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Norwich 10K – 30 August 2015

The first Run Norwich 10k through the centre of Norwich saw an impressive turnout of 3170 runners. Amongst the thousands were 18 Jags who decided to give the new race a go. The course involves a few hills, with the run up Rouen Road proving to be a nice test in the middle of the race. However, what goes up must come down so there were some decent downhills added to the mix.

The weather on the day was mild but cloudy and slightly wet under foot, so all in all pretty decent racing conditions. There were plenty of crowds lining the street, however they were fairly muted and possibly suffering from a Sunday morning hangover… The most lively supporters around the course were those cheering on the Jags and special thanks to Shirley and Emma for taking some photos and cheering everyone on!

There was a problem with traffic at the start of the race in that 3000 runners were set off at exactly the same time rather than in waves. This lead to runners who were not at the front of the pack being delayed by around two minutes once over the start line whereas those who were at the front of the pack were able to make a quick getaway without any trouble. The marshalls were generally good and supportive around the course and other than the traffic at the start of the race, the event was very well organised.

First Jag home was James Lambert in 189th place and a chip time of 42:02 and new PB. Close behind was Peter Nelson with a time of 42:28, eight seconds shy of a gold standard. Third Jag home was Tom Johnson with a time of 42:54. Nick Hudson was hoping was hoping for a sub 44 minute race to achieve a new PB and breezed past that with an impressive time of 43:34. First lady Jag home was Nicola Holden in a silver standard time of 48:38 and finishing in 636th place. Second lady back was Nicola John in a time of 51:31 earning a bronze standard. Heather Hollister was third lady Jag back in a time of 52:55, diamond standard, well done! Results as follows:

James Lambert42.02YesSilver
Tom Johnson42.54Silver
Nick Hudson43.34YesSilver
Scott Chadwick46.04Bronze
Paul Allen46.14Bronze
Scott Shrubsall47.03
Graham Johnson47.21
Jagan Crane47.33
Paul Taylor48.20
Nicola Holden48.38Silver
David Brailey50.20
Nicola John51.31YesBronze
Paul Gerber53.03
Heather Hollister52.55Diamond
Peter Kean-Cockburn53.40Bronze
Claire Owen59.22

As there was so many wonderful photos taken by Shirley they have been put on our facebook page.

Dereham 5K – 23 August 2015

7 Jags ventured out to Dereham for the 2 lap closed road 5k race.
Conditions very quickly hotted up as the sun came through, making for a more challenging run than was at first anticipated.  However all ran well with respectable times achieved as follows:
Andy Mulligan17.33Gold
Ben Dennington19.44Silver
Jeremy Lawrence19.55YesDiamond
Ken Bowman20.28Diamond
Ellie Bye20.51Silver
Ben Gaskins21.12Bronze
Vicky Tovell23.05Silver
dereham 1dereham 2dereham 3dereham 4dereham 6dereham 7dereham 8

Reepham 10k – 16 August 2015

We had 7 Jags running in the Reepham 10k on a warm sunny morning, through a mix of terrains which made this an interesting course, though pretty rural landscapes.
An easy start, but soon the sun began to heat things up and by the 3 1/2 mile mark, it was a relief to enter the Marriots Way with the shade from the trees.
Jeremy Lawrence had Tom Johnson at his heels the whole race and they came in together with smiles on their faces with a time of 42:53 once again a PB and Diamond standard  for Jeremy. Graham Johnson also gained himself a PB of 45:16.  Next Jag home was Paul Gerber 53:51.
Adele Bushell was first lady home 54:34, Jackie Gooch next 55:33 and Becky Durant following 01:00:05. This was a well organised race with plenty of encouragement around a pretty course.
Reepham 01 (800x533)reepham 02 (800x533)reepham 03 (800x533)
Jeremy Lawrence42.53YesDiamond
Tom Johnson42.53Silver
Graham Johnson45.16YesSilver
Paul Gerber53.51
Adele Bushell54.34Bronze
Jackie Gooch55.33Silver
Becky Durant100.05Silver


Clacton Half Marathon – 9 August 2015

While some Jaguars ran the Gt Yarmouth 1/2 marathon, Jeremy Lawence went a little further afield and joined the 310 finishers at Clacton 1/2 marathon. As with Gt Yarmouth the temperature was HOT!!! No point pushing for a PB then? But Jeremy being Jeremy once again gained a PB 1:38:18 Gold Standard, a magnificent achievement considering the conditions.

