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Myself, Elly Young, Sonya Wragg, Joanna Cottrell and Jackie Gooch made the trip down to Thetford for the Hoohah Thetford Forest 10k. Hoohah events raise money for a chosen charity in this case Addenbrookes charitable trust and runners have the option open to them to raise sponsorship although this is completely voluntary and not compulsory.

The race village itself is based at St Helens campsite a short drive from the A11 car parking is on a field so can get interesting if it rains ( as I found out when it came to leave!!), We took the short walk to the start where after picking up our race numbers we met Paul Rodgers bringing the Jags tally up to 6, A line of portaloos is on hand for any last minute calls of nature and a Gazebo is provided for Baggage storage.

At the start line we were met by the very enthusiastic Ben who led us through a very energetic 5 minute warm up before handing us back to the race director who unleashed 511 of us on the forest at 10am, The course winds its way around the forest over the occasional moderate incline on mixed terrain of tarmac and dirt track and is a really nice route to run with a water station at the half way point and people dotted around the course cheering everybody on.

I was first Jag home finishing 12th overall closely followed by the lovely Elly Young who  scooped the 2nd lady trophy for her efforts next up was Paul then Sonya followed by Jo who managed to secure a place on the day Jackie completed the Jags charge on the forest finishing shortly after. Post race we were treated to a bag of crisps, bottle of water delicious home made flapjack and of course the race medal. Post race massages are also available as well as a coffee stall we opted for the latter and headed for home all in all a great morning out highly recommended.

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Nick Hudson43.2712th place
Elly Young44.222nd Female
Paul Rogers45.1824th place
Sonya Wragg55.59
Joanna Cottrell57.23
Jackie Gooch58.38


The Barcelona Marathon completed & enjoyed by Angela Gallen Bell, Her husband and new member Ian Bell and Clive Cartner. The course is undulating in parts, but it more than makes up for that with some stunning scenery and warm sunshine. Very well organised, with great shiny rewards at the end… Add it to your to do lists!

For Angela this was her 9th marathon and It’s been quite a journey with fighting a virus since before Christmas, meaning she had hardly trained. She felt unfit and unprepared as and only knew she was definitely coming to Barcelona 4 hours prior to leaving England. She cried herself across the start line being full of emotion. But no tears at the end, just relief. She completed in 4:36. She didn’t stop once. Running is all in the head. Have a strong mind and you’re halfway there!

Ian has just completed his third marathon in 6 months. This is amazing considering he only started running 8 months ago. Ian was on track for a 3:15 finish but his leg popped (as he put it) then he walked two miles. He feels a bit hard done by as his Garmin shows a faster time but in the big picture it doesn’t matter. Ian has 2 more marathons coming up to get the result he wants!  In the end Ian was just sub 4 but few problems with his chip timing. He also hasn’t trained due to injury. It’s been a really fantastic day!

This was also Clive’s 9th Marathon, he managed to get to 18 miles before the aches kicked in, but having not trained properly it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be

By chance they were even spotted and photographed by someone from Norfolk watching / looking out for her friends – and was surprised to see a couple of Coltishall Jags run past! A really enjoyable run.Image may contain: 5 people, outdoor


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Ian Bell4.06.11 not correct awaiting correct time
Angela Bell4.36.19YES
Clive Cartner4.36.22

ANGLESEY 10K 04/03/2018


The week leading up to the race organised by Always Aim High Events was filled with anticipation.  Most of the country was covered in snow, especially Norfolk and there were conversations going back and forth between runners and organisers as to whether this race would actually take place.  The organisers were adamant it would and when we arrived the day before we could see why, there was no snow there at all!!

We got up bright and early on Sunday morning as the Menai Suspension Bridge was being closed off to all vehicles from 8am.  Once we had parked we arrived the other side of the bridge and walked across it to the start line, this was a wonderful experience as the bridge is not closed for pedestrians very often.  It was very breezy and extremely cold.  There were more than 1,500 people participating in the races which were ½ marathon, 10k and the Dragons Dash – 1 mile for children.  This is the second year that the 10k has been included in this event.

We watched the ½ marathoners go off and it was a magnificent sight watching them run across the bridge and down along the coast.  Next it was the time for the Childrens Dragon Dash, lots of children all excited and waiting for their count down and off they went across the bridge.

Whilst waiting for our start we were chatting to other people waiting and the organisers had arranged for the runners to donate a jumper to their charity which we contributed to….which meant I could wear my jumper right up until the start.  There was a photographer taking group and spectator shots and there are a couple of Julian and not me and I was with him at all times,  it looked as if he was there on his own.

They began the countdown, the wind had died down and it didn’t feel so cold, we were then off and we ran across the magnificent bridge, the route was absolutely gorgeous and we ran along the coast with the bridge in the background.  When you book your event they advertise the event by having runners running along with the bridge in the background…and now we have one of those photos.  It was very hilly and they were long gradual hills, but the people running alongside were very friendly and the sights were beautiful.

As you come towards the end of the race the street is lined with loads of spectators and you can hear the sounds of cowbells, they love ringing these to encourage you, then on to receive your bling, t shirt and nibbles to eat.

