Humpty Dumpty 10k

Only a scattering of Jaguars turned out for the Humpty Dumpty 10k maybe because this is a challenging course, but although warm this year, the scorching temperatures of the last two years stayed away, making quite a nice day for running. Colin Robilliard was first Jaguar home in the process taking first prize in his age category. There was a pb for Ben Dennington and a first run at this distance for Gemma Francis.
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Colin Robilliard39.31Diamond
Richard Collyer43.36Silver
Grant Randall44.29Silver
Ben Dennington44.36 (pb)Bronze
Dave Simpson51.01Silver
Ady Jay51.55
Sarah Jay51.59Silver
Gemma Francis56.13 (1st)
Becky Durant57.32 Gold

Gorleston & Norwich Park Runs

For the second week running Lawrence Wade won the Gorleston Park Run but this time in a new personal best time of 17.48.  David Brailey also ran a personal best at Norwich on the 23rd June taking almost 20 seconds off his previous time in 21.17.

Wroxham 5k Series Race 2

The warm weather brought 25 Jaguars out for the second 5k in this years series. Andrew Mulligan, has clearly recovered from injury well and was first to finish for the club in 18.10. There were pb’s for Emily Hannant, Ellie Bye, Dee Neal, Ana Ohde and Denver Slowther and an equal pb for Scott Chadwick. Ken Bowman and Stewart Marden came in together having both been injured during the run.
Full Results

Name TimeStandard
Andrew Mulligan18.10Gold
Darren Edridge18.55Gold
Denver Slowther19.14 (pb)Silver
Scott Chadwick20.02 (=pb)Silver
Rod Bye20.19Silver
Ben Dennington20.22 (1st)Silver
Emily Hannant20.55 (pb)Silver
Grant Randall21.08Silver
Jon Reader21.20Bronze
David Brailey21.37 Bronze
Jon Queripel21.50Bronze
Ellie Bye21.51 (pb)Silver
Dave Simpson23.54Bronze
Ana Ohde23.56 (pb)Silver
Krysia Smith24.42Bronze
Peter Kean-Cockburn24.54Bronze
Verity Holmes25.02Bronze
Jackie Harrop25.03Silver
Claire Owen25.27Bronze
Adele Bushell25.25Bronze
Dee Neal26.26 (pb)Silver
Becky Durant26.27Diamond
Katherine Garwood28.55
Ken Bowman29.19
Stewart Marden29.20

Diss 10k

No pbs or 1sts but some good runs nonetheless considering the undulating course. Steve Bates came in as first Jaguar with a time of 37.44 (Diamond), followed by the Bye Family Running Club, Rod 43.56 (Gold), Ellie 47.08 (Silver) and Jackie 50.39 (Gold). Becky Durant was the only other Jaguar in the race with a time of 58.19 (Gold).
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Wymondham Midsummer 10 Miler

By contrast to the days before and after, the weather for this race was surprisingly hot, but 12 Jaguars were undaunted by the heat and finished with some excellent results. Steve Bates with a great run came third overall, at the same time taking a silver medal in the county championship. Colin Robilliard with his run took a silver medal in his county championship age category. Denver Slowther, Mark Harmer and Scott Chadwick in battling with each other managed first prize in the senior mens team category. Whilst Steve Bates, Colin Robilliard and  Stewart Marden took the second place in the mens vet team category. Grant Randall, Gemma Francis and Dee Neal all ran the distance for the first time in club colours.
Full Results

NameTime Standard
Steve Bates1.02.11Diamond
Colin Robilliard1.04.35Platinum
Denver Slowther1.11.34Silver
Mark Harmer1.11.46 (pb)Silver
Scott Chadwick1.12.09 (pb)Silver
Stewart Marden1.12.16 (pb)Gold
Richard Collyer1.16.20Silver
Grant Randall1.17.12 (1st)Silver
Martin Bagnall1.18.23Silver
Gemma Francis1.30.38 (1st)Bronze
Dee Neal1.40.15 (1st)Bronze
Becky Durant1.45.34Silver

Edingthorpe 5

Despite the unseasonal cold and wet, ten Jaguars turned out for the first running of this race with some excellent results on the undulating course. Lawrence Wade in his first 5 miler as a Jag and Steve Bates both ran the race in under 30 minutes whilst Andy Mulligan still making a comeback from injury came in with an excellent time of 30.51. Also running the distance for the first time in orange were Wayne Gibbs, Grant Randell and Rosemary Jackson.
Full Results

