ROUND NORFOLK RELAY – Saturday 19 September & Sunday 20 September 2015

When it was suggested that the Jaguars enter a ladies only team for the RNR there was an immediate enthusiastic response; the different legs were soon allocated by the RNR Committee.  Training for this event has been at the back of our minds for quite a few months and last weekend, 19th and 20th September it all came to fruition.  Despite a last minute drop out and consequent re-organisation of three of the legs (including a very willing Dee Neal as reserve) the team pulled together, showed their flexibility and commitment and were not perturbed in the slightest – except perhaps Jackie Bye, who had an extra 11 miles to tackle!

The weather was glorious (not too hot, and wind generally in a helpful direction), which lifted everyone’s mood – although all the runners were already massively excited by the opportunity to represent the club in this prestigious event!  Ellie Bye was narrowly pipped to the post as first woman home on the first leg, and this set the tone for the rest of the race.  Some of the legs were extremely challenging due to length or terrain, but the ladies rose to every challenge.

The finishing position of fourth out of five ladies teams was gratifying and some sums reveal that the 50 Shades of Orange had the oldest average ladies’ team age, by five years compared with the winners.  We were only 14 minutes slower that our predicted time too which was achieved by some impressively quick legs on the weekend.

Massive thanks go to the Committee for efficiently organising everything and then giving up so much time (and sleep) to be time-keepers or drivers.  The cyclists kept everyone’s spirits up by their encouragement and the men certainly gave their support, especially by driving, cycling, taking pictures and baking sustenance for the team!!

The comments and photos on Facebook say it all on behalf of the 17 runners: it was a real honour to have been picked to run, we know each other so much better by working as a team on the RNR and the whole weekend exemplifies the joy of running!

Rosemary Jackson.

Lowestoft Scores – 15 September 2015

Five Jaguars ventured to Lowestoft to tackle the hills and steps in the 20th Lowestoft Scores race. The conditions on the day were near perfect with little wind and some cloud cover. A well organised race all in all and the crowds were especially lively at the top of the scores.

Whilst James Lambert, Melvyn Porter, Becky Durant and Nicola John were having this photograph taken just moments before the race started, the fifth Jaguar ran past to pick up her number with just minutes to go! Quite a spectacular way to start a race Adele Bushall!

First Jag home was Mel Porter in 34th place and a great time of 32:36. James Lambert was the second Jag home in a time of 33:33 knocking over 5 minutes off his previous time at this event. Next in was Nicola John sneaking in a sub 40 minute time of 39:59. Adele’s time was 42:30 (who technically ran one extra score than everyone else in a dash to collect her race number at the start)! Becky won her age category with a time of 46:33; fantastic running!!!


Grunty Fen Half Marathon – 13 September 2015

It was a near perfect day for running on the Cambridgeshire Fens, a slight cooling breeze, warm but not too hot.
The course was very slightlly undulating, on quiet rural roads, a friendly half with good support from the Ely Runners and locals.
Although a smallish field, there were good after race treats in the way of massages, local beer stall, pizza stall, along with drinks and salted caramel brownie to die for.
The race was chip start and finish which is always good.
Flying the flag for the Jags was Jeremy who achieved a pb of 1:37:36. Finishing 95th out of 455.

Dunerunner – Sunday 13 September 2015

The last in this years series was attended by 3 Jags, Paul Allen, Jackie Gooch & Josh Neal all doing the 10k race.
The Nelson’s Head had had a beer festival the previous evening and still had the marque and kitchen set up, ideal for registration which was undercover and the smell of bacon and coffee was a distraction from pre-race nerves.
The weather was overcast as the runners met before the race chatting and exchanging stories, there is definitely a chilled & fun atmosphere to the Dune Runs.

Together the 5k and 10k runners lined up to loud music at the start, the sun then appeared and decided to stay  through out the race.

The first mile was along a narrow uneven footpath eventually coming out behind the dunes joining a sandy path.  Mile 2 bought us up into the dunes for the first time and then on to the beach with soft sand. Most runner ran to the sea edge where the sand was firmer, but by doing this we then had to move up the beach to get over the groins, we did this a few times, being watched by the seals, which there were plenty of.

Mile 3.5 to 4.5 was the toughest on the legs as once again we were in the sand dunes, but now the sun was blearing down, the water station was a welcome sight made better by Sue Allen’s encouragement and a cup of water over the Jags heads.
Soon we are homeward bound along the sandy path, and eventually the last mile up the uneven path to the finish line.

Josh Neal was first Jag home with a time of 50:10 but realised after, he had gone wrong!!  He went straight rather than doing a loop & was not happy, as his last Dune run, the signs were moved and he got lost.

Paul Allen came in next @ 53:00 Followed later by Jackie Gooch 1:03:31

All seemed to enjoy this race, and because the car park had too stay closed till the last few runners had arrived home, there wasn’t a mass exodus. Many people mingled and chatted with a pint and the presentation was well attended.

