Andy Mulligan30.14GOLD
Tony Albourgh 30.32DIAMOND
Neil Button32.06YESGOLD
Graham Johnson32.20YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle33.32YESSILVER
Radley Fenn33.37FTSILVER
Elly Young34.05FT, Second in Age Group & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Stephen Neal34.28YESGOLD
Phil Henry34.47YESGOLD
Emma Blake35.39YES & New Age Group RecordGOLD
Shane Biddle37.07BRONZE
Paul Taylor37.15FTSILVER
Peter KC38.32SILVER
Emma Jordan40.01YESSILVER
Sonya Wragg40.20YESSILVER
John Windham41.36FTSILVER
Tamara Mills 41.22YESSILVER
Joanne Cottrell41.37YESSILVER
Stephanie Hall41.52FTBRONZE
Dee Neal42.32YESGOLD
Jackie Gooch44.08GOLD
Barbara Button45.32BRONZE
Neil Laughton46.41FT
Hattie Swain46.51FT
Sue Emmett47.58FT
Jennifer Norris1.01.55FT




While the focus of Coltishall Jaguars RC’s attention was on a little event going on in London, five hardy Jags travelled to Thetford to take part in the Breckland Marathon and Half Marathon staged to raise funds for the British Trust for Ornithology.

Although a low key affair the atmosphere was no less vibrant as the runners collected their numbers and made their preparations, going through their individual pre-race rituals for the challenge that lay ahead.

As predicted it was unseasonably warm with temperatures due to reach 22C but this didn’t deter the runners as they toed the line for the 9am start.

Both the marathon and half marathon competitors started together and followed the same route as they left the town hugging the bank of the Little Ouse River before heading off on trails through Thetford Forest. At the second checkpoint, St Helens Country Park (6.7 miles), the half marathon competitors turned after grabbing some much needed refreshments and retracing their steps back to the finish at the BTO HQ.

The marathon runners carried on from this point moving further into Thetford Forest before they rejoined the Little Ouse River path just after the 3rd checkpoint (approx  10 miles). This would prove to be the toughest section of the course on the undulating path that made for difficult running as it twisted and turned to follow the course of the river.

The half way point for the marathon runners was at Brandon and they were greeted by cheers from marshals and well wishers as they emerged from the path to get their fill of water, squash, gels, jaffa cakes and jelly babies before they began their return leg.

The weather forecast didn’t disappoint and the heat started to take its toll on the runners as the race progressed, many of whom had to take unscheduled walk breaks to cope with conditions. All competitors arrived safely home if a little worse for wear.

Scott Shrubsall, Julian Smith and Nicola Lambert-John tackled the half marathon distance and took 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively but crossed the line together and were given the same, very respectable, time of 1:54.

Nicola was 2nd lady home and received a silver medal for her efforts.

Thomas Lincoln-Kemp and Paul Emery took on the full marathon distance. Thomas finished in a time of 4:08 for 7th place. Paul Emery, competing in his first marathon, finished in a time of 4:19 for 12th place.

The half marathon was won by Johnny Hodges in a time of 1:28

Top spot in the marathon was taken by Romas Bleda in a time of 3:34
















LONDON MARATHON 2018 22/04/2018


Image may contain: 7 people, including Annette Yeomanson and David Platten, people smiling, people standing, tree and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, crowd, shoes and outdoor


Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: 4 people, including Annette Yeomanson, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Vicky Tovell3.49.23Yes & New Age Group Record & GFASILVER
Vikki Harper4.26.52FTBRONZE
Emma Wilcock4.27.57FT
Keith Brighty4.29.20FT
Ruth Gainford4.39.01FT & New Age Group RecordBRONZE
David Platten5.18.30FT
Nick Richards5.41.08FT
Annette Yeomanson6.08.27
Vanessa Clements6.09.54YES
Sarah Letzer6.35.09FT


250m Swim, 16k Bike, 3k Run

This is a great early season triathlon based around the Gt Yarmouth Coast. Due to its popular demand it now runs over 2 days and you have a choice of Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Not being a early raiser we automatically plumped for the Saturday evening. 

