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Dereham Town 5k – Sunday 28th August 2016

A small contingent of Jags hit the mean streets of Dereham on a dry Sunday morning, which was thankfully relatively cooler than the preceding days. Parking was easy to find and the race route was clearly sign-posted.

We arrived to hear the Announcer confirming that on the day entries had closed and that a record number of entrants (375) had registered this year. A group of Ipswich Jaffas spotted at the warm-up area nearly prompted a chant of “There’s only one team in orange!”, but good manners prevailed and it was on with the stretches and loosener.

The race was chip start and finish for the first time this year and this certainly helped at the start, where a couple of strategically placed keep-left signs caused a little bit of bottle-necking, but the race commenced on time, with an audible buzz in the air. The 5k course comprised 2 laps around the Town centre and was, as promised, flat and fast (barring a couple of tight turns). Definitely a course to consider for PB hunters!

The race was well marshalled and a good turn-out of spectators provided encouragement all around the course. The only slight negative was witnessing car drivers berating Marshalls for briefly holding-up traffic to allow runners past, which was also echoed by a number of Facebook posters after the race. It’s such a shame that a few people haven’t got the patience, or courtesy, to wait for 5 minutes and it’s not as if this event happens every week.

The Race was fittingly won by a Dereham Runners AC Junior, Logan Smith, in a brilliant time of 15:59, with Callum Stanforth of Ryston Runners and Jack Gillick of Wymondham AC filling the podium places. First lady home was Conac’s Dani Nimmock in a new course record time of 17:14. Emma Patel (now of Winchester AC) and Dereham representative, Carol Devlin, completed the ladies’ top three.

First Jag home on the day was Neil Button, with a chip time of 20:59 – first time out over 5k on the road. Barbara Button followed in 28:22, hampered by a calf injury picked-up half way round (she was flying over the first mile): Any mention of running/racing/half marathon entries/PBs in the Button household on Sunday afternoon was subject to a serious health warning (Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned with a calf strain!). Annette Yeomanson and Ruth Gainsford were both thankfully smiling and almost inseparable in a cluster finish, with respective chip times of 29:09946 and 29:10112 (I take it the records will show both as 29.10?).

However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the 1k junior fun run that followed, with an exuberant array of under 12s concluding the day (some so young that they appeared to be trying to run before they could walk!).

Neil Button



Ely Half Ironman – Sunday 21 August 2016

Ely half Iron Man  – not what you would expect those that know me well!

So I cried before I started, was shaking with nerves, I didn’t wanna do it.
Thanks to Georgina Sutton for driving and support and everyone else I saw there it did help especially when running round and feeling like I did. Putting up with my tears and grumpiness even telling her off! 🙊
So obviously I started, with not a bad 1.9k swim (32) mins. Got on my bike from a great t1, bit of tail wind had a good 8/9 mile then getting to an s bend where I skid but manage to stay on but coming out of it I didn’t so hit the ground grabbed my hip and arm was a bit painful, after 5\,6 mins and few near misses with cyclists, a dog walker helped me up as I had such bad cramps I couldn’t move.
As it got worse from there I didn’t wanna do my second bike lap. Let alone running, knowing my legs were going to cramp the whole way round.  I finished the bike 2.50, not too bad considering the wind and the fall!
Started the run first lap wasn’t too bad, a pack of jaffa cakes and water kept me going till the start of the second when I seized up and actually had to walk and run the rest of the 9 miles.
So from my fall to finishing the bike I had to do a 1.30 half or faster to get even under 5…
Didn’t happen am gutted ,(1.50) runtime and feel rather emotional as I feel like I have worked pretty hard and it went wrong due to things out of my control (sort of) I suppose lesson learnt look where I’m going round corner if it rains, and pick a better line
All done in 5.18.

When’s the next one?!


Andy Half Ely Ironman 2 2016 Andy Half Ely Ironman 3 2016 Andy Half Ely Ironman 2016

Reepham 10K – Sunday 21 August 2016

The Reepham 10k is in its 12th year and advertised as a multi terrain course intended for all levels of running ability – it certainly lived up to this billing with a spread of times from 34.18 (Dominic Blake winning by nearly 2 minutes) to 1.42.58 (the legendary Louis Miller)

The course started out on country lanes and just after the 5k mark turned on to Marriots way all the way back to Reepham where the finish line was across a field.

9 Jags in the field starting together but soon got spread out amongst the 258 competitors.

The guys won the day in every respect, all 7 beating Sharn and Ruth to the line with some excellent times, and also winning on the random ‘spot’ prize raffle!

Tom Johnson was first jag home in 41.23 (20th place overall). And another excellent performance in second place for the jags Graham Johnson in 44.59 (41st place)

Best moments of course were the interjag races – Stewart and Julian had a close race coming in 51 and 52nd place respectively (46.08 and 46.19) and Sharn chased Paul G all the way to the line but just couldn’t catch him with 53.43 and 53.48 respectively.

