Daniel Smith30.58GOLD
Jack Stuttle31.29SILVER
Neil Button31.39YESDIAMOND
Nick Eley34.23YESDIAMOND
Alan Bushell34.27SILVER
Stephen Pointer35.01BRONZE
Matthew Rogers35.09FTSILVER
Emma Pointer35.16YESSILVER
Elly Young36.14GOLD
Graham Johnson36.14SILVER
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp36.09GOLD
Stephen Neal36.17GOLD
Keith Brighty38.34SILVER
Paul Rogers39.04FTBRONZE
Richard Peters39.40FTBRONZE
Ruth Steele39.53FTGOLD
Peter Kean-Cockburn40.19GOLD
Dougie Barber41.02SILVER
Martin Bishop41.28FTBRONZE
Graham Fryer41.32YESBRONZE
Rosemary Jackson41.57DIAMOND
Owen Barber42.20
Sarah Reynolds43.20FT
Megan Swain43.46
Adele Bushell43.25SILVER
Hattie Swain43.25
David Simpson43.31SILVER
Sharon Jones43.59SILVER
Marion Bensley45.01FT
Dee Neal47.54SILVER
Neil Laughton47.34
Kate Palmer48.35FT
Jackie Gooch48.38BRONZE
Laura Hick48.41YES
Ruth Gainsford48.39BRONZE
Julian Smith48.41
Barbara Button53.40
Paul Bloomfield54.47FT
Sarah Larchbury55.21FT
Angela Hudson55.20YES
Noel Meeks56.52FT
Annette Yeomanson58.21
Emily Spragg58.22FT
Rachael Kirkham1.01.52

PANTHER BREWERY 10K 09/08/2018

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes, tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shoes, shorts and outdoor
Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, shorts and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shorts, outdoor and nature
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Image may contain: 1 person, standing, outdoor and nature
JACKIE BYE111TH00:50:25
RUTH STEELE126TH00:52:04
OWIE BARBER140TH00:52:52
PAUL GERBER236TH01:00:38
DEBBIE HALL321ST01:16:26

RUN NORWICH 10K 21/07/2019

RN19 – race report It was the fifth year of RN19 and its grown again, 7500 spaces up for grabs this year and they sold out fast. On the morning of 21st July the sun was shining on Chapelfield gardens, by 8.45 the gardens were packed full of runners and our gazebo stood out like an orange beacon, giving us a brilliant meeting place amongst the crowds. The gardens were buzzing, some excited, some nervous, with the occasional whiff of deep heat permeating the air. After, as many Jags as possible, had gathered for the group photo. It was time to head off to the start pens, the toilet queues were long, but then that’s to be expected in a race of this size and allowing some time to wait in queue, but sharing some banter with those around you, keeping an eye out for friends in the crowds, soon helped the time pass quickly. I was in blue start and true to Run Norwich organisation, the race was underway on time, moving 6200 runners through a start line cannot be an easy task, but the organisers have ensured the start went smoothly and soon we were underway. Prepared for a very hot run, it was pleasantly cool and breezy at half nine in the morning. After the climb towards Chapelfield gardens, it is mainly flat or downhill as you make your way onto Carrow Road. The first few kilometres sailed by, with lots of support from the crowds and Jag crews along the way. The choir singing ‘I’m still standing’ at Riverside put a smile on my face as did many of the signs and excellent marshals along the way. The first main challenge of the race is Rose lane, yes it is steep, but not too long and once over and around the top, you can enjoy a nice downhill to recover from the climb. By now though, it was getting very warm and a few runners were starting to walk or ease off the pace. A good flat stretch is then had, between Prince of Wales road and around the cathedral. Between kilometres 8 & 9 its tough, you are nearly there, but you turn off away from the direction of the finish, and can see runners the other side of the road, they would be a kilometre ahead of you. They are climbing up through Tombland, and I think, that section is harder than Rose Lane, you are tired, very hot by then, and it is time to dig in and get that last kilometre done, (giving Gaynor’s son a high five at kilometre 9, if you can get near him as he had a queue of people waiting to high five him when I was there!). Turning the corner towards Castle Meadow, was the biggest shout out from the jag support crew, it was perfect and very much needed! Home stretch now, right turn at Debenhams (I apologise to anyone running near me, but I swore loudly, as I had forgotten about that last hill). One final climb and a sprint to the finish if your legs can handle it! What an event, it was well organised – I hear some people were left without a goody bag, but they are being sorted, brilliantly supported and everywhere you looked there was a member of the Coltishall Jags. My first Run Norwich as a Jag and will definitely not be my last

