Ekiden Relays – 12 July 2015

On a drizzly morning 21 jags set off (17 in a mini-bus, the rest in cars) down to Woodbridge in Suffolk to compete in the Ekiden Relays. There were four teams entered: Men’s Seniors, Men’s Masters, Ladies Masters and Mixed Gender.  All runners completed in 6 stages for each team a 7.2k, 5k, 10k, 5k, 10k and 5k making up a total of 42.2k or 26.2 miles for a marathon distance run. Three runners namely myself, Andy Mulligan and Scott Shrubsall ran two legs each for different teams everyone else completing the one leg. The Race is set around a School grounds equalling 2.5k laps with 180+ teams taking part on the day.

Coltishall Senior Mens team were first team home finishing in 13th place in Mens Senior category with a combined time of 2hrs 56mins and 45 secs. Next in were the Coltishall Male Vets team finishing in 11th place in Mens Masters category with a combined time of 3hrs 4mins 58secs. Third team was Coltishall Mixed Gender team who finished 14th in their category with a combined time of 3hrs 9mins 43 secs and lastly were Ladies Masters team which finished in 9th place in their category in a time of 3hrs 34mins 8 secs.
All teams competed really well on the day with outstanding performances by all please see attached times.
A Lady who must not be missed out is the well travelled Becky Durant who made her own way down especially to watch and support every runner from Coltishall riding around the field on her Brompton bike ringing her little bell as she was still suffering with Laryngitis and found it extremely hard to shout! Many Thanks for your support from all who ran.
Lastly thanks to Deb Jones and Jackie Gooch for loaning their Gazebos for the day.
Sonya Wragg
Jillie Cole
Deb Jones
Rosemary Jackson
Sue Allen
Heather Hollister
Jeremy Lawrence
Peter Kean-Cockburn
Mel Porter
Paul Groves
Clive Steward
Paul Taylor
Andy Mulligan
Nicola John
Emma Wilcock
Paul Gerber
Ellie Bye
Scott Shrubsall
Scott Shrubsall
Ben Gaskins
Nick Hudson
James Lambert
Andy Mulligan
Mel Porter
ekiden 3ekiden 2ekiden

Wroxham 5k Series – Race 3

This years Wroxham 5k finale narrowly missed the recent heatwave and gave runners the perfect running conditions.  Introduction of chiptiming for this event meant that the start was slightly delayed as yet another big crowd (371) turned out to run this popular event.  On the plus side the finish was much smoother as there was none of the usual bunching up in the funnel.   25 Jaguars made the trip to Broadland High School and there were some real standout performances and plenty of smiles afterwards.
Lets start with Jaguars coach Mel Porter who finally, after 7 years of trying, beat his PB by an impressive 15 seconds… seems that Mel is finally starting to prove his potential! 😉
Not to be outdone, another of our regular coaches, Andy Mulligan posted his own PB and was first Jag in at 17:21.  Separating Andy and Mel was second Jag home Ben Dennington.
No PB for Ben but still a good time finishing under 19 mins.  Fourth Jag across the line was Scott Shrubsall who also broke the 20 minute barrier for the first time!  Scott was followed home by Ellie Bye and Rod Bye and then shortly after Tom Johnson, Ben Gaskins and Peter Nelson.
Jeremy Lawrence was next to finish, leading a quartet of PB setters which also included Graham Johnson, Emma Wilcock and Owie Barber. Both Jeremy and Graham knocking around 30 seconds of their previous times!
Next up was Nicola Holden, ahead of “retired from running” Roy Owen and in close contention Paul Gerber, then Jag debutant Jenny Barrett.  Just behind Jenny it was the ever improving Jackie Gooch with another PB and Rosemary Jackson completing the haul of PBs moments later with Clare Hicks and Jill Cole keeping her company.  Carolyn Gerber, Dawn Chapman, Annette Yeomanson and Mary Owen completed the long list of Jaguars who all ran superbly.
Now to wait and see what the outcome of the handicap is!
wroxham 3 2wroxham 3 1wroxham 3 3wroxham 3 4
wroxham 3
Andy Mulligan17.21YesGold
Ben Dennington18.48Gold
Mel Porter19.11YesGold
Scott Shrubsall19.43YesSilver
Ellie Bye19.50Gold
Rod Bye19.56Gold
Tom Johnson20.14Silver
Ben Gaskins20.16Silver
Peter Nelson20.28Silver
Jeremy Lawrence20.33YesDiamond
Graham Johnson21.02YesSilver
Emma Wilcock21.32YesSilver
Owie Barber22.53YesSilver
Nicola Holden23.39Silver
Roy Owen24.58Gold
Paul Gerber24.59
Jenny Barrett25.24First timeBronze
Jackie Gooch25.54YesSilver
Rosemary Jackson26.21YesGold
Clare Hicks26.31First timeBronze
Jill Cole26.35Gold
Carolyn Gerber27.37Bronze
Dawn Chapman27.41
Annette Yeomanson30.28
Mary Owen32.07Silver

