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Bure Valley 10 – Sunday 6 November 2016

“Happy (running) anniversary”, she said. “As a gift, I’ll let you do the race report.” Doesn’t miss a trick, does Clare.

So, indeed one year on from my first venture out with the “NHS Couch to 5k” podcast (it clearly works), I lined up in the wet and cold (“Met office for Aylsham: 8C feels like 4C, gusting 26mph”) wondering if this really could be the best use of the small amount of free time I get, with a young family and demanding work life.

Absolutely yes! Well 29 of us Jags thought so. Despite the conditions we had a ball. We laughed nervously on arrival when shown the muddy field to park in (but BVH had it under control with straw, strong people to push and a tow on standby). We giggled at BVH grappling with putting up their flag. We chattered and grinned for the club photo. And when the race started we just got on with it. Some running hard, some having a training run and a fair few assisting others in the usual Jags tradition. And at the finish the earlier finishers hung around cheering on those behind with several joining in again those last few yards to push others over the line. The camaraderie seems greatest when conditions are hardest.

BVH did a great job – the marshals being particularly sunny-natured given the conditions they had to put up with, including happily unlacing our shoes to get to the chips with their frozen fingers. It was all well organised and seemed to go to plan, and you had to remind yourself that this was the first race they’d organised. Many fed back that they enjoyed the course – it will be particularly good one to do on a brighter but still Autumnal day.

For me, “Man of the Match” goes to Emma Blake, who’s had a great purple patch in recent weeks. She worked (I quote) “fecking hard” to get not only a Jags gold standard time and age category record, but a race win: the 1st 40-45 year old – having entered the age category a few days previously – happy birthday Emma!

For all our happiness at a great day we also remember that for some it was the saddest day. Mark Ring of the Norwich Road Runners became ill after the race and died later in the evening. I did not know Mark but many of you did and it is clear from the tributes coming in he was highly thought of. It is a reminder to us all to enjoy the here and now. Our thoughts I’m sure are with his family and friends.
Some experiences from the field:

Andy Mulligan: First jag home, 13th place overall, and a gold standard. Bizarrely no incidents to report.

Melvyn Porter: Achieved a personal cramp record – nothing until after mile 9. Happy with a gold standard sub 7 minute miles but frustrated with what could have been given where another runner he was with pre cramp had finished.

James Lambert: PB and silver and delighted other Jags with letting go of his unflappable demeanour and joining the collection of the “in agony at the finish line” photos
Nick Hudson: Brought his family along to see his first attempt at 10 miles (and silver standard) who did a marvellous job of cheering all Jags home with the Jags banner.
Tom Johnson: Yet again finishing in the top few Jags and with a silver standard.
Neil Button: Also his first running anniversary. Took part in a local derby rematch with Bungay Black Dog Phil Henry who he got the better off by incessant chitchat. Phil dropped back for some peace and quiet, whilst Neil went on to finish just 26s outside gold.
Graham Johnson: Storming run with Gold standard and 9 and a half minute PB.
Paul Taylor: Got his mojo back with only 26s off gold at his first attempt at 10 miles. Brought a tear to the eye of the Buttons and myself with a hug and a comment of, “I can’t believe I’ve only known you guys for a year”. We love you too, Paul!
Stewart Marden: Silver standard and subject of the post race picture caption competition.
Nicola Lambert-John: If she was on X-factor she’d be told “you just don’t know how good you are”. Ran with me despite wanting an easy-ish one and my upping the ambition from previously agreed pace, and (bizarrely) believing it was faster than she could manage. Smashed it! 1 min ahead of target. 4 and half minute PB. Told you so!
Paul Emery: Determined not to be beaten by the girls went past Lucy, then Emma but couldn’t catch Nicola. Fabulous 8 minute PB.
Emma Blake: amazing. ‘Nuff said.
Dean Blake: support runner for Team Blake. Gave blood (two plasters needed) and sweat, and let Emma have the tears (of joy).
Jeremy Lawrence: Unconcerned about his race, joined me for last 3 miles or so, to help me in my attempt for gold. Great windbreak, and diamond geezer in more ways than one.
Lucy Anderson: Attempt at gold standard, as icing on cake for celebration of past year. 22s off target. Enjoyed the cake anyway. Icing is over-rated.
Nicola Holden: A strong run for Nicola getting silver at her first time at this distance.
Scott Shrubsall: Going well until ankle problems resurfaced at half way. Still had smile on his face asking others about their race at the finish line.
Sonya Wragg: A cracking silver time and made Emma’s day by finding the watch she’d left at the village hall (all that effort and lost the evidence!)
Sonja White: Another impressive first time silver standard for Sonja.
Emma Jordan: A silver standard for our Emma J, coming in with Sonya and Sonja.
Peter Kean Cockburn: Looked to be enjoying his day running with Sonya, Sonja and Emma, arriving at the finish a couple of minutes behind with a fab silver standard.
Running/drinking buddies Owie Barber and Paul Gerber raced together with Owie picking up a Bronze.
Adele Bushell: Adele chased the boys down and also grabbed a bronze standard.
Rosemary Jackson: A first time 10 miler for Rosemary, landing a diamond standard and second in age category, less than a minute behind the winner. Looked so elegant doing it too.
Clare Hicks: “Had a great day. Loved the weather.” I don’t know if this was sarcastic or not, but the PB suggests she meant it.
Jackie Gooch: A “determined” final mile – kept pushing harder as pace number appeared to be increasing the more effort put in. Then realised watch was set to distance not pace. I was going to blame it on the usual “race ending brain mush” that we all can suffer from due to oxygen going to our legs, but she later on tried to go home with the wrong people. So I suspect it was more to do with the vino for breakfast. Thanks for the entertainment!
Josh Neale: Having somewhat lost his racing mojo, Josh chose a cracking day to venture back. Well done mate!

