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Wymondham 20 Miler – Sunday 3 April 2016

You couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day for a run even though it was the ‘Norfolk’ hilly Wymondham 20!   Sunday’s race saw 11 jags taking part; Zac Mace, Mel Porter, Nick Hudson, James Lambert, Stephen Porter, Heather Hollister, Josh Neale, Jackie Gooch, Clare Hicks, Nicola John and myself.

Whilst there were a number of standards reached, the most notable was Heather Hollister’s Diamond standard achieved at her first W20.  There was success achieved by Zac Mace (2:18:34) and Mel Porter (2:33:32) who ran at Gold standard. Jackie Gooch (3:19:05) romped home with a Silver standard, Nicola John (3:02:55) achieved a PB at Bronze and James Lambert (2:40:16) and Nick Hudson (2:38:35) achieving Bronze standard also.

I think it’s worth mentioning the standards achieved because 20 miles is such a long way and the training that goes into that distance is to be admired.  The Wymondham 20 miler is traditionally a local training race during the spring marathon season and this year both Zac Mace and Stephen Pointer are running in this year’s VLM and with Zac running W20 at 2:18:34 and Stephen at 2:45:55, I’m sure you’ll agree that they both look good for a successful run in London in three weeks time.

Quite what the rest of us were thinking, I’m not sure!!!  It’s always great to be cheered on at a race and it was good to see Ellie, Ben and Andy cycling around the route cheering us on as well as  generous cheering from Hilda! Thanks to you all!

Emma Blake

Wymondham 20 2016

Zac Mace2:18:34YesGold
Mel Porter2:33:32Gold
Nick Hudson2:38:35FTBronze
James Lambert2:40:16Bronze
Stephen Pointer2:45:55FT
Nicola John3:02:55Bronze
Heather Hollister 3:07:44FTDiamond
Josh Neale3:17:44FT
Jackie Gooch3:19:05FTSilver
Clare Hicks3:36:49FT
Emma Blake 3:46:31

Trowse 10K – Sunday 27 March 2016

On a sunny Easter Sunday two runners joined the other 698 early risers to run the Trowse 10k. The runners being Ruth Gainsford and Annette Yeomanson. The two lap race resulted in a spectacular silver award for Ruth running her first 10k in club colours finishing in 56.16 followed up by Annette achieving a new PB of 1.06.13.