Marham 10k – 5 July 2015

Jeremy Lawrence, the one sole Jaguar who took on Tornado squadron at RAF Marham.
After a sweltering Saturday the day before, the forecast looked good with 20 degrees and a chance of rain. This was pretty much spot on apart from rain all the way round, but that was ok. It was a bizarre experience as the start is 100 metres outside the airbase gates, proceeding to run to the gates past armed guards and run around the perimeter roadways. As the last runner enters the gates are then shut to all spectators.
The course is quite flat on good tarmac roads with no traffic. (or planes).
Jeremy would recommend this course to anyone wanting a pb or one of the best goody bags. The next race is New Years eve a 10k again.
Jeremy finished 13th out of 101 runners (37 were from Ryston Runners ) and achieved a pb. of 43:26!!

Lord Mayors 5k – 4 July 2015

What a terrific duo participating in this fast annual Lord Mayors 5k race, two laps around the streets of Norwich.  This race has a cut off time of 20 minutes, and boasts ‘attracting  the best quality field for an event of its kind in the east of England’!!

The weather was unbelievably hot at around 30 degrees!!  Still our lads raced home in style with Andy Mulligan coming in at 18.35 and Ben Dennington in at 19.21!  Fantastic efforts lads!!

lord mayors

Humpty Dumpty 10K – 28 June 2015

11 Jags turned out to Freethorpe for the annual Humpty Dumpty 10k.  Despite the weather having been very hot for the previous week, today was cool, slightly breezy and there was even a little rain during the run!!

A very well attended event (427 runners) which was very well marshalled.  Some fantastic times achieved for the Jags.  The first Jag home was Ken Bowman with a time of 43.36, gaining himself a platinum club standard.  First lady back was Jackie Gooch with a time of 56.21 and gaining herself a silver club standard.  Several club standard awards were achieved and a PB for Jeremy Lawrence and Clare Hicks!  Well done all!!

Ken Bowman43.36Platinum
Jeremy Lawrence45.52YesGold
Paul Taylor46.34Silver
Owie Barber49.38Bronze
Paul Gerber53.16
Graham Robson54.10Bronze
Jackie Gooch56.21Silver
Becky Durant56.47Gold
Clare Hicks58.08Yes
Orla Cobb1.07.25
Annette Yeomanson 1.09.58


humpty 3humpty 2humpty 1

Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog – 26 June 2015

A total of 303 runners turned out for this years Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog hosted by Brandon Fern Hoppers at High Lodge in Thetford Forest. Representing the Jaguars were James Lambert and Nicola John.

The course is a trail run of approximately five miles following tracks through the forest. Some of these tracks are used for mountain biking and therefore it’s pretty undulating and narrow in places but a beautiful route. It was a wet start to the race with heavy rain, however after about half an hour, the skies cleared for a dry finish. The marshal’s were very enthusiastic and provided plenty of encouragement out on the course.