Great Yarmouth Half Marathon – 9 August 2015

Three Jags turned out in Gorleston for this year’s Great Yarmouth Road Runners Half Marathon in the sort of glorious sunshine that you don’t really need for a half marathon.  With the temperature set at gas mark 9 all returned well done!  Gathered at the start there was little confidence in gaining any PBs in the extreme heat with everyone saying they were going to enjoy it and see what happens.  So what did happen?

The three Jags starting were Nicola John, David Platten and Scott Shrubsall.  Taking up places towards the middle/back at the start there didn’t seem to be the level of nervousness that you sometimes sense at other races, perhaps the sunshine added a holiday feel.   As the race started the heat wasn’t too much of an issue but once up to pace the any little patch of shade was very much welcomed.  Fortunately the marshalls were well armed with sponges and water, at the final water station there was even a hose out and one marshall even had a spray bottle that she was squirting at runners!

The course is a nice rural route which takes the runners through the grounds of Somerleyton hall.  James Lambert was on hand at the entrance to give support.  It was also here that Scott had to contend with a herd of stampeding cattle that had decided to cross over the running route.  This provided a slightly uncomfortable experience but the situation had cleared up by the time the David and Nicola arrived by all accounts.

It wouldn’t be the same without Becky Durant’s enthusiastic encouragement either and true to form, there she was cheering on at just over 11 miles.  The last couple of miles saw melted tarmac but soon the finish area arrived and a big crowd cheering everyone in.  First Jag home was Scott and in almost uniform gaps David then Nicola.  David managing a hard earned Bronze standard time.


Scott Shrubsall – 1:45:13

David Platten – 1:52:56

Nicola John – 2:00:08

GYRR_half_2 (2)GYRR_half_3 (2)GYRR_Half_1 (2)


Jolly Jaguars 10k – 2nd August 2015

Earlier this year I had applied and obtained a permit for our Jolly Jaguar 10k on the 30th August which at the time was free but Conac were having trouble with their new proposed city 10k which they had wanted to be on the spring bank holiday but could not get sorted in time so they decided that they would have and use `our` date which was also a bank holiday weekend.

So I rather reluctantly had no option but to concede and to find another date. The only spare date was the 2nd August which was a bit close for comfort after the Mike Groves.

A new permit was obtained, the entry forms were revised and circulated to the other clubs . Because the date was changed Nicework who had previously done the chiptiming could not help as they were booked for the 2nd August . So we made contact with ChiptimingUK , a local business based down in Norwich that have a good reputation and seem to do most local races. On the face of it, they would be a lot cheaper if we had a good number of entrants.

However we did not, and Paul and I were most concerned at how few entries seemed to be coming in on line, indeed before the day there were only 125 entered! Happily the day was fine and 27 entered on the day to make a total of just 152 entered so though we actually made a loss on the race it was not the disaster as I had feared!!!

Those that ran enjoyed the event and there were many thanks and congratulations after, the `caff `did well and took £204.15 which was quite remarkable considering the low entry!

This race attracted our first ever wheel chair competitor, a Peter Downing who was set off about 10 minutes or so before the pack with Mel riding `shotgun` and stormed round on his trike in 49.04!!

This was also the first race ever that we actually lost money and I am not too happy about that. This was mainly due to the inability to get our races on the dates we wanted, to get the Chip timing people sorted and listing the race . And most important of all for every club member to publicize and promote the race in whatever way they can i.e when speaking to a member of another club to remind them of our next race and ask them point blank if they have entered! It could also be a great help in the future if members had a few entry forms printed and hand them out to possible entrants.

I should also mention too that it is essential to help with the car parking regardless of any marshalling job that you might be down to do later.