Trowse 10k 2016

Broadland Half Marathon – Sunday 13 March 2016

A sea of orange (and Paul Emery who was running in his Ilford AC colours) brightened up an already sunny Sunday morning with an amazing 34 Jags in attendance at the Broadland half and spurred on by equally enthusiastic support, produced some stellar performances.
Plenty of Bronze, Silver and Gold standards were achieved… as well as the now obligatory Platinum performance from Ken Bowman, whilst Jackie Bye’s demands for PB’s was met by many of the runners, with no less than 16 PB’s recorded!
Now knocking a couple of minutes off your PB might seem like quite a big achievement, 6 minutes would be pretty amazing even (Jackie Gooch), so how good was Nick Hudson’s PB by NINE MINUTES!?! This just underlines the progress Nick has shown in training recently. Jackie was agonisingly close to dipping under 2hrs too, it won’t be long Jackie!.
Nick showed well against regular top performers finishing just behind Ben Letzer, Mel Porter and Alan Bushell who all completed the course in under 1hr 30 minutes. Ben taking first Jag home honours and finishing 27th overall and Mel getting 1st prize in his age group, well done Mel!
Not to be outdone and continuing his domination of the Leathes Prior Grand Prix Series, Ken Bowman grabbed another trophy for 1st in age.  There was also success for the ladies as Ellie Bye grabbed 2nd place in her age group and Heather Hollister 3rd in age, running a Diamond standard time in the process.
Further congratulations to Mel and Ken for winning their age group in the County Championships and to Ellie and Heather for winning third place! Well done all!!
There were also success for the O40 ladies team consisting of Vicky Tovell, Emma Jordan, Heather Hollister and Ruth Pilch finishing in second place and the men’s U40 team of Ben Letzer, Nick Hudson, Tom Johnson and James Lambert finishing in third place.
Regardless of results there seemed to be smiles all round and this was a great day out for the Jags. Perhaps the biggest smiles of all though were seen when Stewie got his van stuck in the car park! Of course, we all jumped to his rescue… eventually.
Also thanks to the fantastic supporters around the course –  Becky, Shirley, Dee, Ruth, Sonya, David, Rod, Jackie, Zep and of course Alan!! (hope that’s everyone!!).
Broadland group
Ben Letzer1.27.56YesGold
Melvin Porter1.29.45Gold
Alan Bushell1.29.54YesGold
Nicolas Hudson1.30.46YesSilver
Tom Johnson1.31.36FTSilver
Peter Nelson1.32.00Gold
Ken Bowman1.33.33Platinum
James Lambert1.33.45YesSilver
Ellie Bye1.35.47Silver
James Fuller1.36.08YesSilver
Scott Shrubsall1.37.33YesSilver
Scott Chadwick1.40.06Bronze
Graham Johnson1.41.34YesSilver
Paul Emery (IlfordAC)1.42.14Silver
Vicky Tovell1.46.20Silver
Paul Taylor1.48.12Bronze
Nicola Holden1.49.03YesSilver
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.49.30YesSilver
Emma Jordan1.50.41YesSilver
Stewart Marden1.51.08Bronze
Nicola John1.52.27Bronze
Josh Neale1.52.25
Heather Hollister1.53.13YesDiamond
Ruth Pilch1.53.15FTSilver
Adele Bushell1.55.37YesSilver
Stephen Neal1.56.08FT
Jackie Gooch2.00.05YesSilver
Rosemary Jackson2.02.38Gold
Paul Gerber2.02.38
Clare Hicks2.03.19YesBronze
Claire Owen2.08.07
Emma Blake2.08.36
Dawn Chapman2.16.54Yes

Hunny Bell Cross Country – Sunday 28 February 2016

Sunday 28th Feb Hunny Bell Cross Country run in aid of Break Charity.

The day started with the threat of rain and very cold morning air. We quickly found our way to Hunny Bell Public House and with excellent organisation and car park marshalls we found our parking space with ease. The short walk across to the meeting point showed the welcoming sight of the gathering crowd of over 500 runners eager and keen to begin their run. A large group of orange vested Jags stood out in the crowd showing the excellent Jaguar turnout.

The juniors race went off at the earlier time of 9 am for the under 13 yr olds with the under 17 yr old promptly following at 930am. Races for them being 2.3 miles for under 13 yrs and 2.6 miles for under 17yrs.

The seniors/veterans race was due to start at 10 am a 5.1 mile race cross country terrain. As the race started, the sight of the sea of brightly coloured running vests as they surged forwards was inspiring. The sun began to shine pushing us on to follow the route through the muddy sections and across the wooded area. A challenging route of several hills and inclines though the course levelled out across the fields offering a welcome respite. As the 2.5 mile counter passed the route was repeated after the water station provided the valued customary rehydration taking us the back through the woods and fields. The route was marshalled well and appreciation noted to all of those volunteers who provided the much needed encouragement and praise for efforts made.

The finishing line was a welcome sight after the last corner at the bottom of the hill. By then the sun was shining enhancing the beautiful country rural scenes of the Stody Estate.

Medals and goody bags were given out to all participants, photographs taken and winning awards to leading runners.

Many thanks to Break Charity and all their sponsors and volunteers for providing a memorable day.

Congratulations to all Jags on completing this challenging course and especially to Ellie Bye and Billy Life.  The team awards have yet to be announced.

Report by Carole Neil


Many more pics on facebook…

Billy Life14.56 (U13 )
James Lambert33.42
Alan Bushell33.49
Ben Gaskins35.00
Ellie Bye35.01
Josh Neale35.46
Paul Emery38.10
Nicola John38.21
Emma Wilcock38.34
Vicky Tovell39.40
Paul Groves44.32
Martin Bagnall44.52
Jackie Gooch45.12
Ruth Gainsford47.34
Clare Hicks50.47
Shirley Wilcock58.05
Annette Yeomanson58.06
Carole Neil58.06


Valentines 10K – Sunday 14 February 2016

Whilst six Members enjoyed a warm Half Marathon Race in Barcelona six others endured a cold 10k race, nearer to home, at Easton.

