Wissey Half Marathon

On a beautiful day for running 9 Jaguars travelled to Oxborough for the Wissey Half Marathon. Colin Robilliard was 20th overall, taking first place in his age category.  Dean Blake and Richard Collyer both ran personal bests, Dean taking around 13 minutes from his previous record. Owen Barber ran the race distance for the first time for the club. Sze-Ming Cheung, Mark Harmer and Dawn Collyer all used the race as training for their various forthcoming marathon efforts.
Full Results

Colin Robilliard1.25.34 (ar)Platinum
Sze-Ming Cheung1.28.43Gold
Dean Blake1.36.38 (pb)Silver
Stewart Marden1.37.20Gold
Richard Collyer1.38.50 (pb)Silver
Mark Harmer1.39.29Bronze
Dawn Collyer2.00.57
Emma Blake2.02.29Bronze
Owen Barber2.04.17 (1st)

Norwich Park Run 31st August

Two weeks on the trot Mary Owen has achieved a 5k p.b. Mary’s time is now down to 27.47 and a 60-64 age gold standard. It’s amazing what training with a group can do. Come on Claire – don’t let Mum have all the glory. Eddie Robson ran his 100th Park Run and was presented with a tee shirt and jacket.

Grimsthorpe Castle 10k

The Grimsthorpe 10k is set in the beautiful grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire. The event is run in conjunction with the Grimsthorpe carnival so the day out not only consist of the run but also provides music by some good bands, numerous stalls and many various activities plus a wonderful collection of classic cars and motorbikes which transported the boys back to their childhood. The start of the race is down a steep long grassy slope and then hits some hard hills up to the 5k point and the second half isn’t much easier either with quite a few uphills too. The finish is up the hill you started on so all in all it is a pretty tough course. The weather was unbelievably hot with quite a few drop outs along the way but the 4 Jags who ran stuck to their guns and actually seemed to enjoy the pain but I suppose they are used to it in training!!  Lawrence Wade had a great run finishing 5th overall and missing out on a prize by just one place in 38.22. Ady Jay on one of his many come back runs really struggled with the heat and nearly collapsed at the end but still finished in 46.24. Sarah Jay was strong on the hills and finished second in her 45+ age group missing out on first place by just 1 minute in  51.11. Brenda Hutcheon having not run a 10k for as long as she can remember (but that could have been yesterday) finished 1st in the 65+ age group in 61.11. Many thanks to Dave Hutcheon who was the baggage man and team support on the day. Believe it or not everyone is looking forward to next time. It would be good to get a few more Jags out and aim for a possible team prize.
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Reepham 10k

This is one of those races on which the sun always seems to shine and so it proved again this year. 8 Jaguars took part with notable results from Ken Bowman who take the club age category record with a time of 43.14 and Jeremy Lawrence, who ran a pb of 46.10. Jonathon Foot and Sarah Stubbs both ran the distance for the first time as club members.
Full Results and Photos

Ken Bowman43.14 (ar)Platinum
Jeremy Lawrence46.10 (pb)Silver
Jonathan Foot46.18 (1st)Silver
Ian Cleminson47.55Bronze
Sarah Stubbs48.34 (1st)Silver
Sarah Jay51.11Silver
Ana Ohde53.30Bronze
Becky Durant61.03Bronze

Park Runs 10th & 17th August

On the 10th August at the Norwich Park Run Roy Owen ran a p.b. time of 24.14 so not to be outdone by dad Claire Owen also ran a p.b. in 25.05.  Mum Mary Owen thought she had better get in on the act so on the 17th at Gorleston ran a p.b. time of 29.13. The same day at Norwich Lisa Symon ran her 7th p.b. of the year in 24.06.