Regardless of the problems , the competitors enjoyed the event and I gather that there were many good things said at the Parkrun at Gorleston and that there was a good mention in the Yarmouth Mercury of the race.

Sorry, nearly forgot that we had 4 Jaguars running ;-

Josh Neale at 45.48 , Paul Gerber at 52.32 , Adele Bushell at 54.11 and Jackie Gooch at 56.29.


Worstead 5 Mile Race – 24 July 2015

Well it started to rain before lunch and didn’t stop all day!  Therefore the annual 5 mile race which takes place on the evening just before the Worstead Festival weekend, was a little wet underfoot (to say the least!).

Despite this, there was a good turnout of 19 Jags, the weather never seems to worry us!  Mel turned out to cheer us on at about half way and Alan and June found a good car parking space on route to wave and still shelter from the rain!!

Amazing what rain can do to get us all round a bit quicker, several PBs were obtained and fantastic running and cheering by all.  First time recorded for the club at this distance for several runners, these included – Paul Allen, David Platten, Josh Neale , Emma Jordan, Sue Allen, Carolyn Gerber and Hilda Mears.

PBs were obtained by Andy Mulligan, Jeremy Lawrence, Owie Barber, Paul Gerber, Rosemary Jackson, Jackie Gooch and Clare Hicks.

The hardcore few stayed afterwards for a glass of cider or two and enjoyed the band in the shelter of the tent!!! A big well done to everyone who turned out to represent Coltishall Jaguars!! (apologies to those who aren’t in the photos!!)

worstead crewworstead gentsworstead ladies

Club Standard
Andy Mulligan28.47YesGold
Jeremy Lawrence33.05YesDiamond
Paul Allen35.28First TimeBronze
Martin Bagnall36.42Silver
David Platten37.19First TimeGold
Sue Allen37.23First TimeDiamond
Josh Neale37.37First Time
Owie Barber38.04YesBronze
Paul Groves39.45Bronze
Paul Gerber40.20YesBronze
Emma Jordan41.57First TimeBronze
Rosemary Jackson42.47YesGold
Jackie Gooch43.08YesSilver
Heather Hollister43.12Gold
Clare Hicks44.04YesBronze
Becky Durant46.37Silver
Carolyn Gerber48.44First Time
Annette Yeomanson55.01
Hilda Mears55.05First Time

Ekiden Relays – 12 July 2015

On a drizzly morning 21 jags set off (17 in a mini-bus, the rest in cars) down to Woodbridge in Suffolk to compete in the Ekiden Relays. There were four teams entered: Men’s Seniors, Men’s Masters, Ladies Masters and Mixed Gender.  All runners completed in 6 stages for each team a 7.2k, 5k, 10k, 5k, 10k and 5k making up a total of 42.2k or 26.2 miles for a marathon distance run. Three runners namely myself, Andy Mulligan and Scott Shrubsall ran two legs each for different teams everyone else completing the one leg. The Race is set around a School grounds equalling 2.5k laps with 180+ teams taking part on the day.

Coltishall Senior Mens team were first team home finishing in 13th place in Mens Senior category with a combined time of 2hrs 56mins and 45 secs. Next in were the Coltishall Male Vets team finishing in 11th place in Mens Masters category with a combined time of 3hrs 4mins 58secs. Third team was Coltishall Mixed Gender team who finished 14th in their category with a combined time of 3hrs 9mins 43 secs and lastly were Ladies Masters team which finished in 9th place in their category in a time of 3hrs 34mins 8 secs.
All teams competed really well on the day with outstanding performances by all please see attached times.
A Lady who must not be missed out is the well travelled Becky Durant who made her own way down especially to watch and support every runner from Coltishall riding around the field on her Brompton bike ringing her little bell as she was still suffering with Laryngitis and found it extremely hard to shout! Many Thanks for your support from all who ran.
Lastly thanks to Deb Jones and Jackie Gooch for loaning their Gazebos for the day.
7.2K LEG
Sonya Wragg
Jillie Cole
Deb Jones
Rosemary Jackson
Sue Allen
Heather Hollister
Jeremy Lawrence
Peter Kean-Cockburn
Mel Porter
Paul Groves
Clive Steward
Paul Taylor
Andy Mulligan
Nicola John
Emma Wilcock
Paul Gerber
Ellie Bye
Scott Shrubsall
Scott Shrubsall
Ben Gaskins
Nick Hudson
James Lambert
Andy Mulligan
Mel Porter
ekiden 3ekiden 2ekiden