Daniel Smith38.54YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle39.53GOLD
Neil Button40.31GOLD
Lee Emmett42.11YESGOLD
Shane Bidle42.30YESSILVER
Jason Corner45.00SILVER
Franklyn Plume45.11FTBRONZE
Andy Foreman45.17FTSILVER
Nick Eley45.18DIAMOND
Andy Mulligan45.21BRONZE
Howard Harper45.50SILVER
Gary Cheeseman45.57FTBRONZE
Paul Rogers46.02FTSILVER
Andrew Wicks46.24SILVER
Nicholas Hudson46.31BRONZE
Barry Halkyard47.39FTBRONZE
Darren Matthewson48.31YESBRONZE
Ruth Steele48.52GOLD
Richard Peters49.11BRONZE
Luke Townsend50.11
Lucy Walker50.34YESDIAMOND
Iwona Litwiniec50.39YESSILVER
Graham Fryer51.20
Dougie Barber51.35BRONZE
Karl Dodgson52.39YES
Chris Johnson52.41
Caroline Britton52.47YESSILVER
Andrew Jarvis53.10
Karen Evans53.14SILVER
Nigel Stallard-Mulford54.15FT
Peter Keen-Cockburn54.15SILVER
Robert Dye54.55
Sharon Jones55.02SILVER
Megan Swain55.12YES
Sarah Reynolds55.30
Stephanie Hall55.40
Julian Smith55.44
Christine Barnett56.01FTSILVER
Andy Richardson56.02FTSILVER
Dave Buck56.02FT
Hattie Swain56.11
Charlotte Reed56.12
Laura Johnson56.18FT
Graham Johnson56.23
Michael Briggs56.59
Marion Bensley57.02YES
Violet Vincent57.13
Julian Jardine57.55
Karen Bradley58.18
Tamara Mills58.28
Tim Witting59.58FT
Eden Rudling1.00.20
Joanna Cottrell1.00.33
Clare Hicks1.01.13
Wayne Catchpole1.01.20FT
David Platten1.01.30
Carrie Catchpole1.02.06YES
Emma Penfold1.02.37YES
Dave Howes1.03.05FT
Timothy Evans1.03.26
Tom Johnson1.06.10
Rachael Cole1.06.10
Alison Hood1.06.32FT
Olivia Newstead1.07.40
Noel Meek1.09.19FT
Sue Emmett1.09.26
Emily Spragge1.09.26
Alison Read1.12.11
Donna Monk1.12.17YES
Paul Bloomfield1.13.03
Angela Hudson1.13.10
Martin Bishop1.13.11
Barbara Button1.14.18
Debbie Hall1.14.52
Stephen Norris1.15.50
Jamie Harkin1.15.50
Penny Murray1.20.47
Jenny Norris1.22.26
Rachael Kirkham1.22.41YES
Sarah Letzer1.23.33
Rebecca Wicks1.24.55
Julie Jardine1.26.56


Andy Mulligan17.57GOLD
Daniel Smith18.20GOLD
Jack Stuttle18.36GOLD
Neil Button19.20DIAMOND
Darren Tubby19.16SILVER
James Lambert19.19SILVER
Mel Porter19.25GOLD
Lee Emmitt19.43GOLD
Radley Fenn19.49SILVER
Nicola Lambert-John19.59GOLD
Shane Bidle20.04SILVER
Graham Johnson20.25SILVER
Chris Johnson20.26SILVER
Ginny Fellows20.43SILVER
Matthew Rogers20.51
Elly Young22.00DIAMOND
Charlotte Reed22.57BRONZE

WROXHAM 5K RACE 3 03/07/2019

Daniel Smith17.51YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle18.16GOLD
Chris Johnson19.29YESSILVER
Shane Bidle19.37SILVER
Nick Eley19.44YES & 3rd In Age GroupPLATINUM
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp20.06GOLD
Stuart Aldous20.12SILVER
Darren Tubby20.13SILVER
Lee Emmett20.13SILVER
Franklin Plume20.14YESSILVER
Barry Halkyard20.33YESSILVER
Andrew Wicks20.38YES GOLD
Ken Bowman20.421st in Age groupPLATINUM
Elly Young21.182nd In Age Group & 3rd ladies TeamDIAMOND
Keith Brighty21.21GOLD
Vicky Tovell21.31YES & 3rd ladies TeamGOLD
Richard Peters21.50YES SILVER
Phil Henry21.23GOLD
Graham Johnson22.05SILVER
Luke Townsend22.07BRONZE
Sonja White22.11YES & 3rd ladies TeamGOLD
Stuart Kenrick22.19SILVER
Julian Smith22.21SILVER
Robert Dye22.24YESBRONZE
Rebecca Westmoreland22.41FT SILVER
Dougie Barber22.52SILVER
Ruth Steele23.01SILVER
Katie Fenn23.09YESSILVER
Radley Fenn23.09
Peter Kean-Cockburn 23.26GOLD
Megan Swain23.31YESSILVER
Sarah Reynolds23.40FTBRONZE
Vikki Harper23.58
Karen Evans24.29YESGOLD
Hattie Swain24.32BRONZE
Violet Vincent24.41YESBRONZE
Paul Rogers24.44
David Simpson24.48GOLD
Laura Johnson25.03FT
Tamara Mills25.08BRONZE
Andrew Richardson25.10YESGOLD
Sharon Jones25.13SILVER
Marion Bensley25.31YESBRONZE
Jackie Gooch25.34YESGOLD
Julian Jardine26.15
Claire Owen27.13BRONZE
Karen Bradley27.15BRONZE
Charlotte Reed27.40
Laura Hick27.45
Neil Laughton28.05
Carrie Catchole28.15
Tim Debbage28.35FT
Rachael Cole29.35
Sue Emmett30.20
Alison Read30.25YES
Olivia Newstead31.10
Noel Meek31.35FT
Rebcca Wicks31.40
Alison Hood31.40
Emily Spragg31.59YES
Sarah Lanchbury32.18FT
Mark Bradley32.22
Ruth Macpherson32.34
Debbie Hall34.15
Julie Jardine36.37
Jennifer Norris36.37YES