Jackie Gooch and I headed out to Gt Yarmouth on a very hot and sunny Saturday. We were in luck as the weather was on our side. But what we hadn’t thought about was being at a seaside resort on a sunny day, brings lots of crowds. It was busy but this didn’t deter our enthusiasm. 

After racking our bikes in transition and a short race briefing we all headed nervously to the swim start. Women went first 30 seconds apart followed by the men. After the swim section we headed out to Transition 1 to get ready for the bike section. This headed uphill out towards North Drive to complete 3 loops. After an uphill cycle out we were looking forward to what we thought would be a fast downhill ride back, we were wrong. As soon as we turned our spirits were damped by head wind making it hard work. However, we kept each other going by shouting encouragement as we passed each other. We were also spurred on by the support received from friendly Jags Andy Mulligan at the turn around point, Rachel Cole in transition, my daughter Alice and Jackie’s partner Jerry. After the bike section was complete we headed back to Transition 2 to rack our bikes and prepare for the run section. The run section was on the esplanade alongside the beach. Again this was an out and back route consisting of 3kms.

Jackie Gooch finished her first triathlon in an amazing time coming second in her age group and said she’s now ‘hooked’. I was also happy with my result achieving a PB on this course and 5th in my age group. 

Adele Bushell
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor


Image may contain: one or more people, sky, bicycle and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

JACKIE GOOCH6:041:5439:160:3614:331:02:2586TH
ADELE BUSHELL7:011:3140:450:4313:521:03:5494TH


Norfolk flat – not when you’re running the Norwich Half Marathon!

Driving there through the fog we wondered if we would need to be in high viz for the race, but by the time we started it cleared to near perfect conditions for distance running. Andy gathered us all together, bar 1 (last minute loo stop!) for a team photo whilst we still looked not too worse for wear…. then made sure we all warmed up.
The whole event was very well organised and started bang on time. I could see the speedy Jags up in front but resisted the temptation to try and keep up and settled into my own pace.

Running around the Showground there were great supportive crowds, then we were out on the road where there was a bit of dejavu as we retraced part of the Valentines course. The first half of the race is flat and fast, but I knew I was approaching the hills. I couldn’t keep up my initial pace but was determined to try and go sub 1:40, so kept powering on, it’s amazing how the other runners around you really help to keep you going. By the last hill my legs wanted me to stop, but I knew I was nearly there.

Back into the Showground for the last mile and we ran pretty much past the finish – if only we were there, but another lap of the Showground to go! You could hear the crowds cheering people in and then I heard them call out that Andy Mulligan had finished – what an achievement for him after the start to his year! When I rounded the last bend and could see the clock I knew my target was in reach if I could just keep my legs going, then the fabulous support of the lovely Jags, cheering us on helped me to sprint (ish) in. As we finished and started gathering we were also keeping tabs on the Brighton runners, adding to the whole excitement of the day!

Amazing running from everyone today with 6 first timers and PBs for Graham Johnson, Stephen Pointer, Clive Cartner and Angela Bell.

A tough but enjoyable run, well organised, closed roads, plenty of water stations and loads of friendly supporters. A goody bag full of nibbles and pre and post massage available, well organised baggage system and a fairly easy exit from the Showground ( no muddy field this year!) All in all a really memorable day of running both in Norwich and Brighton. Go Jaguars!


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Image may contain: 2 people

Andy Mulligan1.30.48SILVER
Graham Johnson1.32.39YESGOLD
Radly Fenn1.33.07SILVER
Scott Chadwick1.35.55SILVER
Elly Young1.37.20FT & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Stephen Pointer1.39.45YESBRONZE
Emma Wilcock1.46.31SILVER
Nouha Tate1.54.18FTBRONZE
Roland Talbot1.58.34SILVER
Clive Cartner1.58.16YES
Angela Bell1.58.15YESBRONZE
Katie Fenn2.03.17FTBRONZE
Tracey Melville2.04.24BRONZE
Sharon Jones2.06.02FTSILVER
Caroline Britton2.09.13FT
Stephanie Hall2.13.25FT
Sue Emmett2.22.04

BRIGHTON 10K 15/04/18

What a weekend!! Brighton Marathon weekend you did not disappoint! A nice Pb for me. (I had planned on taking it easy and enjoying the atmosphere but when looking at my watch at 7km I thought ‘I could Pb here’ so I put on the thrusters and went for it!) crossed the line in 50:41. Getting closer to that sub50 10km!!