Great Yarmouth Half Marathon

Only 4 Jaguars ran the Great Yarmouth half marathon but all ran well on what is quite a testing course. Colin Robilliard ran his usual excellent race with a Platinum standard time of 1.26.28 in the process taking first place in his age category. Jonny Reader with a silver standard time of 1.34.07 was next Jaguar to finish and was well inside his own predicted time. Paul Allen in his first race at the distance for the club ran it in 1.44.46. Dawn Collyer used the race as marathon training so paced it accordingly, she finished in 2.08.22 then went on to run another 4 miles to complete her weekly long run.
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The Anglian Long Distance Triathlon

Based in Cromer this is a new event for this year comprising a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a full marathon. The race was open to individuals to complete the whole event or for teams of three in a relay, with each member completing one of the legs. Andy Mulligan took the marathon leg on at fairly short notice when one of the teams lost a member due to injury. The run consisted of 4 laps around Cromer, each lap including a very steep climb from the Promenade up to the lighthouse at 75 metres. Despite the tough nature of the course Andy still managed an excellent time of 3 hours 52 mins 11 secs, which helped his team to 4th place overall.
Full Results

Worstead 5

Not quite the record turnout of last year but still 42 Jaguars turned out for the annual orange procession round the Worstead 5. Richard Bateson with an excellent time of 27.27 was second overall, whilst Colin Robilliard, Ken Bowman, Sarah Jay  took 1st place in their respective age categories with Heather Hollister 2nd in hers. William Robinson had the honour of being the first Worstead resident to finish. There were also 7 personal bests and 6 running their first 5 mile race for the club. Colin Robilliard and Jackie Bye ran well to take club age record times.
Full Results

Richard Bateson27.27 (pb) (cr)Diamond
Steven Cannell27.42 (1st)Diamond
Lawrence Wade29.23Gold
Colin Robilliard31.56 (ar)Platinum
Mark Harmer32.11silver
Rod Bye32.44Gold
Dean Blake33.14 (pb)Silver
Mel Porter33.25Silver
Ken Bowman33.36Platinum
Adrian Jay34.26Silver
Alan Bushell34.27Silver
Scott Chadwick34.37Silver
Stewart Marden35.20Silver
Jeremy Lawrence35.41Gold
Anthony Norris36.36 (1st)Silver
Joe West37.23 (1st)
Sarah Jay37.55Gold
Gavin Lee38.45
Jackie Bye38.57 (ar)Diamond
Sarah Stubbs39.00Silver
William Robinson41.15 (1st)
Sonya Wragg41.36 (pb)Bronze
Mel Burch41.36Bronze
Paul Gerber41.45 (1st)
Michael Fairchild42.03Bronze
Jill Cole42.04 (pb)Gold
Adele Bushell42.06Bronze
Dawn Collyer42.22
Richard Collyer42.22
Heather Hollister42.36Diamond
Owen Barber42.47 (1st)
Simon Snell43.19 (1st)
Jonathan Edwards43.41
Krysia Smith43.41Bronze
Claire Owen43.50
Dee Neal45.11Bronze
Emma Blake46.12 (pb)
Rebecca Durant46.56Gold
Rosemary Jackson47.00Silver
Jackie Gooch48.47Bronze
Pauline Robinson50.16 (pb)
Katherine Garwood50.22
Annette Yeomanson52.20 (pb)

Fairlands Valley Challenge

Whilst most runners are content to compete at shorter distances, some step up to take on a marathon or two, but only the truly dedicated go further. Ben Letzer the clubs ultra specialist once more took on the the 50k (30 mile) Fairlands Valley Challenge, an off road race run in the north of Hertfordshire. Not only did he run the race but finished second overall in an amazing time of 4 hours 11 minutes. This is even more impressive when you consider that all those who enter have to navigate the route themselves armed only with a basic set of directions.
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Aylsham 10k

Steve Cannell and Jon Foot were the only members running the inaugural  Aylsham 10k. Steve was second overall in a time of 37.34 and Jon, running his first race for the club, posted a time of  45.09 but as the course was multi-terrain the times do not count for club standards.
Full results

1 39 40 41 42 43 53