Worstead 5 Mile Race – Friday 28th July 2017

It was an impressive turn out for the orange army at the Worstead 5 mile race along with wonderfully vocal supporters. The cloud cover kept off the heat and there was chip timing start and finish for the first time, helping out with that tricky start through a narrow road, then we were off for a race that provided many a PB. There were even trophies for Ken Bowman for 2nd place in age category with an amazing platinum time, Rebecca Pountain smashed it with a first time 2nd in age gold standard and Ruth Pilch for the niche prize of first female Worstead resident.
First back for the men was Andy Mulligan with a fantastic gold standard, closely followed by Tony Alborough with diamond and Mel Porter with gold and 50th place in the race overall at a pleasingly similar age.
For the women Nicola Lambert-John was first back with a smashing gold time, gaining her second place in her age category on gun time and first place on chip time, followed by Rebecca Pountain, gold and Emma Wilcox, silver.
There were PBs bursting out everywhere with Neil Button, gold standard, Nick Eley, diamond, Paul Emery, gold, Shane Bidle, bronze, Emma Wilcox, silver, Ruth Pilch, silver, Vikki Harper, silver, Owen Barber, bronze, Sonja White, silver, Rosemary Jackson, diamond, Tamara Mills, bronze and Carolyn Gerber, bronze. The Lord Mayor’s and 5k improvers training certainly paying off for many.

Andy Mulligan29.28GOLD
Anthony Alborough30.43DIAMOND
Melvin Porter32.21GOLD
Nick Hudson32.56FTSILVER
Neil Button33.28YESGOLD
Nicholas Eley33.47YESDIAMOND
Nicola Lambert-John33.53GOLD
Lee Emmett34.31FTSILVER
Paul Emery34.33YESGOLD
Shane Biddle34.43YESBRONZE
Phil Henry34.45FTGOLD
Ken Bowman35.24PLATINUM
Jack Shuttle36.07FTBRONZE
Rebecca Pountain36.13FTBRONZE
Emma Wilcock37.12YESSILVER
Stephen Pointer37.12BRONZE
Ruth Pilch37.40YESSILVER
Vikki Harper37.49YESSILVER
Owen Barber37.53YESBRONZE
Peter Kean-Cockburn38.37SILVER
Sonja White38.54YESSILVER
Martin Bagnall39.07BRONZE
Julian Smith39.44BRONZE
Rosemary Jackson41.25YESDIAMOND
Ruth Gainsford41.45SILVER
Dee Neal42.23GOLD
Claire Owen42.29BRONZE
Tamara Mills43.21YESBRONZE
Barbara Button44.05BRONZE
Jill Cole44.24GOLD
Joanna Cottrell44.42FT
Clare Hicks46.16
Stewart Marden46.17
Carolyn Gerber46.31YESBronze
Paul Gerber46.31
Angela Bell46.54FT
Clive Cartner46.55ft

Wroxham 5k Series Race 2 – Wednesday 14th June 2017

Well done to all those who took part in the second race of this popular series, this race was part of the Leathes Prior Grand Prix.  Results below.

James Lambert19.12SILVER
Ben Gaskins19.26SILVER
Tom Johnson19.25SILVER
Graham Johnson19.34GOLD
Rod Bye 19.46DIAMOND
Neil Button19.49YESGOLD
Stephen Pointer20.02YESSILVER
Ellie Bye20.22GOLD
Shane Bidle20.26YESSILVER
Nicola Lambert-John20.38GOLD
Peter Nelson20.33SILVER
Scott Shrubshall21.01BRONZE
Nicola Holden21.20YESGOLD
Emma Blake21.42YESGOLD
Paul Emery21.43GOLD
Vicky Tovell21.51GOLD
Emma Wilcock22.06SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn23.04SILVER
Sonja White23.10SILVER
Julian Smith23.24YESBRONZE
Stuart Kenrick23.21FTBRONZE
Vikki Harper23.31SILVER
Jackie Bye23.52DIAMOND
Ivan Westley24.14FTSILVER
John Windham24.14FTSILVER
Paul Gerber24.23BRONZE
Emma Jorden25.00SILVER
Jeremy Lawrence25.00SILVER
Claire Owen25.08BRONZE
Georgina Blake 25.48
Ruth Gainsford25.54SILVER
Tamara Mills26.33BRONZE
Barbara Button26.36YESBRONZE
Joanna Cottrell28.41FT

Lord Mayor’s 5k Race – Saturday 8th July 2017

After all the training and hard work, finally the race was here!