Barbara Button: Our lovely Barbs, enable to train due to injury and barely done this distance before, wins the prize for being determined to do the full 10 miles anyway. Could be heard yelling at her watch, daring the pace to move out, when realising she was coming in below 10min miles. Joins Jackie in the “barmy brigade”.


Andy Mulligan1.03.43Gold
Melvin Porter1.08.35Gold
James Lambert1.09.24YESSilver
Nicholas Hudson1.10.53FTSilver
Tom Johnson1.11.22Silver
Neil Button1.12.26FTSilver
Graham Johnson1.13.54YESGold
Paul Taylor1.14.21FTSilver
Stewart Marden1.15.19Silver
Nicola Lambert-John1.16.02YESSilver
Paul Emery1.16.25YESSilver
Emma Blake1.17.01YES Silver
Dean Blake1.17.01Bronze
Jeremy Lawrence1.17.11Diamond
Lucy Anderson1.17.22YESSilver
Nicola Holden1.20.37FTSilver
Scott Shrubsall1.21.24
Sonya Wragg1.23.20Silver
Sonja White1.23.24FTSilver
Emma Jorden1.23.35Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.25.52Silver
Owen Barber1.27.52Bronze
Paul Gerber1.27.51
Adele Bushell1.28.46Bronze
Rosemary Jackson1.30.10FTDiamond
Clare Hicks1.33.09YESBronze
Jackie Gooch1.35.04Bronze
Barbara Button1.39.02FT

Trowse 10k – Sunday 30 October 2016

Foggy conditions on the morning of the race did not deter over 500 runners from lining-up for the start of the second Trowse 10k of 2016. 6 Jags were amongst the sea of runners that crossed the chip-start mats on Whitlingham Lane, taking a short scenic diversion around the Broad before commencing the first of 2 laps around the testing Trowse loop.
A good turn-out of enthusiastic spectators lined the route and shouts of encouragement from the host club’s marshalls were heard all round the course. After a flat and fast opening 1.5 miles, the course climbed through Trowse village for the first time; a half mile drag which seems much longer for some reason! What goes up must come down, however and the downhill sweep back towards Whitlingham Lane was a good opportunity to get that heart-rate down again.

Second time round the hill seemed even longer to some (well, me anyway) and one or two competitors resorted to walking the last part. Time to pick up the pace for the last mile and a half and to offer some words of encouragement to some back markers, before turning in to the ski centre car park and the finish gantry!
Goody bags, medals and complimentary ales from the Redwell/Bullards micro-brewery, based in Trowse, were gratefully received!

First finisher overall was Jonathan Earl in 35.26, ahead of a trio of CONAC runners. Mabel Beckett completed a good day for the hosts by winning the ladies’ race in 38.53.

First Jag home was Neil Button with a silver standard and PB time of 43.48, closely followed by Lucy Anderson with a cracking PB time of 46.19 (just 19 seconds short of Gold standard!). Scott Chadwick finished with a bronze standard 48.26, with Zep (Giuseppe) Ciarla next in 53.13. Claire Owen was second Jags lady in a bronze standard 56.26 (not bad in an apparently very hung-over state!), closely followed by Barbara Button with a PB and bronze standard 58.13, a really good effort after missing so much training with injuries and the March running of the event through illness (well done Hon!!).