I absolutely loved cheering the marathon crowd! So inspiring! I definitely recommend going to support a marathon, we absolutely loved it and went wild when we saw our lovely Jags! Sorry to those that I missed!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: sky, ocean and outdoor

Charlotte Reed50.41YESBRONZE



With the Spring Marathon season in full swing 7 Jags, along with family and friends, travelled to the South Coast to take part in the Brighton Marathon.

This race provides an interesting route with enough undulation to make it a challenging course with an enthusiastic and supportive crowd cheering the runners on their way.

Emma Jordan did not get off to the best of starts as while on the park and ride to the start realised she had left behind her energy jells and drinks, Jenny Walsh came to the rescue by getting spares from other runners on the coach.

Whilst all the Jags performed credibly special mention has to go to Emma Blake who proved that hard work does pay off. Emma earned a Gold Standard, a Club Record and a good for age qualification time for the London Marathon.

Barbara Button, competing in her first marathon, fell at about 8 miles picked herself up and despite being bloodied and bruised pushed onto finish in under 5 and a half hours.

Darren Tubby and Andrew Wicks both competed their first marathons as Coltishall Jaguars with Andrew missing a sub 4 hour milestone by an agonising 9 seconds.

I’m sure all the Jags will want to thank supporters from our own club who made the journey to cheer us on and supporters from other Norfolk Clubs particularly the North Norfolk Beach Runners who added their encouragement.

All in all an excellently organised event with a smooth baggage drop, start, finish and baggage collection process that I would recommend to all looking for an alternative to London.


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Emma Blake3.38.03YES & New Age Group RecordGOLD
Dean Blake3.38.33SILVER
Darren Tubby3.39.15FTBRONZE
Andrew Wicks 4.00.09FT
Emma Jordan4.10.23BRONZE
Peter KC4.18.14YESBRONZE
Barbara Button5.28.22FT


We made our way down to Manchester from our Lakeland base early on a foggy Sunday morning. Traffic was light from this direction and heading into Manchester you would have no idea that a big city marathon was taking place. Signs for official car parking were soon evident, which was good, as there was no way of spotting Old Trafford through the murk. Some opportunistic local entrepreneurs attempted to divert the traffic from a roundabout with ‘Official Car Park’ signs and hi-viz jackets, but their set-up in a small industrial unit just didn’t quite cut it.

By the time we parked next to the home of MUFC, the weather was lifting and conditions seemed ideal for distance running. A short walk towards the cricket ground and suddenly we were in amongst the 13,000 runners and their supporters.

The legendary Ron Hill gave a pre-race pep-talk and we were away at 9:00. The first 3 miles was a loop around before heading south from Old Trafford. The main issue here was avoiding the minefield of potholes, which was no mean feat in the early congested stages. The field started to spread as we headed towards Stretford and Sale and I settled into my goal pace. The route crossed the Mersey into Cheshire, down to Timperley and Altrincham, before doubling back.

The crowds and atmosphere were brilliant and were similar to the Great North Run, with copious amounts of sweets and high-fives being handed out. All of the different areas try to outdo each other with the entertainment and noise and it was a real motivator by the time 16 miles had been completed. It was also great to hear a friendly shout from Tim Evans, who was supporting wife Karen.

The route headed out in a north-western direction to Carrington and Urmston and it was around this time that I started to feel the gap in my training plan. However, I reached the 20 Mile mark bang on target at 2:30 and thought that a 3:20 could be achievable.

The last 6.2 miles was a struggle though and I had a short walk at 22 miles before a painful finish with cramp and burning thighs. The level of encouragement from the other competitors, marshals and spectators was amazing and without it I may just have got a tram home! The finish line came into view and the final run-in seemed to go on forever. I was a bit of an emotional and physical wreck by the time I crossed the line and can hardly remember grabbing my tee shirt and medal: It was then time to eat and drink everything in sight after meeting-up with Barbara, who was in coach-mode and insisted that I do my stretches.