A great effort from all the Jags, full results below.

Andy Mulligan18.08GOLD
Anthony Alborough18.40DIAMOND
Stuart Bennett18.43GOLD
Darren Tubby18.57GOLD
Peter Nelson19.20GOLD
Neil Button19.47GOLD
James Lambert19.51SILVER
Sam Nicholls19.55SILVER
Ben Gaskin19.56SILVER
Melvin Porter19.57GOLD
Jeremy Lawrence19.59DIAMOND
Nick Hudson20.06SILVER
Rod Bye20.08DIAMOND
Graham Johnson20.20GOLD
Nick Eley20.27DIAMOND
Paul Rogers20.31SILVER
Shane Biddle20.50
Ellie Bye20.50SILVER
Paul Taylor20.52YESGOLD
Scott Shrubshall21.16BRONZE

Wroxham 5k Series – Race 3 – Wednesday 5th July 2017

Well done to all those who took part in the final 5K race of the series at Wroxham, results below.

Anthony Alborough18.23DIAMOND
Neil Button19.29YESGOLD
Graham Johnson19.31GOLD
Paul Rogers19.52GOLD
Shane Bidle20.14YESSILVER
Phill Henry 20.14YESGOLD
Nick Eley21.00GOLD
Stephen Pointer21.26BRONZE
Emma Blake21.31YESGOLD
Paul Emery21.27YESGOLD
Vicky Tovell21.59GOLD
Jack Stuttle21.32FTBRONZE
Stuart Kennick22.24YESSILVER
Ruth Pilch22.29FTGOLD
Sonja White22.37YESGOLD
Emma Wilcock22.44BRONZE
Jeremy Lawrence22.49SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn22.50GOLD
Owen Barber22.51YESSILVER
Ivan Westley23.03YESBRONZE
Vikki Harper23.03YESSILVER
Julian Smith23.34BRONZE
Peter Nelson23.45
Nicola Holden23.46SILVER
Jackie Bye23.59DIAMOND
Adele Bushall24.51SILVER
Rosemary Jackson24.58YESDIAMOND
John Windham25.02SILVER
Georgina Blake25.00
Ruth Gainford24.58YESSILVER
Emma Jordan25.10SILVER
Graham Fryer25.12FT
Tamara Mills25.36YESBRONZE
Dee Neal25.55YESGOLD
Paul Taylor26.15
Barbara Button26.15YESBRONZE
Joanna Cottrell26.17YESBRONZE
Neil Laughton28.39FT
Annette Yeomanson29.53

Humpty Dumpty 10K – Freethorpe – Sunday 2 July 2017

The Humpty Dumpty 10k is a special race for Barbara and I, as 12 months ago was our debut race in our orange vests, shortly after joining the Jags. What a year it has been! This year was also the 10th Anniversary of the race, which has become a popular summer fixture.

A bright, warm, but slightly breezy morning was preferable to the soggy conditions in 2016, which saw us getting literally bogged-down in the car park field. The organisers had also recruited marshals to ensure the roads surrounding the village hall were not packed with parked cars, to placate the locals and to avoid a repeat of the issues at the start of the Freethorpe 10 mile race back in January.

The outside registration area was packed with prowling Jaguars (22 in all) and in true club tradition, they all scattered when the club photo was taken on the field.

