Great South Run at Portsmouth on Sunday 20th October. The weather was perfect – sunshine and blue skies. 20,000 runner lined up along Southsea promenade to run ten miles around the city – historic Portsmouth, the Dockyard with HMS Warrior and Nelson’s Victory. There was a wonderful atmosphere- lovely crowds, music everywhere and a fantastic flat course, finishing along the seafront. A great run – well worth the journey! My first 10 mile race, quite slow but really enjoyable!

Sarah Lanchbury1.56.47FT

East Coast 10k 13/10/2019

Daniel Smith39.19.2GOLD
Ellie Gaskins41.29.1PB and New Age Group RecordGOLD
Nicholas Eley44.24.22nd in age groupDIAMOND
Elly Young46.38.21st in age groupDIAMOND
Julian Smith48.07.3SILVER
Richard Peters48.18.5PBSILVER
Douglas Barber50.51.2BRONZE
Rosemary Jackson51.22.61st in age group, new age group record, PBDIAMOND
Violet Vincent51.25.2PBBRONZE
Ruth Gainsford51.32.71st in age groupGOLD
Megan Swain52.26.3PBBRONZE
Karen Evans52.45.1PBSILVER
Laura Johnson55.48.3PB
Marion Bensley56.58.8PBBRONZE
Alison Hood58.53PB
Sue Emmett1.09.37
Annette Yeomanson1.12.49
Hayley Smith1.15.38

Bure Valley 10 29/9/2019

Graham Johnson1.13.363rd in age groupGOLD
Ginny Fellows1.13.41FTSILVER
Nicholas Eley1.15.253rd in age groupGOLD
Howard Harper1.16.56BRONZE
Phil Henry1.18.44GOLD
Richard Peters1.20.10PBBRONZE
Rebecca Westmoreland1.25.07FTSILVER
Sonja White1.25.16SILVER
Dougie Barber1.25.22SILVER
Darren Matthewson1.27.20
Vikki Harper1.28.223rd in age groupSILVER
Ruth Gainsford1.28.28GOLD
Eden Rudling1.28.45FT
Sharon Jones1.30.333rd in age groupSILVER
Joanna Cottrell1.30.40FTBRONZE
Marion Bensley1.33.50PBBRONZE
Karen Bradley1.36.13BRONZE
Caroline Britton1.36.13BRONZE
Helen Ganson1.36.24SILVER
Emma Penfold1.37.33FT
Jackie Gooch1.38.19SILVER
Lynn Lambert1.41.12BRONZE
Laura Hick1.42.12FT
Emily Spragge1.56.11FT
Noel Meeks1.56.44FT
Rebecca Wicks1.57.26

JOLLY JAGUARS 10K 22/09/2019

The day dawned bright and warm for the last of the 2019 10k series at Scottow Enterpise Park, but a cloud hung over the future of the races at the airfield, the management still in talks with the Jags committee about our future there. It felt strange arriving to run in the Jolly Jaguars race rather than helping at the event, but as this was part of the Grand Prix series I had decided to give it a go. My niece was marshalling in my place, bribed with a bottle of Prosecco!

The race director gave his pre race briefing, he hoped it wouldn’t be our last race at the airfield, this was greeted with applause from over 700 runners.
The race was two laps around the perimeter track, with marshalls at regular intervals cheering us on, there were pacers for those who wanted to achieve a certain time and cyclists patrolling the route keeping an eye on us all. I spotted at least 3 runners who had succumbed to the heat and were being attended to by first aiders, though luckily none needed hospital treatment this time.
It was too hot a day for a personal best, for me anyway, but I was pleased with my place in age category and the very nice medal of course!
An enjoyable and successful event, including the junior 2k and wheelchair race, all on the fast, flat and safe course, let’s hope this isn’t the end of the road for Coltishall Jaguars running events at the airfield.

Ruth Gainsford

Daniel Smith39.13GOLD
Dave Buck48.13FTSILVER
Ruth Gainsford52.15SILVER
Claire Rushen55.18FT
Christine Barnett59.35SILVER
Rachel Jackson59.09FT
Noel Meek1.14.05
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