At times our intrepid runners had to cope with an icy drizzle piercing their purple legs, at other moments the very cold strong winds practically blew them off the hilly course. They laughed at these hostile elements to once again produce very good times.

James Fuller was first home and 59th overall in a new PB Silver Standard time. Bearing in mind the recent problems with Chip Timing, he thoughtfully photographed his Garmin watch time in case evidence was needed. As it happened it looks as if the timing worked well and the results are accurate.

Only 14 seconds separated our two Veteran Heroes with Jeremy Lawrence’s 42.01 earning another Diamond standard and Ken Bowman a Platinum.

Paul Gerber’s time was quite near his PB even though he may well have been wondering how his wife, Carolyn, was enjoying her adventure across the sea.

Our female representatives, Emma Wilcock and Ruth Gainsford both beamed as they crossed the line. Not surprising really, Emma scored another PB and Ruth was pleased to be racing again in her first 10k for our club.

The entries for this race closed very early. We can learn from this and enter races in good time to be sure of a place. I have already missed out on the Trowse 10k.  Becky.

James Fuller41.46YesSilver
Jeremy Lawrence42.01Diamond
Ken Bowman42.15Platinum
Emma Wilcock45.00YesSilver
Paul Gerber52.50
Ruth Gainsford58.26FTBronze

Freethorpe 10 Mile Race – Sunday 31 January 2016

Once again the Orange Army stamped their authority in this 10 mile race. With 24 members competing we were hoping to claim a few prizes. In fact, Ken Bowman, Jeremy Lawrence, Ellie Bye and Sue Allen fulfilled our expectations by each winning a huge trophy. I am sure Ellie’s Uncle who travelled all the way from Spain to support his niece contributed towards her PB.

It was a grey and damp day but this didn’t deter our runners. Our first three home Zac Mace, Ellie and James Fuller crossed the line with only 40 seconds separating them. The expression on James’ face as he approached the finishing line demonstrated the determination and brave spirit of this excellent runner; this was a first 10 for him and he is sure to improve.

Close times was the theme of the day. Ken’s platinum standard was two seconds faster than Jeremy’s Diamond PB. Only 43 seconds later Ben Gaskins came storming across the finishing line. This too was his first 10 for the Jags. Peter Keane Cockburn, Sue Allen, Josh Neale and Nicola John ran together most of the way round with Peter usually in the lead with enough breath to speak to a marshall at the 5 mile point. I wonder if Sue knew this was to be a diamond standard race for her, as well as a new age record?

Three very fast ladies were next; Sonya Wragg, Ruth Pilch both first timers just a few seconds ahead of Emma Jordan’s PB of 1:22:07. Only 20 seconds separated Jackie Gooch’s and Claire Owen’s PBs.

Clare Hicks smiled all the way round. Her PB was probably due to her huge lunch and healthy cake eaten the day before at a certain cafe in Coltishall.

Paul Emery running in his first claim colours ran a silver standard time.

With 600 runners the Great Yarmouth and District Athletics Club promoted an excellent race. It was very well organised and somehow the village hall managed to accommodate all the runners. I know there are a few problems with Chip Timing but all the runners and the Jags Support Team had a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday outing. Special thanks to Mr Mulligan and Mr Simpson for their splendid photography.

Next Jags outing – Valentines 10k. Don’t miss it…….

freethorpe freethorpe2 freethorpe3 freethorpe4 freethorpe5 freethorpe6

Many many more photos on Facebook!!!