After a staggered start, the race was underway around the undulating course, which boasts some lovely scenery, particularly on the downhill approach into Reedham. I made the mistake of heading out at 5k pace (one eye on the big event the following week!) and paid the price in the second part of the race, which seemed more uphill than I remembered, with increasing temperatures and a headwind to boot (enough excuses?!).

Unsurprisingly, first Jag home was Tony Alborough with another Diamond standard time of 38:41, which also resulted in a second in age group prize; well done Tony! I clung-on for a Gold standard PB of 41:49 and Scott Shrubsall was next man home with a Bronze 45:02. Worthy of a special mention was Paul Emery with a brilliant Gold standard PB of 45:39.

Nicola Lambert-John was first lady Jag to finish, with a very impressive PB and silver standard time of 43:56, ahead of Bex Pountain, continuing her great run of form with a Silver 46:33. Vikki Harper also achieved a Silver standard with 50:46 as third lady. However, undoubted star of the show was the amazing Rosemary Jackson, whose Diamond standard PB of 53:21 was the latest in a string of epic performances!

A big shout out too for Donna Monk and Penny Murray, running as Jags after their successful completion of the Couch to 10k course: Well done girls!

Neil Button

Anthony Alborough38.41DIAMOND
Neil Button41.49YESGOLD
Nicola Lambert-John43.56YESSILVER
Scott Shrubshall45.02BRONZE
Paul Taylor45.28SILVER
Paul Emery45.39YESGOLD
Rebecca Pountain46.33SILVER
Phil Henry46.34GOLD
Nicolas Eley46.29GOLD
Radley Fenn47.49FT
Ken Bowman47.57GOLD
Owen Barber49.30YESBRONZE
Peter Kean-Cockburn50.42SILVER
Vikki Harper50.46SILVER
John Windham52.06FTSILVER
Martin Bagnall52.07BRONZE
Paul Gerber52.53
Emma Jordan53.13BRONZE
Rosemarie Jackson53.21YESDIAMOND
Ruth Gainford54.42SILVER
Barbara Button57.53BRONZE
Donna Monk1.17.41
Penny Murry1.17.51

Bungay 10k Series – Race 1- Wednesday 7th June 2017

On Wednesday 7th June, Ben and I decided to have a go at the first of three races in the Bungay 10k Summer Series. It was a blustery evening and a sell out event. The course was very flat and picturesque and we both set off a bit too fast. We both finished in silver standard times both knowing we can do better. Make sure you enter online for the next race on 28th June! See you there. Ellie x

Ben Gaskins42.08BRONZE
Ellie Bye43.44SILVER

Mike Groves 10k – Sunday 4th June 2017

The big day…a great achievement for our Couch to 10K, the course finished and the final race to complete.

Fantastic efforts achieved today, well done to all those who worked hard and persevered with the training.  It definitely all paid off today, a terrific turnout.  Well done!!

Rebecca Pountain45.38YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle48.02
Timothy Witting52.48FT
Graham Fryer54.15
Julian Jardine54.20
Karen Evens54.25
Claire Jones56.41
Amanda Haslam57.00FT
Clauda Roe59.27
Simone Holloway1.01.49
Charlotte Jones1.01.58
Joanna Cottrell1.02.37
Rachel Cole1.03.52
Tanya Manners1.04.23
Melissa Baines1.04.36
Catherine Whiting1.05.06
Jenny Sparks1.05.24
Dawn Sykes1.09.12
Debbie Hall1.09.46
Sharn Emery1.10.01
Donna Monk1.10.35
Penny Murray1.14.26
Paul Bloomfield1.15.05FT
Caren Maidment1.15.06
Alison Holloway1.16.28
Julie Jarden1.18.47
Debbie Prickly1.22.02
Beverly Jenkins1.22.02
Amelia Choat1.27.32
George Rodgers1.27.56


Edinburgh Half Marathon – Sunday 28th May 2017

Another Jags road trip, with 11 Jags preparing to run and friends and family tagging along for the cheering!

