On Sunday 19 May, I took part in the Great Manchester Run 10km. I entered this race two years ago and wanted to take part again. I was in the orange start and the organisation was fantastic. Prior to the start, I was interviewed by the BBC who asked me various questions as to why I was there and if I was running for a charity etc. As I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, I mentioned that I had the all clear in the February and I wanted to run for all those fighting this terrible disease. I never thought it would be shown on the television on the highlights that evening. We set off in waves and this race is the largest 10km in Europe and there were over 30,000 runners competing in the half marathon, junior races and 10km race that day. It is a great course, going down Deansgate in the centre of Manchester, Old Trafford (passing the football club), and Bridgewater Way and Chester Road. The entertainment was fantastic and really kept me going and had music zones, bands, choirs, musicians etc. all the way round. Besides the allocated water stops, there were two shower mists which you ran though, which was great!. The supporters were fabulous – cheering me on and shouting my name at every corner and along every road. Although I did not achieve a PB, I did knock nearly 2 minutes off from when I did the race 2 years ago, so I was well pleased. It is a really enjoyable race and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have even entered to compete

Helen Ganson56.49

WROXHAM 5K RACE 1 15/05/2019

Andy Mulligan17.14YES 4th Senior TeamDIAMOND
Daniel Smith17.57FT 4th Senior TeamGOLD
Jack Stuttle18.08 4th Senior TeamGOLD
Lee Emmett19.01YESGOLD
Graham Johnson19.06DIAMOND
Darren Tubby19.14SILVER
Shane Bidle19.27PBSILVER
Chris Johnson19.51FTSILVER
Stuart Aldous20.02FTSILVER
Ben Gaskin20.13SILVER
Julian Smith20.29YESSILVER
Jason Corner20.36YESSILVER
Stephen Neal20.37GOLD
Nick Eley20.38YES & 2nd In Age GroupDIAMOND
Elly Young20.581st In age Group & New Age group RecordPLATINUM
Barry Halkyard21.03FTSILVER
Ginny Fellows21.09FTSILVER
Keith Brighty21.15GOLD
Franklyn Plume21.21FTBRONZE
Phil Henry21.47GOLD
Charlotte Reed21.48YESBRONZE
Scott Shrubshall21.59BRONZE
Stuart Kenrick22.05YESBRONZE
Peter Kean-Cockburn22.46GOLD
Sonja White22.52SILVER
Andrew Jarvis23.00BRONZE
Richard Peters23.36FT
Ruth Gainsford24.02GOLD
Robert Dye24.03
Nigel Stallard-Mulford24.07FT
Megan Swain24.26FTBRONZE
Hattie Swain24.36BRONZE
John Windham24.53SILVER
Julian Jardine24.59BRONZE
David Simpson25.06GOLD
Dee Neal25.14GOLD
Tamara Mills25.16GOLD
Karen Evans25.29YESBRONZE
Sharon Jones25.38YESSILVER
Stephanie Hall25.56
Marion Bensley26.20YESBRONZE
Jackie Gooch26.31GOLD
Dougie Barber26.59
Samantha Beales27.00
Laura Hick27.03PB
Stephen Ganson27.04BRONZE
Karen Bradley27.06FTBRONZE
Helen Ganson27.21YES
Paul Gerber27.25
Carrie Catchpole27.41FT
Lynn Lambert28.20BRONZE
Alison Hood28.34FT
Sue Emmett30.08
Rachael Cole30.10
Rebecca Wicks31.12FT
Ruth Macpherson31.14FT
Emily Spragge32.05YES
Alison Read32.16FT
Jamie Harkin32.33YES
Mark Bradley33.09
Debbie Hall33.32FT
Julie Jardine35.27
Rachael Kirkham36.51
Jennifer Norris36.53YES

DEREHAM 10 MILE 12/05/2019

A good contingent of orange was present at this Sportlink Grand Prix/County Championship event. The weather was beautiful and the venue, Neatherd High School, really ideal (with plenty of ladies’ toilets!). We also had a chance to experience the Total Race Timing numbers issue system – which looks as though it is going to save a lot of hassle for us, too. Well over 500 runners started, and we ploughed along the old A47 for almost three miles before turning off for the loop round Elsing. It was great to see Dee and Steve at the start (and later on), and Paul Emery and Emma Jordan also cycled over to cheer us on. It was so good to see them there and the support was really appreciated. The A47 stretch back to the finish seemed VERY long, but many people were rewarded with PBs, so most were happy. Fortunately it wasn’t as hot as a couple of years ago, but one or two found the end very hard going. It was good to spend some time with Emma Blake, who also had a very good race, and there was a nice atmosphere at the awards presentation. In summary, not my favourite route, and I would prefer an earlier start than 10:30 a.m. for a long race, but it went like clockwork and the organisers were all very friendly and helpful.’