Another very good run from Owie – 51.34 – well done!

Full results below!

Place: Name: Time
20      Tom Johnson 41.23
41      Graham Johnson 44.59
51      Stewart Marden 46.08
52      Julian Smith 46.19
95      Peter Kean Cockburn 49.56
113    Owen Barber 51.34
141    Paul Gerber 53.43
142    Sharn Ponsford 53.48
172    Ruth Gainsford 57.10


East Coast Half Marathon – Sunday 14 August 2016

Seven Jaguars took part in Great Yarmouth Road Runners’ 2016 Half Marathon – also the penultimate race in the Leathes-Prior Grand Prix series.
With hot and sticky weather in the days and weeks before 14th August we were all delighted to wake up and see there were some clouds in the sky and a lively breeze. The race organisers had brought forward the start time to 10am after a really scorching race in 2015 and also provided extra water stations just in case.
The race started at Gorleston Ormiston Venture Academy which meant plenty of room and facilities including a baggage drop – and an ice-cream van! The course itself soon left the built up area and was mainly undulating country lanes with a picturesque stretch right through the grounds of Somerleyton Hall at around the half-way point. 355 runners completed the course.
During our warm-up on the field Tony A was saying how he had never previously run the 13.25 mile half marathon distance. He needn’t have been concerned! Tony was the first Jag home storming in with a gold standard time of 1.29.18. Now there’s a time to beat to PB Tony.
Second Jag over the line was Ken Bowman who picked up an age category win with his diamond standard time of 1.37.48 .
Nicola Lambert-John and Vicky Tovell hatched a last minute plan to run at least some of the race together – until Nicola ditched Vicky or vice versa…. That never happened and they ran the whole thing together until the final lap of the school playing field where Nicola had a Leathes –Prior rival in her sights and produced a super-fast finish. Nicola was delighted with a well-deserved PB by over 5 minutes and a silver standard time of 1.44.16. Vicky crossed the line with a gold standard at 1.44.25 – and was most surprised and happy with an age-category win.
The three musketeers – or Peter KC, Sonya Wragg and Emma Jordan – who had started off by saying they would treat the race as more of a training run romped home well under two hours. They certainly had the most impressive finish – all holding hands and crossing the line in unison – all receiving the time of 1.55.08, a silver standards.
The race was extremely well-marshalled, with a guest-marshall appearance from our own Becky Durant! It was well organised and all finishers received a medal, an orange T-shirt you just can’t miss and a can of Adnams Ghost Ship! Thanks for a great event to GYRR.

East Cost Half 2016

Tony Alborough1.29.15FTGold
Ken Bowman1.37.48Diamond
Nicola Lambert-John1.44.16PBSilver
Vicky Tovell1.44.25Gold
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.55.08Silver
Emma Jorden1.55.08Silver
Sonya Wragg1.55.08Silver

Norwich 10k – Sunday 7 August 2016

Race Report to follow…

Tony Alborough40.54Gold
Sam Nicholls43.05FTSilver
Nick Hudson44.11Bronze
Tom Johnson46.58
Graham Johnson46.58PBSilver
Paul Allen47.23
Stewart Marden47.30Silver
Stephen Pointer47.45FTBronze
Julian Smith47.49FT
Scott Chadwick48.33
Peter Kean-Cockburn50.57Silver
Emma Wilcocks51.14Bronze
Sharn Ponsford54.42Bronze
Heather Holister55.31Gold
Paul Gerber56.24
Claire Owen58.19
Georgina Sutton59.15
Nicole Rogers51.59FTBronze
Carolyn Gerber1.00.00
Dawn Chapman1.00.14
Theresa Dean1.03.43
Karen Hepple1.12.11



Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog – Friday 5 August 2016

It was a lovely summer evening for this year’s Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog hosted by Brandon Fern Hoppers at High Lodge in Thetford Forest. Six Jags tackled this year’s 5 mile course through the beautiful forest. There was plenty of support from the marshals, which was well needed in the second half of the race which was more uphill!

The race is chip timed but no awards were given out for winners which was a bit disappointing. James Lambert was first Jag back in 35:42, finishing 12th overall. Nicola Lambert-John was the second female to cross the line in 27th position with 38:36. Josh Neale and Lucy Anderson raced together finishing in 61st and 62nd respectively with times of 43:13 and 43:14. Roy and Mary Owen were next to cross the line with Roy at 51:19, 134th and Mary at 1:00:19, 222nd. Well done to all!

Worstead 5 Miles – Friday 29 July 2016

This year it was a flood of orange, rather than the rain of last year, as the Jags came out in force for the Worstead 5 mile race. Group photos were an issue as more Jags kept appearing leading to shouts of “wait”, I think we got to at least 4 attempts to get everyone in!