I cannot rave enough about this race, certainly one to add to your list.

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Julian Jarden54.11
Julie Jarden1.25.48

BENIDORM 10K & 1/2 MARATHON 03/03/18

Benidorm 10k/Half Marathon – 2018


Twelve Jaguars fought through the snow to get to Luton and (eventually) Benidorm for this year’s Half Marathon/10k event.

The prolonged journey was not exactly good preparation for any race. However, our Friday lunchtime arrival combined with early evening start on the Saturday gave us some time to catch-up.

Both races, 10k and ½ had a conjoined mass start, just downhill from the ‘cubist’ municipal building close by the old town. The route for both races ran along the wide boulevard which is one street back from the sea front. A loop at the northern end of the town, retrace your steps and then north along the seafront before sweeping back down the boulevard. At this stage as we approached the old town, 10k racers went right and back uphill to the finish by the municipal building.

Half marathon runners threaded their way through the old town and out into the southern bay area. A long loop along the esplanade including a mile-long uphill at the southern end of the town proved challenging. This effort was followed by another loop along the northern sea front and back down the boulevard before finishing uphill at the same finish as the 10k participants.

Whilst it wasn’t cold there was some early evening drizzle and standing water. Nevertheless, all Jags got to the finish. ‘Netty’ Yeomanson scoring a PB, Sonya Wragg a Silver club standard and Dee Neal, Silver standard and 3rd in age group (despite suffering a mystery illness). Particularly noteworthy was Andy Mulligan carefully husbanding his 10k effort, closely following doctor’s orders. After-race activities extended long into the night/next morning as Karaoke systems across the resort were battered into submission. Thankfully we didn’t fly home until Monday giving everyone ample time to recover from their exertions!

All in all, an excellent weekend in the company of many like-minded people from across the UK courtesy of ‘Running Crazy’. Special thanks to ‘Netty’ for the effort in coordinating the Jags participation, especially the 48 hrs prior to getting to Luton.

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Sonya Wragg1.57.37SILVER
Stephen Neal2.04.50
Dee Neal2.04.513rd in Age GroupSILVER
Stewart Marden2.14.20
Clare Hicks2.14.22
Dawn Chapman1.00.09
Andy Mulligan1.00.13
Carolyn Gerber1.02.47
Annette Yeomanson1.02.47YES
Sarah Letzer1.13.09

HUNNY BELL XC 26/02/2018


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Junior Jags 1 Lap
Emily Haslam16.02
Georgia Corner20.55
Ralph Lambert-John25.12
Senior Jags2 Laps
Radley Fenn32.46
James Lambert33.22
Elly Young33.53
Nicola Lambert-John36.26
Julian Smith38.11
Katie Fenn42.36
Amanda Haslam43.31
Marion Bensley48.38
Olivia Newstead52.33

TARPLEY 20 MILE 26/02/2018

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We were going to run the Tarpley 20 and it took about an hour to get to just outside Bury St Edmunds and the area looked really pretty. After getting to race HQ I made the all important loo visit and we collected our race numbers and got ready for the race. I had an energy bar then put loads of Vaseline on my feet and ankles, or as my running friend P puts it “I got vazzed up before my run”. I didn’t feel too self-conscious as the men in front of me were slathering loads of Deep Heat inside their compression socks. That’s a new one on me!

We dropped our bag off and found 2 Marathon group besties A and K who were also running and S who’d come to support. A was road testing her London Marathon unicorn outfit and she looked amazing!

After a banana (I’m taking this fuelling thing seriously) we made our way to the start line. I had a tiny water bottle in my hand that Verena had given me and decided to carry it until the next water station. In the end I found the little bottle so easy to carry that I kept it and filled it at each water station.

As we crossed the start line the first thing I noticed was that there wasn’t a rush to get ahead, the runners all jogged at an easy pace chatting to each other. This wasn’t a 10k race where runners were looking for PBs, it was a spring marathon training race and the runners were just looking to get over the Finish line.

Mr H and I don’t run together in races, training runs are different as they are done at “conversation pace” but in a race, everyone has their own goal so we run separately as Mr H is faster than me. I wanted to run slower than my usual pace and build up if I was not in pain so I did 5 miles at 6:00min/km pace and after that started to gradually increase. This was nice because I was comfortable, warming up nicely and chatted to A and K before going ahead.

The weather was beautiful, the route was so pretty and I was feeling really good. Another thing I forgot to mention last week was that Verena has always told me to “activate my glutes” while running but last week the physio told me not to. I wondered if that had been my downfall last Sunday as muscles are all joined so my glutes would have stretched my hamstrings and IT Bands. So I decided to squeeze my little butt cheeks as much as I could and after 20 miles I reckon I now have buns of steel!

From behind I must have looked a right state with my clenched bum, race vest that will not stay on my hips (Dear Jags, can we have new ladies vests please? Love Vikki xxx) and a back pocket full of gels with my lucky stone. I must have looked as if I had a growth on my lower spine.