Credit to CONAC for a well-organised and popular event, which will certainly be pencilled-in to the diary for 2017.
Neil Button


Leicester Marathon and Half Marathon – Sunday 23 October 2016

The Leicester full and half marathon was the latest Jags tour outside of Norfolk. Both full and half runners left at the same time of 9.15 from Victoria Park and on this occasion there were some 3000 runners.
The jags group consisted of Paul and Carolyn Gerber, Annette Yeomanson, Vee Clements, Hilda Mears, Clare Hicks, Ben Letzer and Rodney Bye who were all running and Sarah Letzer and Jenny Welsh as our loyal supporters.
Ben and Rodney were tackling the full Marathon with the others all doing the half. Weather on the day was perfect, cloudy and cool with some very mild but welcome drizzle. The route itself was both interesting and picturesque, it takes you through the city centre but also through Watermeade Park, the National Space Centre and Abbey   Park which were very tranquil and lovely to see the lakes. Support was good at the gathering points and the water stations and marshalling was very efficient.
Sarah Letzer, Jenny Welsh and Michael Peyrebrune done a sterling job cheering us along and had the happy jag banner flying and Netty’s family were also out to wave us on. The support was much needed on the last uphill mile on New Road which was tough!
Both Ben and Rodney completed the Marathon in fab times. First in on the half marathoners was Paul Gerber followed by Carolyn and Clare and Carolyn taking a massive 8 mins off her previous half marathon race. Hilda then followed in, then Annette and Vee.
So three PBs in the bag for Carolyn, Hilda and Vanessa, a lovely t shirt, goody bag and great medal  at the end sealed a great run.
All in all it was a fabulous day with many of us saying it was the best half marathon we had run. The whole weekend was a treat with some great Jags for company. Roll on the next one!
Ben Letzer3.03.55Gold
Rod Bye3.37.39Gold
Paul Gerber2.05.49
Carolyn Gerber2.08.19YESBronze
Clare Hicks2.08.22
Hilda Mears2.24.52YES
Annette Yeomanson2.34.28
Vee Clements2.35.09YES

Holt 10K – Sunday 23 October 2016

So it was with slight trepidation and a growing sense of nervous excitement as Tamara Mills and I set off just after 9.00 am for the Bakers & Larners 10k race on Sunday 23rd October 2016. It was a relief we had to say, to see as always, the welcoming smiles and support of Peter Nelson, Ken Bowman, Paul Emery, Paul Taylor, Stephen Pointer, Nic Holden, Emma Wilcock, Peter Kean-Cockburn, Ruthie Roo, Vicky Tovell, Emma Blake, Emma Jordan, Tom Johnson and Peter Kean-Cockburn.

The day was bright with a little chill in the air but that did not seem to deter the runners from lining up for the start. The banter amongst the entrants was lively and kept my thoughts away from the race ahead.

We tucked ourselves at the back then we we’re off! Across the playing field of Greshams School, a tad slippery but no accidents, thank goodness, cheers and claps along the way. We turned left at the gate and then straight onto the road onto a road with club marshals and spectators cheering us on again and in the most beautiful countryside with glorious autumnal colours with the sun pushing through.

We continued to run on a more or less flat surface then our first ‘slight’ hill! Remembering the running tips shared by the Jags (shorten your cadence, use your arms, head up, look ahead) and yes we were soon at the top.

Then we were turning onto a track and ‘off roading’ and as described the ‘bottle neck’ by the water stations but no mishaps and were soon back on the road again and this time with a downward hill (most welcome relief for the legs) but what goes down must then go up. And boy did it go up and up and then some but then I could see the junction in the road we had passed previously and it would appear we were heading more or less towards the home straight.

Coming into the last 200 metres whilst my eye sight isn’t always the best I could clearly see the bright orange tops of the jags cheering me on, which spurred me to cross the finish line in what I was later to discover was a PB for me.

Thank you jags for that but the loudest thanks must go to NNBR for putting on a great event in a fantastic location and I have to say the tea and cake at the end was delicious!

Definitely will be returning in 2017!!


PB (unofficial)
Peter Nelson42.15Gold
Ken Bowman43.25Platinum
Tom Johnson44.46Bronze
Paul Taylor45.17Silver
Stephen Pointer45.18YesSilver
Nicola Lambert-John45.49Silver
Vicky Tovell45.59Gold
Emma Blake46.54Silver
Paul Emery46.55Silver
Nic Holden47.58YesSilver
Emma Wilcock48.23Bronze
Peter Kean-Cockburn50.02Silver
Emma Jorden50.41YesSilver
Ruth Pilch52.20YesSilver
Sharon Jones55.24YesBronze
Tamara Mills56.42Bronze

Shouldham Woods XC Series – Sunday 16th October 2016

It was a proper family outing to Shouldham Woods on Sunday 16th October in the first of the Ryston Runners Cross-Country series.  Billy Life’s little brother ran in the Under 9s, his sister in the Under 11s, Billy in the Under 13s and Mum and Dad as Veterans.   The distances varied with the adults being the longest at 5k.  The course wound through the trees, sometimes muddy, sometimes grassy, sometimes sort of sandy.  There were several uphill parts and an occasional downhill!!