The sea of orange flowed through the race, encouraged by a good turn out of locals cheering the runners from outside their houses. First Jag home was Andy Mulligan with a fantastic time of 29:26 and an overall position of 12th. Both Jeremy Lawrence and Rosemary Jackson achieved PBs and Diamond standard. There were fantastic results overall with 9 PBs including Emma Blake – taking 5.50 minutes off her previous time and Netty Yeomanson – taking 4 mins off her previous time. First timers made a great show as well with James Lambert, Julian Smith, Hayley Fenwick, Ruth Pilch and Sonja White all achieving silver standards.

Although sadly not awarded on the night Hayley Fenwick achieved the prize for First Lady Worstead Resident, with her husband getting the First Male Worstead Resident prize, he just needs to join the Jags now to make them the perfect couple!


Andy Mulligan29.26Gold
Tony Alborough32.01Gold
Dean Blake32.36YESGold
Melvin Porter32.37Gold
Tom Johnson32.39Silver
Jeremy Lawrence32.44YESDiamond
James Lambert32.52FTSilver
James Fuller33.24YESSilver
Scott Shrubshall34.03YESSilver
Rod Bye34.28Gold
Stephen Pointer34.49Bronze
Nicola Lambert John35.02YESSilver
Neil Button35.51FTSilver
Julian Smith37.03FTYes
Paul Allen38.00
Hayley Fenwick38.38FTSilver
Peter Kean Cockburn39.40Silver
Steve Neal39.17FTBronze
Ruth Pilch39.20FTSilver
Sonja White39.30FTSilver
Emma Blake40.19YESBronze
Jackie Bye40.42Gold
Tony Wilson41.05FT
Owen Barber41.29
David Platten41.38
Paul Gerber41.41
Emma Mortimer42.18FTBronze
Rosemary Jackson42.30PBDiamond
Ruth Gainsford42.33Silver
Jackie Gooch42.59Silver
Heather Hollister43.46Gold
Paul Groves44.11
Georgina Sutton44.28
Theresa Dean44.38FT
Barbara Button44.56FTBronze
Dee Neal46.13Silver
Paul Emery46.15
Tamara Mills46.38
Sharon Jones46.53FT
Gemma Frances 46.55FT
Carolyn Gerber50.54
Annette Yeomanson51.14YES
Hilda Mears53.05YES
Stewart Marden53.05
Beverley Chilson56.05

Wroxham 5k Race 2 Rescheduled – Thursday 21 July 2016

This was the final race in the series, although on paper the rescheduled race two. The weather conditions were good on this occasion, sunny and mild.  It was another excellent Jags turnout with 30 runners lining up on this occasion, in total 435 runners completed the race.  It was nice to see a good support crew out again from our fellow Jaguars; this is always appreciated by the runners.

First jag over the line was Billy Life with an excellent chip time of 18.44 and a gold standard. Other gold standards achieved were by Peter Nelson, Melvyn Porter, Graham Johnson, Nicola Holden, Rosemary Jackson, Roy Owen and Tony Alborough.  Silver standards were achieved by James Lambert, Tom Johnson, Stephen Pointer, Nicola Lambert, Lucy Anderson, Emma Wilcock, Vicky Tovell, Sonja White, Peter Kean-Cockburn, Ruth Pilch, Emma Jordan, Ruth Gainsford, Jackie Gooch and Mary Owen.  Bronze standards were achieved by Stephen Neal, Claire Owen, Carolyn Gerber and Sharn Ponsford.

Ken Bowman put in another impressive performance and won his age category in a time of 20.21, earning a platinum standard. Rosemary Jackson came third in her age category, also achieving a pb of a time of 25.51.  Heather Hollister also won her age category in a time of 26.26 earning a diamond standard.

9 pb’s were achieved by the Jaguars and Tony Alborough narrowly missed out on a pb by 1 second. Next time hey Tony!

Billy Life18.44Gold
Tony Alborough18.57Gold
James Lambert19.14Gold
Peter Nelson19.30Gold
Melvin Porter19.36Gold
Ken Bowman20.21Platinum
Tom Johnson20.16Silver
Graham Johnson20.16YESGold
Stephen Pointer20.32Bronze
Nicola Lambert-John21.14YESSilver
Nicola Holden22.02YESGold
Lucy Anderson22.13YESSilver
Emma Wilcock22.10Silver
Vicky Tovell22.42Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn23.06Silver
Sonja White23.24YESSilver
Steve Neal24.00YESBronze
Ruth Pilch24.07FTSilver
Paul Gerber24.46
Sharn Ponsford24.48Bronze
Emma Jordan24.57Silver
Ruth Gainsford25.17Silver
Claire Owen25.31Bronze
Jackie Gooch25.48YESSilver
Rosemary Jackson25.51YESGold
Roy Owen25.57Gold
Heather Hollister26.26Diamond
Carolyn Gerber26.30YESBronze
Mark Bradley29.46
Mary Owen30.09Silver

Ekiden Relays- Sunday 17 July 2016

A Jolly Jaguars day out in sunny Suffolk!