I had a gel at 9k as I was feeling great and didn’t want to wait until I was tired. There was very little cross wind or head wind and although the route was undulating, most of the hills were down rather than up. The route was a single lap too so we didn’t have to look at anything twice. We ran though some beautiful villages and I had a fair bit of house envy!

I kept an eye on my pace and passed 10 miles at 1:35. My Freethorpe 10 PB was 1:20 so I was pleased that I was finding this pace comfortable but still in good time. I passed 13 miles at 2:04 which was my Lowestoft half marathon time in 2016. Again I felt really good. I had another gel at 18k and chatted to a few runners as I overtook them. I was glad I had not gone out too fast as a few of them looked quite worn out. I started to feel really warm but every now and then I’d pass a puddle with half an inch of ice on it which reminded me how cold I’d be if I stopped moving.

S popped up every now and then which was great for support and to see a familiar, friendly face, he got some fab photos of us all too!

At 25k I had another gel and then heard a cyclist call out “good running Vikki!”. I have to say the marshals were fantastic all the way round but there were also a lot of cyclists going back and forth giving people encouragement. I don’t know whether the cyclists were marshals or just from running clubs giving their runners support but it was a nice touch. As I looked at the cyclist who had called out to me (I have my name on my race vest) I realised he was Tom from Bungay black Dogs RC and TP Fit Coaching. Tom cycled with me for 2 miles and we had a really nice chat which helped me increase my pace and take my mind off the last few miles. As we chatted Tom asked if I’d seen Bill Wyman’s house earlier in the route. I’d craned my neck being nosey at so many houses but totally missed that one! Tom very kindly asked if I needed any rubbish taking away and if I wanted any more gels but I was fine so we parted ways as I headed for mile 20.

At 30k my left knee twinged, Argh! I had one gel left and I didn’t need it but decided to have it anyway to pass the time and take my mind off my knee. At my Marathon training day, the coach said to sip gels slowly over 1-2km as it helps digestion plus gives you something to do!

The next thing I knew I could see the finish line! Mr H was beaming when he saw me, he’d obviously been worried too. I crossed the finish line at 3 hours, 4 minutes and 44 seconds which I was over the moon with, I’d actually sped up for the last few miles, even dipping down to 5:00min/km a few times!

There was no medal although I had known about that, it was just a t-shirt. But it was a nice t-shirt and I was so happy to have completed 20 miles and enjoyed such a nice race that I could live without bling.

Howard Harper2.51.24FTBRONZE
Vikki Harper3.04.44FTBRONZE

VALENTINE 10K 18/02/2018

Valentines 10k Easton, 18 Feb 18

27 Jags turned out on a beautiful bright and sunny morning at Easton college to take part in the Valentines 10k race. For the first time this year, many of us wore shorts and vests and there was a definite feeling of spring in the air.!!

The conditions were perfect and the mood was good as we set off on what turned out to be a lovely route. 

Based on the Easton and Otley College campus the valentines run starts uphill, what seems like a long drag takes you up to the Bawburgh Rd and a left turn takes you north and into Easton village. West along Dereham Rd and left again passed St Peter’s church see’s the field heading out into the open countryside and on to Colton. By now the gentle spring-like heat was keeping everyone warm, the first drinks stop was very welcome. Looping back to Marlingford through a second water station, the route sweeps around to the north, climbing slightly over the last 2ks back onto the campus and the finish. 

All agreed that the race was well organised and the facilities excellent. The Jags all had good races with 14 PB’s, and even though the Road Runners were out in abundance, our brilliant ladies still managed to claim the “Vets Ladies” team award ( Emma Blake, Vicky Tovell and Elly Young ) Elly Young also achieved age group record and Diamond standard, as did Tony Aldbrough, while Ken Bowman achieved age group record and Platinum standard. Emma Blake and Vicky Tovell got age group record and Gold standard.

All agreed that the race was well organised and the facilities excellent. 


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Anthony Alborough38.11YES & Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Neil Button39.56YESGOLD
Melvyn Porter41.02GOLD
Graham Johnson41.30YESGOLD
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp42.11YESGOLD
Stephen Neal43.22FTGOLD
Elly Young43.24FT & Age Group Record & Team win in age groupDIAMOND
Ken Bowman44.16Age Group RecordPLATINUM
Emma Blake44.21PB & Age Group Record & Team win in age groupGOLD
Rebecca Pountain44.43PBGOLD
Paul Emery 45.09PBGOLD
Vicky Tovell45.25PB & Age group record & Team win in age groupGOLD
Phill Henry45.46GOLD
Nouha Tate46.31FTBRONZE
Julian Smith47.15YES SILVER new
Lee Emmett47.58
Chris Johnson49.14FT
Charlotte Reed50.59YESBRONZE
Nicholas Eley53.47BRONZE
Graham Fryer51.23YES
Dee Neal52.20YESGOLD
Julian Jardine53.21
Adele Bushell54.01SILVER
Tamara Mills53.47BRONZE
Sharon Jones55.35YESSILVER
Rachael Cole1.01.37
Caren Maidment1.13.00YES
1 2 3 41