James lambert18.35YESGOLD
Radley Fenn18.53YESSILVER
Nicola Lambert-John19.11YES New Club Record & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Stephen Pointer19.23YESSILVER
Emma Wilcock19.45YESGOLD
Katie Fenn23.20YESSILVER
Clare Hicks27.26
Paul Gerber27.31
Shelly Cutting27.32FT


Paul Gerber2.06.21
Clare Hicks2.21.04


6.2 MNicola Lambert-John41.11
1/2 MarathonJames Lambert46.22
20 MStephen Pointer46.56
26.2 MEmma Wilcock42.51


Ready or not here we come 💪🧡🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #LondonMarathon2019

Yesterday at the finish. Utter relief and a fair bit of elation. Very happy with my time; just dipped under 3.45hrs and also that I’ve raised almost £500 for Guide Dogs UK

I blooming did it! What an experience!! I loved it. London you didn’t disappoint. 4 hours 15min 39sec. Pretty happy with my pacing as well. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, sent me well wishes, come on long training runs with me (Vikki Harper 😘). And to the fabulous canary crew for the support today. Also thanks to the old man (Matthew Pountain) for his consistent love and support. This ones for you my darling daddy xx ❤️

So my hip went at 16 miles and the last 10 we’re slow and painful but I did it! #

Wow! What a rollercoaster of a journey this has been.. so many tears, so many injuries, so much pasta and so many miles! But it was so worth it! Virgin London Marathon 2019 was an incredible experience that I will never forget, I can imagine I’ll still be buzzing from this for the next week or so and it honestly is a feeling like no other, especially because I’m also in a world of pain right about now haha… Thank you to my family and friends who came to support me yesterday, you kept me going and was such a massive lift to see you throughout the course! It made my heart so happy! I also want to thank everyone who donated to Mind charity, the money is going to do some wonderful things for people who need it most and it’s a great feeling to know that we’ve contributed to this! It is so overwhelmingly positive to witness how many amazing people there are in this world and yesterday was definitely a celebration of that! Congratulations to all those runners yesterday, you did yourselves proud!

Ellie Gaskins3.27.41GFAGOLD
Rod Bye3.27.41GOLD
Paul Rodgers3.37.29FTSILVER
Vicky Tovell3.44.55 YES & GFAGOLD
Rebecca Pountain4.15.39FTBRONZE
Karen Evens4.28.48SILVER
Chloe Bridges4.37.30FT
Dee Neal4.53.15SILVER
Rebecca Wicks4.57.10FT
Vanja Briggs5.26.59FT
Barbara Button5.40.07


Daniel Smith30.02FTGOLD
Andy mulligan30.17GOLD
Jack Stuttle31.09YESGOLD
Graham Johnson32.37GOLD
Radley Fenn32.14SILVER
Shane Bidle34.33YESBRONZE
Nick Eley35.23DIAMOND
Thomas Lincon-Kemp35.34SILVER
Elly Young36.121st In Age Group & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.29GOLD
Phil Henry39.48SILVER
Sonja White40.12SILVER
Sharon Jones41.30YESSILVER
John Windham42.24SILVER
Megan Swain42.25FT
Julian Jardine42.23YES
Caroline Britton42.48FTBRONZE
Hattie Swain43.12YES
Jackie Gooch43.452nd In Age GroupGOLD
Stephanie Hall44.52
Karen Bradley45.40FTBRONZE
Neil Laughton46.43
Lynn Lambert47.35FTBRONZE
Dougie Barber48.20
Sam Beales48.20
Karen Evans49.23
Rebecca Wicks53.40FT
Stephen Norris56.40FT
Jamie Harkin56.59FT
Rachael Kirkham1.02.08
Julie Jardine1.02.08YES

east coast triathlon 2019 27th-28th april 2019

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This year saw a record number of 47,486 finishers at the Paris Marathon, drawing runners from all over the world including 2 from the Coltishall Jaguars! The weather was perfect for a marathon, fine and dry with a maximum temperature of around 11 degrees. The route started in the Champs Elysee, passing many famous landmarks including Notre Dame Cathedral (which tragically caught on fire the following day). It wound its way through Paris, through two wooded parks, passing along the banks of the Seine and under two underpasses, before finally ending just before the Arc de Triomphe. Keith was running with me this time, having run 12 marathons already he was happy to relax and enjoy this one, which was lucky for me as my watch lost its signal in the first mile, so I was relying on him to keep us on pace. We spotted a Reepham Runner who was wearing a Norwich city shirt and had a chat with him, and also a Tri-Anglia runner from Norwich. There weren’t as many charity fun runners in fancy dress costumes as we’d seen at London but the french crowd were very supportive, shouting “Allez, Allez!” all along the route, and there were plenty of water stops and firemen offering a cooling water shower for those who needed it. At last the end was in sight, and Keith urged me to press on if I could, his heels were very painful by this point, he had been suffering with this throughout our training. Such a relief to see the end in sight, and the finishers medals and t-shirts. There were refreshments laid out for those who were hungry – savoury snacks, cakes and fruit but to honest by then I was feeling a little sick, although the juicy orange segments were heavenly – perhaps we should offer these at our races in future?! A super weekend in Paris but that was definitely my last marathon, I was thinking, as we said ‘au revoir’ to this lovely, friendly city but who knows? Never say never!