Billy came second in his age category and keeping it in the family so did Mum Vicky.  The next race in the series is 13 November and is a 9k, the following race is 6.5k.  You can register on the day and it costs £4 for adults and £2 for children.  Details are on the Ryston Runners website. We hope to go back and it would be great if there were more Jags next time.  One thing – don’t expect any changing facilities, or toilets for that matter – there are plenty of trees to hide behind.


East Coast 10K – Sunday 16th October 2016

On October 16th five Jags went to Great Yarmouth to tackle the East Coast 10k.

The flat course is always a favourite for a PB but on this occasion as we arrived to feel strong winds we realised it was going to prove difficult and so it was.

Despite the conditions all five of us ran really good times.

Anthony Alborough 40:50 – Gold
Rod Bye 43:31 – Gold
James Lambert 43:46 – Silver
Paul Gerber 53:18
Adele Bushell 54:25 – Bronze

Thanks to the supporters on the day, Jackie, Ellie, Zep, Nicola, Ben & Ken much appreciated.


Perkins Great Eastern Run – Sunday 9 October 2016

17 members of the Jags had an early start on Sunday, piling into a minibus to travel to Peterborough to run the Perkins Great Eastern Run. The weather was not great but that did not hinder the runners that day. The day was a road trip with great banter along the way. We would also like to thank Jackie Gooch and Jerry who was supporting us on the day and taking pictures, plenty of which are on Facebook!  Some good results achieved and strangely a ghost runner appeared in the midst!



Dean Blake1.31.37YESGold
Jeremy Lawrence1.32.54Diamond
Neil Button1.39.29YESSilver
Lucy Anderson1.44.18YESSilver
Paul Emery1.45.10Silver
Emma Blake1.48.38YESSilver
Julian Smith1.52.58FT
Emma Jorden1.53.22Silver
Stephen Neal1.54.53YES
Sonya Wragg1.56.00Silver
Paul Taylor1.56.41
Paul Gerber2.01.04
Rosemary Jackson2.03.21Gold
Dee Neal2.07.02YESSilver
Clare Hicks2.07.09
Stewart Marden2.07.10
Dawn Chapman2.08.17YesBronze


Felbrigg Trail Run – Sunday 9th October 2016

This was a truly beautiful spot for a Sunday morning race and the sun came out for the majority of it!

We had a hand full of Jags attending, so Felbrigg saw a little blast of orange!

North Norfolk Surf Life Saving Club treated us to very well organised event with super friendly and supportive marshals. A yoga warm up was provided for all those who wanted to be totally race ready and Up & Running treatments providing some massage and T.L.C. if needed.

The trail was open to 200 runners and was suitable for novice and experienced runners from aged 7 years and up. The run circulated Felbrigg hall and offered staggered start times for novice to more experienced runners.

A big thank you to the North Norfolk Surf Life Saving Club for such a well organised event, keeping us well hydrated and fuelled with bananas!



Billy Life5K21.15
James Lambert10K46.03
Nicola Lambert-John10K49.04
Emma Mortimer10K55.59
Ruth Gainsford10K100.11

Lowestoft Half Marathon – Sunday 2 October 2016

It was a windy day on the coast for the inaugural Lowestoft Half Marathon. The race jointly organised by Break charity and Lowestoft Road Runners started on the sea wall with a strong head wind. The waves were splashing up the side of the wall to emphasise how strong the winds were coming off the sea. After about a mile run down the sea wall, runners were greeted with Links Hill. Those who have run the Scores Race will know this one; it’s the first hill of that race and a steep one too! The race continued along Gunton cliff top before heading back towards Corton including a little lap of a playing field. Runners then headed back to the start to complete the first lap of this out and back course.
It was a surprisingly nice route and definitely one to do as it does have some decent long flat stretches. There was a laid back atmosphere and all runners received a medal, race t-shirt and goody bag.

First Jag home for this one was Stewart Marden with an impressive gold standard time of 1:40:55. Next up was Neil Button with a PB and silver standard time of 1:44:23. Seconds behind was Nicola Lambert-John in a time of 1:44:26, narrowly missing out on a PB by 10 seconds but still winning the senior female category prize and free entry into next years race! James Lambert was one second behind, having run the distance with his wife. A great run by Paul Gerber too, finishing in a chip time of 1:59:26.

Great effort everyone!


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