Karen Evans was not far behind in an absolutely superb 4:25:12 on her Marathon debut: What a great advertisement for the Jags Couch to 10k course that Karen completed just last year!

So, Manchester: The course was flat and fast as promised (if you discount the potholes!), the atmosphere was electric and the people were friendly. Would I do it again? Why not?!

Neil Button

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes, crowd and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, shoes, shorts, basketball court and outdoor

Neil Button3.27.48YES & New Age Group RecordSILVER
Karen Evans4.25.12FTBRONZE



Sunday 8th April 2018 – Full Marathon / Half Marathon / 10km / Fun Run

Venue – Maltings Meadow, Nr Bungay, Suffollk NR35 2RT

I was pleased, having opened my curtains on Sunday morning, to a drizzly cool day.  I knew that hanging around waiting for the start may be a little chilly but the temperature and the greyness would only bode well.  It started with a road trip – Racheal Cole, Ruthie Roo, Charlotte Reed and I set at 08.30, knowing that the race would start at 11am, but giving ourselves good time to park, register and enjoy the atmosphere.

Getting to Bungay took less time than expected.  As we entered Bungay it was clear that there was an abundance of marshalls and signage for both the car parks and the start line.

The 10k was starting and we saw a couple of jags including Nicola Lambert John starting off (more about her later!).  We registered, it was a bit muddy by then, but nothing too worrying. Registration was straightforward, and there were ample stewards telling us what to do, and where to go, if we needed anything.  The only fiddly bit was the chip timer. Nicola finished the 10k shouting ‘it’s difficult’, which made me worry a little. She immediately put me at my ease by explaining that she meant was it had been difficult for her to hold back, on the 10k, because she had entered the double doggy (both the 10k and the half marathon).  

As we started some of the later 10k runners came in, and there was a lot of cheering (don’t we love our running community), and also the marathon runners were going around again from the start position.  

From the off I had decided to do my own pace, this being my first half in 3 years, and not being as fit as I once was.  I snuggled down at the back of the pack determined not to be pushed along because I have been out of action due to injury – my run was all about getting round!  Racheal soon left me behind which was absolutely fine with me. She has been amazingly supportive in my journey to running a half and I didn’t want to hold anyone back. A slight incline into the centre of Bungay and then out on the road towards Mettingham.  We were talking in the car earlier and that we all thought the route was going to be hilly. The first 6 miles was definitely undulating but not undoable. There were no real steep hills, more slow inclines which, if taken easily didn’t prove to be difficult.

There are some beautiful houses on the route and lovely scenery.  The route took us round on the main road from Bungay to Beccles. There were ample first aid points, water points and stewards.  The road wasn’t closed so we were busily running along with cars whizzing past which I found slightly daunting and had to keep an eye over my shoulder.

There was lots of signage along the route and you could hardly go wrong (although I managed it … I was told to go left at Beccles and carried on over the turning….) Which caused much merriment with the marshalls.  It could only happen to me!

Once you dropped down to the broad at Beccles it was a lovely flat route … because the full marathon signage was close to the half marathon it was easy to pick off the miles.  The water stations were well stewarded and everyone was encouraging ‘go jaguar you’re doing brilliantly’. The last 2 miles was on a muddy pathway but the 9km sign loomed (it was the same final leg as the 10k)  and I knew I wanted to finish before 2hours 30 minutes (my goal). It was then easy to do a bit of a sprint finish with lots of lovely cheering to spur me on, on the home straight.

The medal is lovely and hefty (exactly what I like).  The goody bag was a bag of crisps, an energy bar and a bottle of water.  There were so many marshals, so many friendly encouraging faces and so much enthusiasm for the runners I would definitely recommend this route.

Nicola Lambert John was an absolute inspiration winning the first female in the Double Doggy …. Lovely person inside and out and a real inspiration.

The Bungay Black Dog Running Club did themselves proud and it is a brilliant event, with lots of encouragement – let’s see more Jags there next year!

Fiona O’Hara

Bungay 1

Bungay 3

RUTH PILCH1:52:09167
VIKKI HARPER1:54:24186
RACHAEL COLE2:12:29329
FIONA O'HARA2:26:01385
1/2 MARTHON +10K
1 2 3 43