Ruth Gainsford4.04.12YESGOLD
Keith Brighty4.09.25YESBRONZE

Brighton marathon 14/04/2019

Charlotte Reed3.56.38FtBRONZE

… Brighton Marathon Part 1 💙 . I arrived at Preston park around 9am. I was alone but feeling surprisingly calm. That was until I queued for 30mins at the bag drop just being moved from one lorry to another as they filled. I had a plan to use the toilets at the start line so I tried to remain calm and chat to the runners around me. 💙 . In the starting pen I felt all the emotion, I was in the blue wave, second to get to the start line. Unfortunately it seemed everyone had the same idea as me to use the toilet at the start line so I didn’t get across the line until 10:05, 20 mins after the official start. 💙 . The first few miles were congested, I spent lots of time weaving through other runners trying to get to my target pace, find some space and settle. I saw lots of my support crew over the first 5 miles which was amazing, I had found my pace, my space, and settled as we hit the sea front for the first time to head out towards Rottingdean. 💙 . The sun was glistening on the sea, the support from the crowd was amazing, a slight head wind but feeling good……

Brighton Marathon Part 2 💙 . We hit 6 miles and I took my first gel. I had bumped into @runner_rick who is also from Norwich, we ran together for a while and had a lovely chat about the atmosphere, our goals and how we were feeling. I was currently running slightly faster than my target pace but felt strong and just kept reminding myself not to be a t*at 🤣 . The incline to Rottingdean was good, and didn’t feel too hard on the legs. (Yes it is an incline for someone from Norfolk 🤣) There was an amazing water station with the best atmosphere at mile 7. It was electric and I was smiling. 😁 . Miles 7-10 passed pretty uneventfully, I had almost caught the sub 4 group and was feeling strong. I can do this 🙌🏼 . We turned ready to head back down towards the sea front with the wind behind us again. The sun was beating down, the scenery was beautiful and everyone was in good spirits. 🙌🏼 . At 10miles my left hip started to niggle, it’s fine, it’s just a niggle, just keep holding pace, one mile at a time. I saw my cheer squad at mile 11, almost half way 💙 .

Brighton Marathon Part 3 💙 . I saw my auntie at the half way point high 5’s and hugs, I was still smiling but this niggle in my hip was still there. I’d made it to half way in 1.51:18, I was on for my dream time I just needed my hip to loosen. Second gel taken onboard, come on Charlotte you can do this! 💙 . Mile 14 and I saw my family, god I was so happy! I was in pain and I was starting to doubt I could do it, I didn’t want to let on to my family, so high 5’s and smiles as I turned the corner to head into Grand Avenue. At the top of the avenue I had more support from my college friend Clare who I haven’t seen for years! 💙 . The out and back through Hove was difficult. The crowd had come into the road and although they were amazing it meant the path was narrow for the runners. I got to 16 miles and I started to really struggle. Just 10 miles to go. You can do this just keep going! 💙 . I took another gel at 17 miles, earlier than planned but I felt like I needed something, I also took a small walk break before I got going again. I saw Clare and my family again at around 18miles. Still trying to keep the smile on my face for my family, I didn’t want them to know anything was wrong. 💙 . Mile 19 there was a water station, I stopped to refill my soft bottle in my hydration pack. I got going again and bang, my left glute was gone…..😫💙

Brighton Marathon Part 4 💙 . It’s taken me a while to write this one. My heart broke at 19 miles, I called my mum and told her it was over. I was walking, I couldn’t carry on. I’m done 😢 . My mum was amazing as always, she told me to stop putting so much pressure on myself and just do what I could to get to the finish line but do not give up! 💙 . I cried, I cried hard, I put my head down, I didn’t want anyone to see me, to see that I had failed. I walked/ran and it was hell, I was in so much pain. I just needed to get to the next mile marker and then take it from there one mile at a time 💙 . I was embarrassed going past the crowd feeling everyone will be thinking ‘look at her, she went out too hard’ or she ‘didn’t train hard enough’ but I had, I’d trained hard, so hard. 💙 . At mile 23 I had 30 minutes to get to the finish and break 4hours. I chanted to myself over and over, just keep moving, one foot in front of the other, do not give up! 💙 . I saw @claire.bishop again. I hugged her and sobbed, I didn’t want to let her go. She screamed at me telling me I could do it. I let her go and off I went, painful step after painful step. Come on Charlotte do not give up! 💙 . At mile 25 I saw @thinkingclarely we ran our first marathon together in 2016. She was now running her 20th! We had been here before in a world of pain and here we were reunited 3 years later both feeling the same pain. We stopped hugged, cried, put our heads down and off we went again. 💙 . The final miles are by far the hardest I’ve ever run, both physically and mentally. I’ve never wanted to give up so much in my life! 💙 . I sobbed as I ran towards the finish line, saw @emma_jayne05 and @bradshaw1536 screaming my name. I’ve done it, I’ve bloody done it! 💙 . 3.56:38 Brighton marathon you almost broke me but I’m coming back in 2020 to hit you harder, fitter and stronger. Until then…

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