Kings Forest Half Marathon – Saturday 12 October 2015

Two Jags, Clive Steward and Scott Shrubsall made the trip across the border into Suffolk to run a new for 2015 Trail race, the King’s Forest Half Marathon.  There was also a full marathon option but it was agreed after completing the half that neither runner fancied a second lap!
After a shortish (about 1/4 mile) walk to the start there was a race briefing and then the run was under way and straight into forest tracks through pine forest.  This opened up and the early morning rain and cloud had cleared to make for a warm start to the race.  Various changes in terrain followed from sandy tracks to gravel and finishing with grass, the threatened muddy section turned out to be a bit of a let down and easily missed.
Clive proved the fastest of the Jags finshing well up the field in around 1hr 45.  Scott not too far behind finished in 1:50:49 – times by Garmin.
Feed stations were well stocked and runners received a race t-shirt and medal.  For those running the Norfolk Coastal Marathon or Half in October you’ll be in for a well organised and enjoyable event!

kings forest


Wissey Half Marathon – 6 September 2015

Three Jaguars made the trip to Oxburgh Hall for this event which was part of the Grand Prix series and the British and Eastern Masters Championships. Only one of our runners was old enough to qualify as a veteran but as he was not a member of EVAC that ruled him out of those competitions. The weather was fine with a slight wind which helped keep runners cool for the first 8 or 9 miles.  However, when they turned for home with the sun out and the wind on their backs everybody got very warm.
First Jag home was Ken Bowman in a PB of 1:32:01 in a Platinum standard, second was Ellie Bye in a Gold standard 1:35:40 and third was Ben Gaskins in a Bronze standard 1:41:47.

Norwich 10K – 30 August 2015

The first Run Norwich 10k through the centre of Norwich saw an impressive turnout of 3170 runners. Amongst the thousands were 18 Jags who decided to give the new race a go. The course involves a few hills, with the run up Rouen Road proving to be a nice test in the middle of the race. However, what goes up must come down so there were some decent downhills added to the mix.

The weather on the day was mild but cloudy and slightly wet under foot, so all in all pretty decent racing conditions. There were plenty of crowds lining the street, however they were fairly muted and possibly suffering from a Sunday morning hangover… The most lively supporters around the course were those cheering on the Jags and special thanks to Shirley and Emma for taking some photos and cheering everyone on!

There was a problem with traffic at the start of the race in that 3000 runners were set off at exactly the same time rather than in waves. This lead to runners who were not at the front of the pack being delayed by around two minutes once over the start line whereas those who were at the front of the pack were able to make a quick getaway without any trouble. The marshalls were generally good and supportive around the course and other than the traffic at the start of the race, the event was very well organised.

First Jag home was James Lambert in 189th place and a chip time of 42:02 and new PB. Close behind was Peter Nelson with a time of 42:28, eight seconds shy of a gold standard. Third Jag home was Tom Johnson with a time of 42:54. Nick Hudson was hoping was hoping for a sub 44 minute race to achieve a new PB and breezed past that with an impressive time of 43:34. First lady Jag home was Nicola Holden in a silver standard time of 48:38 and finishing in 636th place. Second lady back was Nicola John in a time of 51:31 earning a bronze standard. Heather Hollister was third lady Jag back in a time of 52:55, diamond standard, well done! Results as follows:

James Lambert42.02YesSilver
Tom Johnson42.54Silver
Nick Hudson43.34YesSilver
Scott Chadwick46.04Bronze
Paul Allen46.14Bronze
Scott Shrubsall47.03
Graham Johnson47.21
Jagan Crane47.33
Paul Taylor48.20
Nicola Holden48.38Silver
David Brailey50.20
Nicola John51.31YesBronze
Paul Gerber53.03
Heather Hollister52.55Diamond
Peter Kean-Cockburn53.40Bronze
Claire Owen59.22

As there was so many wonderful photos taken by Shirley they have been put on our facebook page.

Dereham 5K – 23 August 2015

7 Jags ventured out to Dereham for the 2 lap closed road 5k race.
Conditions very quickly hotted up as the sun came through, making for a more challenging run than was at first anticipated.  However all ran well with respectable times achieved as follows:
Andy Mulligan17.33Gold
Ben Dennington19.44Silver
Jeremy Lawrence19.55YesDiamond
Ken Bowman20.28Diamond
Ellie Bye20.51Silver
Ben Gaskins21.12Bronze
Vicky Tovell23.05Silver
dereham 1dereham 2dereham 3dereham 4dereham 6dereham 7dereham 8

Reepham 10k – 16 August 2015

We had 7 Jags running in the Reepham 10k on a warm sunny morning, through a mix of terrains which made this an interesting course, though pretty rural landscapes.
An easy start, but soon the sun began to heat things up and by the 3 1/2 mile mark, it was a relief to enter the Marriots Way with the shade from the trees.
Jeremy Lawrence had Tom Johnson at his heels the whole race and they came in together with smiles on their faces with a time of 42:53 once again a PB and Diamond standard  for Jeremy. Graham Johnson also gained himself a PB of 45:16.  Next Jag home was Paul Gerber 53:51.
Adele Bushell was first lady home 54:34, Jackie Gooch next 55:33 and Becky Durant following 01:00:05. This was a well organised race with plenty of encouragement around a pretty course.
Reepham 01 (800x533)reepham 02 (800x533)reepham 03 (800x533)
Jeremy Lawrence42.53YesDiamond
Tom Johnson42.53Silver
Graham Johnson45.16YesSilver
Paul Gerber53.51
Adele Bushell54.34Bronze
Jackie Gooch55.33Silver
Becky Durant100.05Silver


Clacton Half Marathon – 9 August 2015

While some Jaguars ran the Gt Yarmouth 1/2 marathon, Jeremy Lawence went a little further afield and joined the 310 finishers at Clacton 1/2 marathon. As with Gt Yarmouth the temperature was HOT!!! No point pushing for a PB then? But Jeremy being Jeremy once again gained a PB 1:38:18 Gold Standard, a magnificent achievement considering the conditions.

1 8 9 10 11 12 36