Wroxham 5k Series – Race 3

This years Wroxham 5k finale narrowly missed the recent heatwave and gave runners the perfect running conditions.  Introduction of chiptiming for this event meant that the start was slightly delayed as yet another big crowd (371) turned out to run this popular event.  On the plus side the finish was much smoother as there was none of the usual bunching up in the funnel.   25 Jaguars made the trip to Broadland High School and there were some real standout performances and plenty of smiles afterwards.
Lets start with Jaguars coach Mel Porter who finally, after 7 years of trying, beat his PB by an impressive 15 seconds… seems that Mel is finally starting to prove his potential! 😉
Not to be outdone, another of our regular coaches, Andy Mulligan posted his own PB and was first Jag in at 17:21.  Separating Andy and Mel was second Jag home Ben Dennington.
No PB for Ben but still a good time finishing under 19 mins.  Fourth Jag across the line was Scott Shrubsall who also broke the 20 minute barrier for the first time!  Scott was followed home by Ellie Bye and Rod Bye and then shortly after Tom Johnson, Ben Gaskins and Peter Nelson.
Jeremy Lawrence was next to finish, leading a quartet of PB setters which also included Graham Johnson, Emma Wilcock and Owie Barber. Both Jeremy and Graham knocking around 30 seconds of their previous times!
Next up was Nicola Holden, ahead of “retired from running” Roy Owen and in close contention Paul Gerber, then Jag debutant Jenny Barrett.  Just behind Jenny it was the ever improving Jackie Gooch with another PB and Rosemary Jackson completing the haul of PBs moments later with Clare Hicks and Jill Cole keeping her company.  Carolyn Gerber, Dawn Chapman, Annette Yeomanson and Mary Owen completed the long list of Jaguars who all ran superbly.
Now to wait and see what the outcome of the handicap is!
wroxham 3 2wroxham 3 1wroxham 3 3wroxham 3 4
wroxham 3
Andy Mulligan17.21YesGold
Ben Dennington18.48Gold
Mel Porter19.11YesGold
Scott Shrubsall19.43YesSilver
Ellie Bye19.50Gold
Rod Bye19.56Gold
Tom Johnson20.14Silver
Ben Gaskins20.16Silver
Peter Nelson20.28Silver
Jeremy Lawrence20.33YesDiamond
Graham Johnson21.02YesSilver
Emma Wilcock21.32YesSilver
Owie Barber22.53YesSilver
Nicola Holden23.39Silver
Roy Owen24.58Gold
Paul Gerber24.59
Jenny Barrett25.24First timeBronze
Jackie Gooch25.54YesSilver
Rosemary Jackson26.21YesGold
Clare Hicks26.31First timeBronze
Jill Cole26.35Gold
Carolyn Gerber27.37Bronze
Dawn Chapman27.41
Annette Yeomanson30.28
Mary Owen32.07Silver

Marham 10k – 5 July 2015

Jeremy Lawrence, the one sole Jaguar who took on Tornado squadron at RAF Marham.
After a sweltering Saturday the day before, the forecast looked good with 20 degrees and a chance of rain. This was pretty much spot on apart from rain all the way round, but that was ok. It was a bizarre experience as the start is 100 metres outside the airbase gates, proceeding to run to the gates past armed guards and run around the perimeter roadways. As the last runner enters the gates are then shut to all spectators.
The course is quite flat on good tarmac roads with no traffic. (or planes).
Jeremy would recommend this course to anyone wanting a pb or one of the best goody bags. The next race is New Years eve a 10k again.
Jeremy finished 13th out of 101 runners (37 were from Ryston Runners ) and achieved a pb. of 43:26!!
1 11 12 13 14 15 39