Wymondham 20 – 12/09/2021

The Wymondham 20 mile race is the ideal preparation for upcoming marathons and the change in date to mid September for this year’s race was perfect for this year’s Autumn marathons. Starting in Wymondham market place, the first part of the course takes you round and out of the town centre before two laps of country lanes. Conditions were good, although the temperature started to pick up on the second lap which made the later miles a struggle. The route was very well marshalled and four water stations on each lap was ideal. Good support was provided out on the course and in the final uphill section along Lady’s Lane heading towards the finish line. Overall this is an excellent race organised by Wymondham AC and it is great to have the opportunity of running a 20 mile race locally. Six Jags took part in this race, all producing excellent runs in readiness for their Autumn marathons to come with Phil Henry and Emma Penfold completing their first 20 mile races for the club. I was also very pleased to achieve a club record for the 20 mile distance.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith2:05:59Yes and new club record!Diamond
Neil Button2:29:33Gold
Graham Johnson2:43:27Gold
Phil Henry2:58:24First TimerSilver
Dee Neal3:30:41Silver
Emma Penfold3:42:07First Timer

Wroxham 5k – 07/07/2021

Jack Stuttle17:02YesDIAMOND
Emma Pointer20:12GOLD
Neil Button20:17GOLD
Jason Corner20:41SILVER
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp21:44SILVER
Julian Smith21:55SILVER
Keith Brighty22:18GOLD
Megan Swain23:07YesBRONZE
Paul Taylor23:08BRONZE
Theresa Dean25.01First TimerBRONZE
Hattie Swain25:09
Doug Barber25:46BRONZE
Ella Halkyard26:36
Laura Hick27:39
Andrew Richardson27:43SILVER
Barry Halkyard28:34
Alison Hood29:03
Laura Johnson31:08
Rosie Murray31:57
Penny Murray35:07
Emily Spragge36:28
Debbie Hall39:56

Blickling Half Marathon – 31/05/21

Daniel Smith1:20:33YES DIAMOND
Neil Button1:32:12GOLD
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp1:38:41GOLD
Julian Smith1:46:49SILVER
Keith Brighty1:48:36SILVER
Phil Henry1:50:00SILVER
Mick Liston1:50:48YESGOLD
Stephen Brown1:53:34First TimerSILVER
Sonja White1:53:56SILVER
Ruth Steele1:59:00SILVER
Luke King1:59:14First Timer
Clare Hicks2:00:40BRONZE
Theresa Dean2:22:56First Timer
Noel Meeks2:40:50
Vanja Briggs2:43:25First Timer
Angela Pleasants2:57:49First Timer

Valentines 10k – 23/05/21

Jack Stuttle0:36:40YesGOLD
Rod Bye0:41:52DIAMOND
Neil Button0:41:53GOLD
Nick Eley0:45:25GOLD
Graham Johnson0:46:16GOLD
Julian Smith0:46:57SILVER
Jason Corner0:48:10BRONZE
Stephen Brown0:49:25First TimerGOLD
Paul Taylor0:51:39BRONZE
Rosemary Jackson0:52:19DIAMOND
Richard Peters0:53:01
Jackie Bye0:53:27DIAMOND
Marion Bensley0:57:55BRONZE
Alison Read0:58:04BRONZE
Alison Hood0:59:43
Sue Emmett1:12:02
Noel Meeks1:21:07

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