k junior fun run that followed, with an exuberant array of under 12s concluding the day (some so young that they appeared to be trying to run before they could walk!).

Neil Button



Ely Half Ironman – Sunday 21 August 2016

Ely half Iron Man  – not what you would expect those that know me well!

So I cried before I started, was shaking with nerves, I didn’t wanna do it.
Thanks to Georgina Sutton for driving and support and everyone else I saw there it did help especially when running round and feeling like I did. Putting up with my tears and grumpiness even telling her off! 🙊
So obviously I started, with not a bad 1.9k swim (32) mins. Got on my bike from a great t1, bit of tail wind had a good 8/9 mile then getting to an s bend where I skid but manage to stay on but coming out of it I didn’t so hit the ground grabbed my hip and arm was a bit painful, after 5\,6 mins and few near misses with cyclists, a dog walker helped me up as I had such bad cramps I couldn’t move.
As it got worse from there I didn’t wanna do my second bike lap. Let alone running, knowing my legs were going to cramp the whole way round.  I finished the bike 2.50, not too bad considering the wind and the fall!
Started the run first lap wasn’t too bad, a pack of jaffa cakes and water kept me going till the start of the second when I seized up and actually had to walk and run the rest of the 9 miles.
So from my fall to finishing the bike I had to do a 1.30 half or faster to get even under 5…
Didn’t happen am gutted ,(1.50) runtime and feel rather emotional as I feel like I have worked pretty hard and it went wrong due to things out of my control (sort of) I suppose lesson learnt look where I’m going round corner if it rains, and pick a better line
All done in 5.18.

When’s the next one?!


Andy Half Ely Ironman 2 2016 Andy Half Ely Ironman 3 2016 Andy Half Ely Ironman 2016

Reepham 10K – Sunday 21 August 2016

The Reepham 10k is in its 12th year and advertised as a multi terrain course intended for all levels of running ability – it certainly lived up to this billing with a spread of times from 34.18 (Dominic Blake winning by nearly 2 minutes) to 1.42.58 (the legendary Louis Miller)

The course started out on country lanes and just after the 5k mark turned on to Marriots way all the way back to Reepham where the finish line was across a field.

9 Jags in the field starting together but soon got spread out amongst the 258 competitors.

The guys won the day in every respect, all 7 beating Sharn and Ruth to the line with some excellent times, and also winning on the random ‘spot’ prize raffle!

Tom Johnson was first jag home in 41.23 (20th place overall). And another excellent performance in second place for the jags Graham Johnson in 44.59 (41st place)

Best moments of course were the interjag races – Stewart and Julian had a close race coming in 51 and 52nd place respectively (46.08 and 46.19) and Sharn chased Paul G all the way to the line but just couldn’t catch him with 53.43 and 53.48 respectively.

Another very good run from Owie – 51.34 – well done!

Full results below!

Place: Name: Time
20      Tom Johnson 41.23
41      Graham Johnson 44.59
51      Stewart Marden 46.08
52      Julian Smith 46.19
95      Peter Kean Cockburn 49.56
113    Owen Barber 51.34
141    Paul Gerber 53.43
142    Sharn Ponsford 53.48
172    Ruth Gainsford 57.10


East Coast Half Marathon – Sunday 14 August 2016

Seven Jaguars took part in Great Yarmouth Road Runners’ 2016 Half Marathon – also the penultimate race in the Leathes-Prior Grand Prix series.
With hot and sticky weather in the days and weeks before 14th August we were all delighted to wake up and see there were some clouds in the sky and a lively breeze. The race organisers had brought forward the start time to 10am after a really scorching race in 2015 and also provided extra water stations just in case.
The race started at Gorleston Ormiston Venture Academy which meant plenty of room and facilities including a baggage drop – and an ice-cream van! The course itself soon left the built up area and was mainly undulating country lanes with a picturesque stretch right through the grounds of Somerleyton Hall at around the half-way point. 355 runners completed the course.
During our warm-up on the field Tony A was saying how he had never previously run the 13.25 mile half marathon distance. He needn’t have been concerned! Tony was the first Jag home storming in with a gold standard time of 1.29.18. Now there’s a time to beat to PB Tony.
Second Jag over the line was Ken Bowman who picked up an age category win with his diamond standard time of 1.37.48 .
Nicola Lambert-John and Vicky Tovell hatched a last minute plan to run at least some of the race together – until Nicola ditched Vicky or vice versa…. That never happened and they ran the whole thing together until the final lap of the school playing field where Nicola had a Leathes –Prior rival in her sights and produced a super-fast finish. Nicola was delighted with a well-deserved PB by over 5 minutes and a silver standard time of 1.44.16. Vicky crossed the line with a gold standard at 1.44.25 – and was most surprised and happy with an age-category win.
The three musketeers – or Peter KC, Sonya Wragg and Emma Jordan – who had started off by saying they would treat the race as more of a training run romped home well under two hours. They certainly had the most impressive finish – all holding hands and crossing the line in unison – all receiving the time of 1.55.08, a silver standards.
The race was extremely well-marshalled, with a guest-marshall appearance from our own Becky Durant! It was well organised and all finishers received a medal, an orange T-shirt you just can’t miss and a can of Adnams Ghost Ship! Thanks for a great event to GYRR.

East Cost Half 2016

Tony Alborough1.29.15FTGold
Ken Bowman1.37.48Diamond
Nicola Lambert-John1.44.16PBSilver
Vicky Tovell1.44.25Gold
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.55.08Silver
Emma Jorden1.55.08Silver
Sonya Wragg1.55.08Silver

1 11 12 13 14 15 45