Daniel Smith1.03.16YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle1.05.24YESGOLD
Neil Button1.06.02YES & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Graham Johnson1.06.46YES DIAMOND
Melvyn Porter1.09.39GOLD
Elly Young1.13.111st in Age Group, SILVER CC Medal & New Age Group recordDIAMOND
Keith Brighty1.14.38
Ruth Steele1.18.47YESGOLD
Luke Townsend1.20.02FT
Richard Peters1.20.32YES
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.23.40SILVER
Ruth Gainsford1.24.47GOLD
Rosemary Jackson1.26.04YESDIAMOND
Sharon Jones1.29.42YESSILVER
Jackie Gooch1.29.59YESGOLD
Lynn Lambert1.37.26FTBRONZE
Marion Bensley1.38.44YES
Rebecca Wicks1.45.20YES


GY Race 2 In the second race of the series, 30 Jags took part in conditions which were less windy than in race 1, but a bit wet underfoot due to the earlier rainfall during the day resulting in a couple of big puddles/waterjumps to negotiate on the way round! Once again there was tremendous Jaguars support around the course, helping nine Jags to achieve PBs with Shane Bidle, Hattie Swain, Julian and Julie Jardine all bettering their PBs from Race 1 and Radley Fenn, Karen Evans, Caroline Britton, Megan Swain and Rebecca Wicks all achieving best times. There were awards for Jaguars with Nick Eley claiming first in his age group and Elly Young second in another new age group record, while the Senior Men’s Team of Andy Mulligan, Daniel Smith and Jack Stuttle were victorious with first place in their category.

Andy Mulligan29.381st Senior TeamGOLD
Daniel Smith30.291st Senior TeamGOLD
Jack Stuttle31.151st Senior TeamGOLD
Graham Johnson32.24GOLD
Radly Fenn32.32YESSILVER
Shane Bidle33.45YESSILVER
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp34.42GOLD
Nick Eley34.451st In Age group DIAMOND
Elly young35.092nd In Age Group & New age Group RecordDIAMOND
Ginny Fellows35.15FTSILVER
Phil Henry37.02SILVER
Sonja White39.11SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.18GOLD
Karen Evans41.08YESSILVER
Hattie Swain41.14YESBRONZE
John Windham41.25SILVER
Caroline Britton41.26YESSILVER
Megan Swain41.33YESBRONZE
Sharon Jones41.57SILVER
Julian Jardine42.05YES
Tamara Mills41.54SILVER
Stephanie Hall42.55
Jackie Gooch43.10GOLD
Karen Bradly44.32BRONZE
Sam Beales47.54
Dougie Barber47.54
Stephen Norris49.01
Rebecca Wicks51.59YES
Julie Jardine59.21YES
Jamie Harkin59.22

BRECKLAND 10K 06/05/2019

Andrew Mulligan37.09GOLD
Neil Button39.46YES & New Good For AgeDIMOND
Nick Eley43.20YESDIAMOND
Howard Harper43.52YESSILVER
Ruth Steele47.44GOLD
Vikki Harper43.52SILVER
Karen Evans53.21BRONZE
Tim Evans56.42
Barbara Button1.02.54
Rebecca Wicks1.05.02

GEAR 10K 05/05/19

For the fourth year in a row, my family set off to King’s Lynn for GEAR on the first Sunday of May. Starting in the Tuesday Market Place, the day was sunny, yet crisp, and I found myself behind the 55 minute pacers among the throng at the beginning. The race starts through the town centre, passing a group of singers, as we headed along the quayside, before zig-zagging back through the shopping areas. Whilst narrow in places, the great crowd really cheers you along. After about 3k, we headed out towards The Walks and a bit more space to stride out, looping around the Red Mount Chapel. By this time, I had moved forward a bit and was ahead of the 50 minute marker and more in line with my target. There is a reasonable stretch out towards the river and the turn back to the town centre. Up on the embankment next to the river, the chilly wind really caught you, and I could feel it becoming a little tougher. By the time I got back into the town centre zig-zag, I was relieved to be out of the wind, and amongst the good cheer of the crowds. It was great to hear the cheers from fellow Jags, spurring me on to the finish. I was pleased with my time of 48.47. Chris Johnson was the first Jag in, with a time of 43.44, closely followed by Andrew Wicks, at 43.51. Stephen Norris and Paul Bloomfield both finished well achieving good times. Thanks to Penny Murray, Jenny Norris and their Junior Jags for cheering us all on and taking the photos. All in all, this is a very well organised race with plenty of facilities and a large supporting crowd.