Lawrence Wade29.26 (1st)Gold
Steve Bates29.37Diamond
Andy Mulligan30.51Gold
Wayne Gibbs31.15 (1st)Gold
Colin Robilliard31.32Diamond
Darren Edridge32.46Gold
Grant Randell34.14 (1st)Silver
Richard Collyer35.48Silver
Rosemary Jackson44.13 (1st)Silver
Becky Durant44.22Gold

Alex Moore Relay

There was a huge turnout of Jaguars making up over half the field of the Alex Moore Relay, and despite the scorching temperatures there were some notable results. Wayne Gibbs, Mark Haynes and Ben Letzer were first overall whilst there were a number of  other prize winners in the various categories.
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Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series Race 3

The sun shone on Great Yarmouth for the last in this years 5 mile series and once again there was an excellent turnout of Jaguars. 18 of our runners took to the start, 2 for the first time in a 5 miler. The warm conditions produced some excellent times including 4 p.b’s.

Steve Bates managed another superb sub 30 minute run, taking 3rd place in his age group and 4th place overall for the whole series, whilst Colin Robilliard with a time of 31.29 took second in his category. There were personal best times for Richard Collyer, Stewart Marden, Emily Hannant and Sarah Jay who also took second prize in her age group.
Full Results

Steve Bates29.37Diamond
Mark Haynes30.18Gold
Colin Robilliard31.29Diamond
Darren Edridge32.13Gold
Alan Bushell33.08 Gold
Richard Collyer33.47 (pb)Silver
Stewart Marden34.16 (pb)Gold
Scott Chadwick35.07Bronze
Emily Hannant35.25 (pb)Silver
Ady Jay35.34Silver
Ben Dennington35.37 (1st)Bronze
Ellie Bye36.51Silver
Sarah Jay37.43 (pb)Gold
Jackie Harrop40.28 (1st)Gold
Claire Owen42.36Bronze
Adele Bushell42.39Bronze
Becky Durant45.09Gold
Katherine Garwood48.37

Wroxham 5k Series Race 1

The orange army was out in full force on Wednesday,  both running and supporting, and there were some notable performances on a perfect evening for running. Of the 21 Jaguars who started 5 came away with personal bests and another 5 were running the distance for the first time. Wayne Gibbs came in first for the club in a personal best time of 18.53 (Gold standard), whilst further down the standings Richard Collyer and Ken Bowman battled out the last 400 metres for a very exciting finish. Richard just got in ahead of Ken taking a new 5k pb whilst Ken in finishing with a diamond standard 19.53 took first prize in his age category. Ellie Bye, Adele Bushell and Katherine Garwood all ran well to achieve their best ever times.

There was disappointment for Emily Hannant, Ellie Bye and Verity Holmes who were told on the night that they had won the senior ladies category, but were later informed that this was incorrect and they had in fact finished second. Nevertheless their collective performance was excellent and gives them some unfinished business for the next race which takes place on 20th June.
Full Results

Wayne Gibbs18.53 (pb)Gold
Darren Edridge19.03Gold
Colin Robilliard19.12Diamond
Richard Collyer19.50 (pb)Gold
Ken Bowman19.53Diamond
Scott Chadwick20.19Silver
Ady Jay20.25Silver
Grant Randell20.40 (1st)Gold
Emily Hannant21.15Silver
Martin Colley21.20 (1st)Bronze
David Brailey21.44Bronze
Ellie Bye21.57 (pb)Silver
Sarah Jay23.08Silver
Verity Holmes24.40 (1st)Bronze
Christine Cooke24.44Silver
Jackie Harrop24.50 (1st)Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn24.58Bronze
Adele Bushell25.27 (pb)Bronze
Ruth Gainsford25.40 (1st)Bronze
Claire Owen25.47Bronze
Becky Durant26.56Gold
Katherine Garwood27.57 (pb)

Dereham 10

Whilst a number of Jaguars were on marathon and half marathon duty at Holkham, 4 of our members took to the streets of Dereham for this 10 miler. First across the line was Steve Bates in a diamond standard 1.02.56. He was followed by Martin Bagnall (1.17.04 – Silver), Melanie Burch (1.19.59 – Silver) and Becky Durant (1.44.54 – Silver).
Full Results

1 52 53 54 55 56 57