A huge event, brilliantly organised and taking in glorious sea views along the way.  The weather was very hot and not great conditions for running, everyone completed the half marathon apart from, of course, Ben Letzer who took on the full marathon!!

A great weekend away, thanks to Dee for organising the train trip, not an easy task for so many!!  This was  great event, thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially the beer afterwards!!

Name TimePBStandard
Benjamin Letzer3.23.30SILVER
Lucy Anderson1.50.53BRONZE
Owen Barber1.52.16YESBRONZE
Paul Gerber1.56.40
Dee Neal2.25.54
Henry Neal2.25.54
Hilda Mears2.38.7
Clare Hicks2.38.8
Kerri Clark2.50.56
Vanessa Clements3.04.23
Jenny Welsh3.4.24

Wroxham 5K Series – Race 1 – Wednesday 17th May 2017

The first race in the ever popular Wroxham 5k series, 38, yes 38 Jags entered this race.  That must be a record in itself!!

Some amazing times and standards were achieved.  The results table speaks for itself.  Well done all!!

Andy Mulligan18.07GOLD
Anthony Alborough18.07YESDIAMOND
Stuart Bennett18.29FTGOLD
Ben Gaskins18.56YESGOLD
James Lambert19.05SILVER
Mel Porter19.20GOLD
Graham Johnson19.27YESGOLD
Peter Nelson 19.44GOLD
Paul Rogers19.43FTGOLD
Nick Hudson19.42FTSILVER
Phil Henry20.23FTDIAMOND
Nick Eley20.23FTDIAMOND
Nicola Lambert-John22.25PBGOLD
Stephen Pointer20.38SILVER
Jeremy Lawrence20.50GOLD
Shane Bidle20.56FTSILVER
Neil Button21.06SILVER
Nicola Holden21.24PB & Age group recordGOLD
Paul Taylor21.26SILVER
Vicky Tovell21.41YES & Age group recordGOLD
Rebecca Pountain21.38FTGOLD
Emma Blake 21.34YESGOLD
Scott Shrubsall21.45BRONZE
Emma Wilcock22.11SILVER
Stuart Kenrick22.29FTBRONZE
Sonja White23.13YESSILVER
Vikki Harper23.28FTSILVER
Paul Gerber23.53YESBRONZE
Julian Smith23.53FTBRONZE
Jackie Bye24.05GOLD
Paul Emery24.13SILVER
Emma Jordan24.20SILVER
Adele Bushell24.51YESSILVER
Claire Owen24.53YESBRONZE
Sharn Ponsford25.06SILVER
Georgina Blake25.49
Ruth Gainsford25.54SILVER
Tamara Mills26.04FTBRONZE
Jenny Barrett28.21

Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Race 2 – Wednesday 10th May 2017

15 runners made the trip for the second of three races along the sea front of Great Yarmouth hoping to build on the success of the first run a fortnight ago where 12 members had taken part.
The club can celebrate strong performances, with Anthony Alborough the first Jag home with an impressive time of 30:34 and Nicola Lambert-John was the first female back in 34:23. Mel Porter led the four Jags (Nick Eley, Sharn Ponsford and Barbara Button) who achieved a PB on this occasion.Confidence will be high that the Jaguars can maintain the success of the first two races with a strong attendance and times, with the next round being the Leathes Prior Grand Prix Series being an added incentive.

Anthony Albourgh30.34DIAMOND
Ben Gaskins31.54FTSILVER
James Lambert31.55SILVER
Mel Porter32.04YESGOLD
Rod Bye34.01GOLD
Nick Eley34.12YESGOLD
Nicola Lambert-John34.23SILVER
Shane Bidle35.49BRONZE
Stewart Marden36.35GOLD
Owen Barber38.45BRONZE
Jackie Bye40.19GOLD
Paul Gerber40.23BRONZE
Sharn Ponsford41.32YESSILVER
Claire Owen42.47BRONZE
Barbara Button44.09YesBRONZE
1 2 3 36