The relays are held in the beautiful Woodbridge school grounds and a few of us did wonder why it is called ‘Ekiden’ – so for anyone curious….

The ‘Ekiden’ is a race which originated in Japan where teams of runners competed in a relay over long distances. The races are very popular and some attract TV audiences of over 1 million. Ipswich JAFFA have been staging the only Ekiden held in the UK for over 20 years.

For this event, teams of 6 compete over distances of 7.2k, 5k, 10k, 5k, 10k, 5k. (26.2 miles in total!), and it has gathered quite a following – this year 178 teams took part!

A huge thank you to Mel, who not only organised everything for us, drove the mini bus and sorted out the best way to ‘handicap’ our teams so that we held our very own race within a race.

Our 3 teams, with a few last minute alterations were evenly balanced and we were able to enjoy the junior race and have our ‘Mel’ guided tour to settle any last minute nerves!

We set up our gazebos beside the track and they provided a little shade for a very hot day. The course snaked around the school grounds enabling plenty of viewpoints for us to cheer on our runners at regular intervals.

Before the start we provided support to the 22 press ups for 22 days (in remembrance of the 22 US servicemen/woman who take their lives every day due to post traumatic stress….) – and in doing so provided the entertainment for the on looking clubs!

And we were off… it was relatively close in the battle of the jags for the first 2 legs… but an amazing 38.31 10k leg from Andy Mulligan created a lead for team 3 that despite tremendous efforts from all concerned, just could not be pulled back.

Nick Hudson’s excellent 10k also for team 3 (45.24) damaged all hopes of a close finish and I’m so pleased that after all his hard work in organising (and putting in a tough 10k leg for team 2!) Mel had the glory leg to bring team 3 home! (Had he planned this deliberately???)

A brilliant day out with a fun pub stop on the way home enabling us to refuel and enjoy the sun!

Some great times especially given the heat/conditions – well done everybody!

Team 1 Time Team 2 Time Team 3 Time
Stewart Marden 34.35 Emma Jordan 38.24 Ruth Gainsford 38.47
Paul Gerber 26.06 Sharn Ponsford 25.50 Jackie Gooch 26.45
Scott Shrubsall 46.31 Mel Porter 43.30 Andy Mulligan 38.31
Debs Jones 27.14 Lucy Anderson 22.58 Owie Barber 25.10
Sonya Wragg 53.16 Vicky Tovell 49.21 Nick Hudson 45.24
Andy Mulligan 18.54 Scott Shrubsall 25.50 Mel Porter 21.21

Overall results:

Team 1: 89th – 3.26.48 Team 2: 78th – 3.22.30 Team 3: 68th – 3.16.10

ekiden 2016

Wroxham 5K Race 3 – Wednesday 6 July 2016

Following the torrential rain and thunder storm of the previous fixture, which led to Race 2 being cancelled, it was a relief to everyone that this race was held in fine weather and could go ahead! It was also Norwich Road Runners’ 20th anniversary celebration, with spot prizes also being awarded to some lucky race numbers. The road was again closed for the start and was well-marshalled with 447 runners competing.

There was a terrific turn out from the Jaguars with 25 members taking part, earning some fantastic results including 12 PBs, 10 gold standards, plus a diamond for Jeremy Lawrence (19:37) and a platinum for Ken Bowman (20:24) – what stars they are!

First Jag home was Billy Life gaining himself a gold standard with a PB of 18:32 – well done Billy! Tom Johnson was hot on his heels, also with a gold standard and PB (18:49). Gold standards also went to the newly wed James Lambert (PB 18:56)- glad to see married life hasn’t affected his form – Tony Alborough (18:59 PB), Dean Blake (19:30), Graham Johnson (20.28 PB), Vicky Tovell (22:13), Nic Holden (22:22 PB), Peter Kean-Cockburn (22:52) and Heather Hollister (26:15).

There were silver standards for Stephen Pointer (20:36), Peter Nelson (20:24), Nicola Lambert-John (21:23 PB – married life is suiting you too Nicola!), Nicole Rogers (FT 21:53), Ruth Gainsford and Jackie Gooch. Emma Blake ran a PB of 24:03 to earn bronze as did Sharn Ponsford 25:12 (thanks for a great race Sharn)! Bronze standards also went to Emma Wilcock (22:50), Claire Owen (25:51), Carolyn Gerber (26:33 PB) and Dawn Chapman (26:38 PB). Well done also to Mark Bradley who achieved a FT run of 29:16.

We look forward to more great work from the Jags at the rescheduled Race 2 on 21st July.



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