HUMPTY DUMPTY 10K 30/06/2019

I felt nervous as we got to the Race headquarters, This was going to be a record of how far I had come over the year ( the Humpty Dumpty 2018 was my 1st official race let alone 10K!) so I had a mixture of feelings about the race. We got there in plenty of time, had a few hello’s with the congregating Jags and then got in the loo Q and then bag drop and suddenly there were calls for the 1st wave (I was in the last wave so knew I had time). Made my way to the starting penwhile making sure my bib number was secure and that my Jeffing sign on my back was in place, I got to my pen and got near the back. Lots of chatter and good lucks from fellow Jags and other runners and the 1st wave started and we moved forward waiting forour turn. We got to the start had a quick safety briefing and we were off. The crowds were great though the town and as we thinned out a bit I turned on my beeper, 40:20 was the ratio I had decided to Jeff to. When the 1st beep sounded I called out ‘walkbreak’ and checked behind me to make sure no one was directly behind me, there was a large group who hadn’t heard me and I nearly fell over the curb getting out of there way. Then the beep again and I could get into my race rhythm. Lots of cheering and lotsof keep going when I was on a walk Emoji butI kept focused and into the countryside we ran. At about 1st K there was the lovely Mr T sending us up the 1st if small incline with another lovelyJag marshalling at the top sending us on the right road. It was about this time (usually the same distance most races) that the other runnersnear me notice I’m Jeffing and small conversations start as we keep passing each other (this happens towards the end of races as well) I have meet lots of runners this way, it breaks up the race and it adds to the whole experience. Before I knew it the sign for Reedham was in front of me and then it was on into the village with extra water being offered by the marshals and shouts of encouragement from the public, I then turned onto Riverside where there was more Jag supportwhich always encourages me and lifts me up that little bit more. Then it was a left turn onto Mill Rd (the hill) which I decided because of the heat to Power Walk with a capital P as I didn’t want to zap all my energy. It was at that moment I rememberedmy ice towel so wetted it shook it and enjoyed the coolness with a quick wipe over, bliss. Onwards though the roadworks then right up Church Rd (another hill) then the lovely site of 2 Jags on bikes shouting support at the top of the hill, just where we neededit. Then it was the long slog of Halvergate Rd which always seems to have a headwind no matter what the weather!!! It was here I caught up with a fellow Jag running who was feeling the heat so Ice towel again and we set off Jeffing together for the last1.5K ish. It was lovely turning into the last Rd and hearing the crowd then seeing loads of Jags and runners cheering us down the road and then over the finish line. Medal, Water, Banana and Mars bar and a big smile, I knew I had given my all in that heat. The result was HD 2019- 1:09:20, HD 2018- 1:21:31. So 12 mins faster than last year and an improvement in how I ran as well as my recovery. And I Loved it. Emily

Daniel Smith39.54
Neil Button42.22GOLD
Chris Johnson44.18BRONZE
Ellie Gaskins44.292nd In Age GroupSILVER
Keith Brighty49.17SILVER
Robert Dye51.06
Owen Barber52.24
Dougie Barber52.35BRONZE
Ruth Gainsford52.49SILVER
Rosemary Jackson52.502nd In Age GroupDIAMOND
Luke Townsend54.14
Peter Kean-Cockburn54.23SILVER
Karen Evans54.54SILVER
Caroline Britton55.59BRONZE
Sarah Reynolds
Charlotte Reed56.17
Hattie Swain56.17
Julian Smith56.17
Tim Evans59.02
Marion Bensley59.27
Alison Reed1.08.28YES
Emily Spragge1.09.20
Paul Bloomfield1.09.21
Rebecca Wicks1.11.33
Jamie Harkin1.15.10
Jenny Norris1.20.45
1 2 3 4 5 6 61