James Lambert finished the race in 29th place (28th male) with a chip time of 35:58 and Nicola John finished in 113th place (23rd female) with a chip time of 44:15.

Mike Groves 10 Mile Run – 21 June 2015


THE RACE RECORD FOR THE MIKE GROVES HAS BEEN BROKEN …granted it had been held for only a year and was established when Kieran McMorran of the Black Dog in the inaugural race, ran this new course in just 57.43

However, not to be outdone Ritchie Bateson, ex Jaguar, and in his west country strip for Yeovil pulled out all the stops and this year roared home in 57.31. Twelve seconds doesn’t seem a lot but my rather ancient brain suggests a lead of about 50 or 60 yards!!

There was a low entry of just 132 and 21 did not turn up so 111 started and finished but before  the start there was small problem in that Paul laid out the course and left

12 x 5 litre bottles of water at the 3 mile point about 7am. When the marshals arrived a little later, they were gone!!!!


To save the day, Jackie and Rod just went out to buy some more, without their swift action it could have been embarrassing with some runners being dehydrated and would certainly have damaged our reputation as a club.  I still find it unbelievable that someone could steal water !

We did have another problem in that there is a `security` bollard to prevent unauthorised use of the car park which stuck up too much. This was counteracted by Mel and Andy who used scaffold boards and slabs to allow the vehicles to pass over otherwise there would have been a few sumps or exhaust damaged and certainly some unhappy customers that we would probably not see again !

There were only two Jaguars that ran, Mel who helped to park cars and set up the finish and then ran the race in 1.10.03 and David Platten a new member who did a very creditable 1.22.38 in his new colours!

As has happened before there were many comments on the day and by email afterwards to Nicework regarding support and encouragement by the marshals around the course which was much appreciated by the runners. There was amazement by many at the spread of gorgeous homemade cakes on display, provided once again by the `Jaguar ladies` and one gent!! Dale Hurren appeared to take and consume 6 or so before the race and still recorded a 1.04 !!

Generally speaking the race went well and the customers were happy, unfortunately there were fewer than we would have liked and expected as we had competition in the form of a triathlon at Fritton.  This clashing of events is an increasing problem and it does not help that there is no advanced warning or a coordinated calendar for the county.

All the proceeds for this race will go to the Air Ambulance but as yet I do not know how much as there are bills to come in and when I have sorted and completed I will obviously let you know

Anyway my thanks to you all for doing so well what did, see you soon!!


Wroxham 5k Race 2 Wednesday 17 June 2015

A bumper crowd of over 400 runners started the 2nd Wroxham 5k of the year, this included 22 Jaguars. The busy start and a muggy evening perhaps wasn’t conducive to producing PBs, however  this didn’t stop 6 Jags from beating their previous bests.  Well done to Jeremy Lawrence, Graham Johnson, Emma Wilcock, Jackie Gooch, Dawn Chapman and Carolyn Gerber!  Jeremy secured a Gold standard in the process.

First timer at this distance Alicia Lacey achieved a silver club standard with a time of 22.34!

As for the other Jags, it was Ben Dennington first in, with a time of 18:45, ahead of Tom Johnson who continues to consistently finish under 20 mins.  Perhaps we’ll see Tom at the Lord Mayors 5k this year?

Slightly further back (over a minute behind!) we had a three way tussle between Ben Gaskins, Scott Shrubsall and Ellie Bye, Ben showing the determination to win this time.  They were followed in by Ken Bowman and shortly after, Jeremy Lawrence.  Once again in tandem were Emma Wilcock and Graham Johnson, who both knocked over 30 seconds off their previous times!

Sue Allen arrived home a minute later with Alicia Lacey close behind, then a minute after that was Peter Kean-Cockburn.

After a short gap, Heather Hollister crossed the line in a gold standard time.  Then we had a group of 8 Jag Ladies who finished all within 1 minute of each other, headed by Claire Owen and completed by Rosemary Jackson.  The final Jag home was Annette Yeomanson, crossing the line in 30:10.