Zac Mace1.09.00Gold
Ellie Bye1.09.05YesGold
James Fuller1.09.41First TimeSilver
Ken Bowman1.10.09Platinum
Jeremy Lawrence1.10.11YesDiamond
Ben Gaskins1.10.54First TimeBronze
Scott Chadwick1.15.02Bronze
Martin Bagnall1.17.42Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.20.11YesSilver
Sue Allen1.20.16First TimeDiamond
Nicola John1.20.29First TimeBronze
Josh Neale1.20.53First Time
Paul Emery1.21.15First TimeSilver
Sonya Wragg1.21.51First TimeSilver
Ruth Pilch1.22.02First TimeSilver
Emma Jordan1.22.07YesSilver
Paul Gerber1.26.53
Jackie Gooch1.30.12YesSilver
Claire Owen1.30.36YesBronze
Clare Hicks1.38.41Yes
Carolyn Gerber1.41.05 First Time
Dawn Chapman1.41.21First Time
Hilda Mears1.48.39First Time
Annette Yeomanson1.50.09First Time

Horsford Cross Country Series – Race 3 – Sunday 17 January 2016

Five Jags braved the cold for the final race in the series. The temperature was -1!!

Of course it didn’t deter them and they had fun running around in the woods and diving through the mud!

In the Junior race, Billy Life finished in a time of 16.23 and took 1st place overall in his age group.

Alan Bushell, finished in a time of 51.49 and came 2nd in his age group overall.

James Lambert finished in a time of 56.16, Josh Neale finished in 62.09, Nicola John finished in 49.04 and Clare Hicks finished in 68.54.

Mud, mud, glorious mud……


Wymondham 10K – 1 January 2016


The first race of 2016 welcomed no fewer than 12 Jolly Jags at the Wymondham 10k.

This was Paul Emery’s debut in Jag’s colours and how well he ran in the cold and icy conditions considering he was nursing a calf injury.

Three brave Jag spectators cheered on our intrepid runners as they raced up the last hill in the final kilometre of the race. For James Fuller his relaxed, yet determined style made it look as if he had just begun the race instead of being within yards of the finish line. A personal best was definitely on his mind and he succeeded too.

Rod Bye was our first runner home sporting a new secret “go fast” garment, well two to be precise.

Jackie Bye ran a superb time of 50.55. Such good preparation for her marathon in three weeks.

Adele was particularly pleased as she was only about 15 seconds away from a PB. Special mention must go to Tom Johnson who produced a very brave performance as he was feeling poorly. He looked very unwell as he struggled up the hill and was clearly suffering but still ran to the end. Well done Tom. We hope you are feeling better now.

Rod Bye42.00Gold
James Fuller44.39First TimeBronze
Alan Bushell45.28Silver
Paul Emery46.18First TimeSilver
Graham Johnson47.04YesSilver
Paul Taylor47.57Bronze
Scott Chadwick48.36
Jackie Bye50.55Gold
Paul Gerber52.10
Adele Bushell52.30Silver
Tom Johnson52.31
Claire Owen54.52Bronze

Groggy Doggy Cross Country Run – 26 December 2016

Groggy Doggy Boxing Day XC Run, Outney Common, Bungay
Billed as being set in a rural riverside setting with plenty of mud!
Indeed we were not disappointed, there was plenty of mud. This was Adele’s 4th time competing in the Groggy Doggy XC and it has become a favourite of hers.
This year Adele was the only Jag running in the event, although was accompanied by two of her children, who ran in the junior event.
It was a very mild day for the time of year, 15oC, but also very windy which made it feel a lot colder than it was.
The senior race consisted of 1 or 2 laps a total of 5 miles. There was also the option of running in fancy dress and/or with your dog. This year, runners with their dogs started 2 minutes behind the start of the senior race. This was so much better and avoided any dog tripping accidents at the start.
The route took you across muddy fields, up paths and through a river, although there was the option of a foot bridge for those that didn’t want to get their feet wet. The race was hard going, but good fun, and there is something exhilarating about running through the mud. But if nothing else a good way to ‘blow away the cobwebs’ and burn some extra calories from the excess consumed over the festive period.
Adele completed 2 laps without a dog or in fancy dress in a time of 48.38!!

Adele Groggy



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