Chris Johnson43.44SILVER
Andrew Wicks43.51FTSILVER
Richard Peters48.47
Stephen Norris1.04.58
Paul Bloomfield1.07.28
Donna Monk1.15.04YES



James lambert18.35YESGOLD
Radley Fenn18.53YESSILVER
Nicola Lambert-John19.11YES New Club Record & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Stephen Pointer19.23YESSILVER
Emma Wilcock19.45YESGOLD
Katie Fenn23.20YESSILVER
Clare Hicks27.26
Paul Gerber27.31
Shelly Cutting27.32FT


Paul Gerber2.06.21
Clare Hicks2.21.04


6.2 MNicola Lambert-John41.11
1/2 MarathonJames Lambert46.22
20 MStephen Pointer46.56
26.2 MEmma Wilcock42.51


Ready or not here we come 💪🧡🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #LondonMarathon2019

Yesterday at the finish. Utter relief and a fair bit of elation. Very happy with my time; just dipped under 3.45hrs and also that I’ve raised almost £500 for Guide Dogs UK

I blooming did it! What an experience!! I loved it. London you didn’t disappoint. 4 hours 15min 39sec. Pretty happy with my pacing as well. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, sent me well wishes, come on long training runs with me (Vikki Harper 😘). And to the fabulous canary crew for the support today. Also thanks to the old man (Matthew Pountain) for his consistent love and support. This ones for you my darling daddy xx ❤️

So my hip went at 16 miles and the last 10 we’re slow and painful but I did it! #

Wow! What a rollercoaster of a journey this has been.. so many tears, so many injuries, so much pasta and so many miles! But it was so worth it! Virgin London Marathon 2019 was an incredible experience that I will never forget, I can imagine I’ll still be buzzing from this for the next week or so and it honestly is a feeling like no other, especially because I’m also in a world of pain right about now haha… Thank you to my family and friends who came to support me yesterday, you kept me going and was such a massive lift to see you throughout the course! It made my heart so happy! I also want to thank everyone who donated to Mind charity, the money is going to do some wonderful things for people who need it most and it’s a great feeling to know that we’ve contributed to this! It is so overwhelmingly positive to witness how many amazing people there are in this world and yesterday was definitely a celebration of that! Congratulations to all those runners yesterday, you did yourselves proud!

Ellie Gaskins3.27.41GFAGOLD
Rod Bye3.27.41GOLD
Paul Rodgers3.37.29FTSILVER
Vicky Tovell3.44.55 YES & GFAGOLD
Rebecca Pountain4.15.39FTBRONZE
Karen Evens4.28.48SILVER
Chloe Bridges4.37.30FT
Dee Neal4.53.15SILVER
Rebecca Wicks4.57.10FT
Vanja Briggs5.26.59FT
Barbara Button5.40.07


GY Race 1 A strong contingent of 31 Jaguars took part in the first race of the Great Yarmouth 5 mile series. The race took place along the promenade over 2 laps giving a nice flat course, however conditions proved difficult due to the strong headwind in the home straight on both laps. Despite this, six Jags achieved PBs: Jack Stuttle, Shane Bidle, Sharon Jones, Julian Jardine, Hattie Swain and Julie Jardine, while Elly Young claimed first place in her age group with a new age group record and diamond standard and Jackie Gooch achieved second place in her age group. There were also eight first timers for the Jags at this distance. The race was well organised by Great Yarmouth Road Runners with supportive marshals while the support from Jaguars who were not running was fantastic out on the course especially on the challenging run in to the finish line.  

Daniel Smith30.02FTGOLD
Andy mulligan30.17GOLD
Jack Stuttle31.09YESGOLD
Graham Johnson32.37GOLD
Radley Fenn32.14SILVER
Shane Bidle34.33YESBRONZE
Nick Eley35.23DIAMOND
Thomas Lincon-Kemp35.34SILVER
Elly Young36.121st In Age Group & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.29GOLD
Phil Henry39.48SILVER
Sonja White40.12SILVER
Sharon Jones41.30YESSILVER
John Windham42.24SILVER
Megan Swain42.25FT
Julian Jardine42.23YES
Caroline Britton42.48FTBRONZE
Hattie Swain43.12YES
Jackie Gooch43.452nd In Age GroupGOLD
Stephanie Hall44.52
Karen Bradley45.40FTBRONZE
Neil Laughton46.43
Lynn Lambert47.35FTBRONZE
Dougie Barber48.20
Sam Beales48.20
Karen Evans49.23
Rebecca Wicks53.40FT
Stephen Norris56.40FT
Jamie Harkin56.59FT
Rachael Kirkham1.02.08
Julie Jardine1.02.08YES
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