Congratulations also go to Sue Allen and Heather Hollister for receiving trophies for their places in the 5k Norfolk County Championships for their age categories!

Well done all – who got close to their handicap prediction?

wroxhan 5k race 2

NameTimePBClub Standard
Ben Dennington18.45Gold
Tom Johnson19.17Silver
Ben Gaskins20.34Silver
Scott Shrubsall20.37Silver
Ellie Bye20.40Gold
Ken Bowman20.53Diamond
Jeremy Lawrence20.59YesGold
Graham Johnson21.32YesSilver
Emma Wilcock21.36YesSilver
Sue Allen22.33Diamond
Alicia Lacey22.34First TimeSilver
Peter Kean-Cockburn23.33Silver
Heather Hollister25.54Gold
Claire Owen26.29
Jill Cole26.34Gold
Becky Durant26.47Gold
Jackie Gooch26.49Bronze
Dee Neale26.53Silver
Carolyn Gerber27.02YesBronze
Dawn Chapman27.12YesBronze
Rosemary Jackson27.35Gold
Annette Yeomanson30.10

Edinburgh Marathon Festival – 31 May 2015

Well by the looks of all the photos that have appeared on social media, the Jags that travelled all that way by train to participate in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival had a jolly good time!!


19 Jags made this trip to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Half and Full Marathon.

A majority travelled and shared accommodation, whilst others made the trip with partners or friends. Weather warnings prior to the event promised heavy rain and winds, however the day brought excellent race conditions, if not a little breezy on the final miles! The routes for both the half and full marathon took in some beautiful views, leaving the centre of Edinburgh and along the coast line. The race boasted a fast course and the Jags took full advantage.
For the marathon, Sze-Ming Cheung, Andy Mulligan, Jeremy Lawrence and Deb Jones and Sonya Wragg ALL brought home PB’s. Whilst James Lambert, Owie Barber, Paul Gerber, Stuart Marden , Dee Neal and Heather Hollister completed their first marathons in fantastic times.
Sze-Ming, Debs and Heather also achieved Good For Age times which should secure them places at London 2016.
Sze-Ming has now broken the Jags age group record for a marathon three times this year!!!
For Dawn Chapman this was her first half marathon and she was joined in the half by Jenny Welsh, Vanessa Clements, Mel Burch and Nicola John who obtained a PB!!
Tired but happy Jags then went on the celebrate their achievement and a special birthday for Jenny Welsh. The success, fun and achievement of this trip means another orange road trip wont be far away!!
Sze-Ming Cheung3.11.57Yes - achieved GFAGold
Andy Mulligan3.17.31Yes Silver
Jeremy Lawrence3.36.27YesGold
Deb Jones3.49.27Yes - achieved GFASilver
James Lambert3.50.10First time
Sonya Wragg4.11.58YesBronze
Stewie Marden4.14.38First time
Heather Hollister4.25.26First time - achieved GFAGold
Owie Barber4.27.53First time
Paul Gerber4.35.47First time
Dee Neal5.18.35First timeBronze
Melanie Burch1.51.52Silver
Nicola John1.54.13YesBronze
Dawn Chapman2.20.52First time
Jenny Welsh2.49.11
Vanessa Clements 2.49.11

Alex Moore Memorial Relay Race – 31 May 2015

A great Jags turnout for this annual relay race, despite several regulars being away in Edinburgh and strangely the weather, which normally is a scorcher for this event was cold and drizzly!!

It did not dampen the spirits of the Jolly Jags though, a fantastic team event as always!The cheering for our teams could be heard about half a mile away! This was also the first race as a Jaguar for Gill Trehane so many congratulations and hope this will be the first of many??!

Congratulations for all that took part!!

Click here for Alex Moore Full Results 2015

alex moore 3


1 29 30 31 32 33 56